Mao Zedong, a famous worker at Peking University Library, has a famous saying: In the world, you are afraid of being serious.

I checked Baidu and found that this gentleman had also served as chairman, so call him Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao meant: Don’t be too serious when you live, it’s good to live heartlessly.

For those who seriously hated the National Party, who would have thought that the KMT and the Communist Party would be so united and friendly today?

For those who love the United States seriously now, who would have thought that one day China may no longer be unified, Henan and Hebei will become two countries, and the United States may do all of this?

Design your life seriously, and then take every step seriously, most of them go ahead of others. When leaving, people will also send a sentence, "Go all the way well."

Leaders of all dynasties taught us to do the middle ground, seek common ground while reserving differences, consider the overall situation, a harmonious society, and even exercise let us practice Tai Chi. This means that only the game world can be proud of the world.

In the world, one is afraid of being serious. What Chairman Mao meant is that people who are too serious generally do not end well.

For example, insisting on not eating a bite of chemical dishes, not drinking a bite of poisonous wine, not inhaling a little bit of hazy air, and must wear a gas mask and UV glasses when going out. Such people are rare. Because most of them were killed in traffic accidents. If you take serious precautions, you will definitely lose sight of the way. What a pity.

From ancient times to the present, there have been many people who are too serious, and they seem to have ended up in a normal way. For example, Yue Fei, Qiu Jin, Liu Hulan, Zhang Chunqiao, (the lawsuit) Qiu Ju, Saddam, Qu Yuan, Jiang Qing, alas, too many. It's better to die than to live. A great man once said that the country must allow some people to live first.

Chairman Mao is a particularly free and easy person and not too serious. He taught us "Ten thousand years is too long, and we can only fight for the day and night", which means that we are happy morning and night.

The Chinese have a saying, "Almost it". English translates "almost" into sort of. No matter what you put sort of behind any sentence, it will make people laugh, happy and relaxed, and this mood is precisely the attitude and extreme of life. for example.

"My dear, I love you. Sort of (almost.)"

"After examination, you have cancer in your lungs. Sort of (Almost.)"

"You are indeed pregnant. You are pregnant with a boy. Sort of (Almost.)"

People who live less seriously do not mean that they cannot be serious, but live too thoroughly, so they are too lazy to be serious, unwilling, afraid, or even disdain to be serious. In fact, living unseriously is sometimes more valuable than living serious.

People often ask me on the Internet: Brother Cui, are you complimenting or derogating? Are you supporting China or the United States? Are you a philosopher who sees through life or a vulgar sensationalist?

I can only say that I am both. I have been trying my best to sensationalize all my life. Sometimes the crowds are sensationalized but not favored. In other words, it is an attempt to serve the people.

The world is afraid of being serious.

Life is accidental, and death is inevitable. In fact, those who live today are all the dreams of those who died yesterday. Thinking of this, I dare not take it seriously.

At the age of 100, it is only XNUMX days. I counted it again this morning. I have spent more than XNUMX days with Brother Choi from North America.

Foreigners love to describe China as a sleeping lion. In fact, China hasn't slept at all. It just opened one eye and closed one eye.


I like to sit on the side of the road in Seattle and watch the serious world idly.

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