The more civilized the society, the more depressed human beings.

Today, the highly civilized United States is setting off a new upsurge of depression for the whole people. Depression in English: Depression

Depression means feeling that life is boring, life is not exciting, not challenging, for example, there is no chance of traffic jam when driving, and everyone is desperately polite at the crossroads, and there is no chance to honk a horn for a year. People on the subway are far away from each other, and you can't taste the fun of crowding people. When people saw each other, they all smiled pretendingly, and the rich vocabulary of swearing was basically useless. The toilet has no smell at all, just like the food has no fragrance. When I look up at the sky, it's all blue, and life becomes mediocre, repetitive, and boring.

In order to treat depression, which is a disease of wealth, American doctors began to call on patients to go to China, because all depressions are just fine in China.

In Beijing Xiushui Street. From North America, Brother Choi interviewed an American teacher from Chicago. He weighs XNUMX and is called Mr. XNUMX.

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Brother Cui and Mr. XNUMX

"Brother Cui, I was depressed as soon as I returned to the United States, and I was fine as soon as I came to China. When I got off the plane, I had to go to the Beijing subway immediately, and excitedly followed the endless flow of people, step by step from Line XNUMX into Line XNUMX. Line. Look forward to the black and squeeze, and look back at the heads of people who are like wheat waves. Beijingers never complain, because there is WeChat, and there is no need to worry about how slow or crowded.

This kind of popularity is something I can't feel in the United States. It makes me sweat, gives me the opportunity to touch the limbs of other human beings, and finally allows me to smell the smell of people and experience a sense of community and belonging. I'm not afraid when the sky is falling right now, because everyone will die together. I am no longer alone. No longer depressed. "

On the overpass across Xidan Avenue. North American Cui Ge interviewed a white woman from Los Angeles. She pointed to the eleven-year-old boy beside her and said.

"Brother Cui, my son is very courageous and lacks concentration. The doctor diagnosed severe depression and must go to China for treatment. We asked him to cross the streets of Beijing every day to exercise his guts. Beijing's cars are like letting bullets fly. Yes, it requires my son to concentrate, otherwise he may be hit by various vehicles instantly.

Dare to walk through the streets of Beijing, let alone depression, even Alzheimer's disease has been cured. Now my son can hear whether an electric bicycle or an electric tricycle is flying behind him without turning his head, even if it is a black car.

He is now back to the United States. As long as he gets on the highway, all cars will be stopped, let him pass by with a big swing. I really don't believe this is my cowardly son. I thank China for giving him the courage to be born again! (She gets excited and starts to wipe tears.)"

At the Great Wall Hotel, Brother Cui from North America interviewed an American businessman. He comes to China every year.

"Brother Cui, the street scene in the United States has not changed for XNUMX years. You know that you have stayed in the United States. Looking at the same scenery all the time has caused my depression. Look at your China, it changes every day, every day. I saw new high-rise buildings and new highways. It is very dangerous to drive according to the navigation. Sometimes it will lead you to under the bridge, because the bridge was just demolished yesterday. I said that the Great Wall Hotel where I live often looks up in the morning and the whole hotel is invisible Now, only the roof of the building flashes in the mist. I now understand why Chinese people like freehand landscape painting, it is misty and beautiful."

At Capital Normal University, I met an American lady from North America Cui Ge. She speaks very fluent Chinese and can even understand ancient Chinese. I asked her if she also had depression, and she said yes, it was a special kind of depression.

"Brother Cui, I'm tired of the American hypocrisy of meeting and smiling politely. I have a desire in my body---swearing, but I don't have this opportunity in the United States. This aggravated my depression and I committed suicide. Twice."

Can China cure your depression? I ask.

"It's amazing. My teacher helped me open a Sina Weibo in China, which really saved me. Now, no matter where I am in the world, as long as I feel depressed, I will scold on Sina Weibo. Anyway, I am anonymous. , No one knows me, I can scold and curse sloppily."

Who are you scolding? I ask.

"Brother Cui, it doesn’t matter who you scold. The key is to scold you. A few days ago, there seemed to be a large group of people scolding you on the Internet. I picked up a stack of bricks and followed them. It was enjoyable. On American websites, scolding people It is not allowed to personally attack or lie. It is fine in China. You can say anything you want. I think this is the real freedom of speech.

I can use all the curse words in Chinese skillfully. The dirtier the scolding, the better, and the dirtier the curse, the more enjoyable. After cursing, I feel very refreshed, walking lightly. In the Zhongguancun area, I can tell if the grandson is swearing happily by looking at the posture of someone walking. Hahaha. "

Depression comes from the mediocrity of life, and what China lacks is mediocrity.

Today's China is surging in popularity, fission, excitement and excitement every day.

The noise and dust on the surface heralds the emergence of new and hope.

Describe in English, that is, Something must be happening.

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Because of the influx of Chinese immigrants, the American gentleman was unable to find Tuscan-style buildings and was depressed.

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He died today, because in Xuchang, Henan, he found a Tuscan village. Come on, come to Henan once a month.

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