Drink a bowl of wine before you leave!

Yes, at this moment,

Brother Choi, I'm standing on a high-rise balcony in Seattle,

Drink the Beijing Erguotou that my mother bought me.

Jinghu, adjust the door to a higher one, one two three, and walk up.

Thanks – Thanks – Mom!

Since childhood, people have scolded countless times, but this time, was scolded by a group of "democratic mobs" at home and abroad. I feel very open and clean, because this is the only time. My surname Cui didn't do anything sorry or shameless. (The remaining sins will have a chance to confess later.)

I let the mob jump and scold because I posted a few photos of American police violent law enforcement on my blog. I exposed the shortcomings of the United States. The Americans are not in a hurry, the Chinese quit. This fulfills the famous quotation of North American Cui Ge: All people who love America are in China!

Call me one: The surname is Cui, you preach violent law enforcement in the United States, why don't you introduce the democratic system and values ​​of the United States?

Mob back: Anyone has the right to open a blog. No one is stopping you from writing. You wrote a 35-episode TV series praising the United States. I promise to watch all episodes. It's good for you to pursue democracy, but don't deprive me of the right to speak. I said a few things that didn't go to your heart, and you gathered a group of mobs and yelled at me like rain drops. I was so scared that I would never dare to write again. Wouldn't this become cyber violence and dictatorship? How long can your democracy be realized? I'm really worried for you.

Call me two: Cui, you interviewed the New York police, but there is a Seattle police in the photo. You are deceiving and lying.

Back to the mob: The photos I posted about the violent law enforcement by the US police are from US websites. None of them are fake. You can search the Internet by yourself. There are many more bloody photos than mine.

In addition, I’m an amateur who is engaged in talk shows. I have no unit and no teacher. I am not a big V at all. (I will report to you that Weibo fans have just reached 10, and there is no fan of my sister Furong sister. There are too many people who have scolded me in the past few days. They have paid attention to me for the convenience of scolding in the future.-Thank you dear friends.

My talk show style is a conversational question and answer. I have interviewed a lot of people, including grandma Cixi, sister Deng Wendi, and Uncle Lei Feng. At first glance, you just don’t read my jokes often. It’s not your fault, but I’m slow to become famous. Let's do it, mob dear, I will show you my exclusive interview and reply from God.

I first interview former US President Kennedy. Location White House

Brother Cui asked: President Kennedy, I would like to ask you something. What is your most famous quote in American politics in those years?

Kennedy: Back to Brother Cui, my famous saying is My fellow Americans, ask not what this country can do for you, ask what you can do for this country. (My fellow Americans, don’t ask what this country has done for you , I want to ask what you have done for this country.)

Cui Ge: Huh... Keep your voice down. This is a preaching of "consistent with the central government." If it is heard by democrats at home and abroad, you will be treated as a half-cent.

Next, I will interview my South African godfather Mandela. Location, South Africa.

Brother Cui asked: Hello, Lord Dela, I want to know, what is your greatest spiritual pillar during your twenty years of imprisonment on Robben Island?

Mandela: My spiritual pillar is to read the English version of "Selected Works of Mao Zedong."

Brother Cui: Huh... Lord, shut up, you are half a cent. Mobs on the Internet will ridicule you, "You love China so much, why don't you burn your passport and go to China?" Many people on the Internet just question me.

Mandela: You can ask them, you love the United States so much, why don't you go to the United States?

Cui Ge: I asked. They said that they had been refused two visas and couldn't go. They also asked me how to get American citizenship.

Finally, I interviewed one of my most beloved elders, former Chinese President Liu Shaoqi.

I first declare that this is not Zhongnanhai

Brother Cui asked: Dear Chairman Liu, I would like to ask you, overnight, from a highly respected president of the country, a founding leader who has done a lot of good deeds to the people, you have become a public enemy of the people who are pointed and scolded by thousands of people. , The young Red Guard general who was killed by the angry waves, what do you always want to say to our younger generation?

Chairman Shaoqi: (smiling and waving), my child, that's all over, it's over.

Cui Ge: Chairman Shaoqi, China is sorry for you, this nation is sorry for you. Today, I was slightly cursed by a group of mobs, and I have a little bit of what it was like to you.

Our nation has accumulated too much poison in our hearts. On the surface, we are bloodless gentlemen, but once we hide our name, once we hide in the dark, we don’t need to blame it responsibly in the name of revolutionary civil justice and democracy. Fighting and killing, this nation immediately released all the poison and evil in its veins. This is how we candidly cut Zhang Zhixin’s throat, and this is how you fight this 70-year-old man to death. This is how to write casually. The eight generations of ancestors and genitals flew by Cui Ge who wrote a blog post!

If you disagree with a person's opinion, do you have to physically destroy him? If you disagree with me, do you have to scold my innocent eighty-year-old mother? What kind of race is this! What quality! What literacy! You are not even a civilized person, do you still deserve to talk about democracy?

I have been in the United States for 27 years and have scolded the United States many times. But I love this country because she never embarrassed me because I talked. Democracy in the United States means tolerance, grandeur, self-confidence, and relaxation. Look at all the articles on the Internet that scolded me again. Which one is not in a hurry, pales in anger, furious, and full of gunpowder? Now, ask the mob to chant with me: Learn from the American people! Tribute to the American people!

Netizens have asked me: Brother Cui, you have a US passport, but you keep saying that you love China. Too hypocritical. Do you dare to burn the American passport?

I can not. Burning certificates illegally is illegal. I was also thinking about taking a U.S. passport. If there is a war in the future, I can hide in the white zone more conveniently and send an eternal radio wave to the country, send a feather letter or something.

This is a joke, and it can be played casually in the US. However, because I am American, I have the opportunity to go to the U.S. capital to face an official U.S. reporter and expose the U.S.'s dual principles on China, so that I can immediately shout out that ABC radio host Jimmy must apologize to the Chinese before telling the United Kingdom. All the BBC radio reports on China are so untrue that they can sway the Japanese consulate in Seattle.

I am a vulgar and simple person. I am also a loving and righteous person. Although I am an American citizen, China is my home country, where my mother and all my relatives live, and it is my heart. I love her unconditionally. When China is in trouble, Sino-US interests conflict, I'm sorry, I must be Chinese first.

Seeing that everyone is Chinese, we are all a family. We love the country and Hong Kong. As long as the Chinese are in a group, our nation will be invincible in the world.

Today, my North American Brother Cui said with half a catty of Erguotou's alcoholic nature:

It's passed! Let the darkness in my heart make ground for the sun.

I thank all of you!

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