Want to wait for the New Year with 160 million people? Want to enter 2015 early? Come to Sydney to watch the fireworks! Every time Sydney New Year’s fireworks attract more than 160 million people to visit the scene, it is said that this year they will be put on the scene so that aliens can see them. The editor has carefully sorted out the top ten best viewpoints, and more exclusive and heavy recommended yacht sea views. Fireworks strategy, come and take a look!

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Someone took a good position and started camping two days in advance.

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There are all kinds of people crowded

Seeing so many people, is it a bit at a loss? The editor meticulously organized and arranged the top ten best viewing spots in Sydney for everyone, so that you can bring your family and friends to celebrate the new year.

1. Sydney Opera House

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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The number one place is of course the Sydney Opera House. As a world-class landmark, it will appear on the TV headlines of major newspapers on the first day of the new year. Of course there are also the most people, so you have to go early in the morning (about 7 am), meet up with friends, bring your family, and watch the sea for a day

Note: Bringing your own alcohol is not allowed, there are restaurants and bars on site.

2. Darling Harbour

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Every time I write this name, I feel so romantic, and this is also a suitable place for the whole family to watch the fireworks. Many families with children choose to leave after the fireworks at 9 o'clock. But because of its popularity, it still needs to arrive early to occupy the best position. The most intimate travel butler WeChat (long press to copy): abcworldtravel

Note: Bringing in alcohol is not allowed, and there are stalls selling food and beverages on site.

3.Sydney Observatory


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A small hill at the foot of the Sydney Observatory is a place for viewing fireworks in my personal collection. As it is backed by the Sydney Observatory, the terrain is quite high, so you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sydney city from here. There are grassy grassland and big trees with pavilions and pavilions. It has a wide view and a romantic atmosphere, which is very suitable for lovers. It is a 20-minute walk from CircularQuay.

Note: Bringing your own alcohol is not allowed.

4.Birchgrove Park

★ ★ ★ ★

Screen Shot at 2014 10-24-01.02.09

I have another top-secret viewing point, which is close to Cockatoo Island. It has an excellent location with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The venue is spacious and not at all crowded. You can find a seat without having to come early in the morning. Enjoy the fireworks display, suitable for the whole family to watch and gather.

Note: Food and a certain amount of alcohol are allowed here.

5. Blues Point Reserve

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If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney city, you can come to BluesPoint Reserve in the north of Sydney to enjoy the fireworks. The view here is excellent, and you can enjoy the fireworks from many different angles. According to the experience of previous years, it should be able to attract more than 1 people, so it is necessary to prepare in advance.

Note: Alcohol is prohibited here.

Address: BluesPointRoad, McMahons Point

6.Illoura Reserve

★ ★ ★ ★

Screen Shot at 2014 10-24-01.02.26

This is another great place for families or couples to enjoy the fireworks in the north. It can have a panoramic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and even LunaPark.

Note: Alcohol is prohibited here.

Address: DarlingStreet, Balmain East

7.Pirrama Park

★ ★ ★ ★

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Located at the end of Darling Harbour, it is a park suitable for the whole family to enjoy the fireworks. It is estimated that this year’s New Year’s Eve will attract 8000 people. You can bring tents and food in advance to occupy your seats.

Note: You can bring your own food and non-glass bottled alcohol.

Address: PirramaRoad, Pyrmont


★ ★ ★ ★

Screen Shot at 2014 10-24-01.02.41

Come to the famous MrsMacquaries Point, you will be able to enjoy the invincible panoramic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It can accommodate up to 17000 people.

Note: You cannot bring your own alcohol here.

Address: MrsMacquariesRoad

9.Glebe Foreshore

★ ★ ★ ★

Screen Shot at 2014 10-24-01.02.49

Glebe Foreshore Parks is far from the Harbour Bridge, so it may not be desirable for those who want to see the best fireworks effects. But if you want to find a quiet and peaceful place, you can talk freely with friends and admire the vision of fireworks. This place is definitely a good choice.

Note: You can bring your own alcohol and food here.

Address: ChapmanRoad, Glebe

10.Dawes Point Park


Screen Shot at 2014 10-24-01.02.58

The DawesPoint Park in the Rock District under the Harbour Bridge is also a popular venue for enjoying fireworks displays. It can accommodate more than XNUMX visitors.

Note: You cannot bring your own alcohol.

Address: Parkland, DawesPoint Park, The Rocks

Want to see the fireworks closer? Don't want to squeeze with the elderly and children? Don't want to wait for a day in the sun? No problem, the editor hereby prepares a yacht watching fireworks article to teach you to avoid nearly two million live audiences and make the hundreds of millions of viewers in front of TV envy and hate!

Reminder: Because it is too close to the fireworks and directly facing the harbor light show, choose carefully for the timid

1. Explorer

A luxury cruise from Brisbane, allowing you and your family and friends to eat and drink in the comfort of the cabin and enjoy the beautiful and unique night view of Sydney Harbour; double-layer plywood gives you enough space to see the world’s most prestigious New Year Fireworks, welcome the new year in the most beautiful sea!

Pass by Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Shark Island, and enjoy the beauty of Sydney New Year’s fireworks from all angles

Provide free sandwiches, cakes, refreshments; lucky draw at sea to start a happy new year

Price: $268/$308/$348 (top floor)

Boarding: PyrmontBayWharf, 8:10pm

Return: KingStreetwharf 6, 12:45 in the evening

2. The Captain

A comfortable and spacious ship with double-layer plywood, cruise around Sydney Harbour and enjoy the New Year's fireworks up close.

The boat includes free sandwiches, cakes, refreshments; lucky draw

Price: $288/$318 (top floor)

Boarding: PyrmontBayWharf, 8:30pm

Return: KingStreetwharf 6, 12:30 in the evening

3. Magistic

Screen Shot at 2014 10-24-01.03.21

The magically decorated with lights will be part of the Sydney New Year's Eve Light Yacht Parade again this year. It has been selected by the Sydney Town Hall for 360 consecutive years to sail in the middle of the harbour and watch fireworks up close in XNUMX degrees. The top-level sea dinner will take you to enjoy the grandest and most sumptuous New Year's dinner; live DJ, dance and carnival together to celebrate the New Year.

Dress code: smartand elegant, elegant formal, evening dress

Price: $550 (adult)/$395 (child)

Boarding: KingStreet wharf 2, 6:45pm-1:XNUMXpm

NO Booking fee.

4. Want something more exciting? Fusion Cruise

Screen Shot at 2014 10-24-01.03.33

From before sunset to night, six hours of uninterrupted music carnival, extra large deck, live host, professional DJ to accompany you to high-altitude. The Fu Sheng has been part of the Sydney Harbour Lights Parade for seven consecutive years. The professional team will take you to enjoy the beautiful New Year fireworks at 9pm and 12pm.

French seafood dinner (Japanese stab, salmon, French chicken liver, fresh prawns, Italian fresh fish, Moroccan lamb) and unlimited red wine, beer, juice soft drinks are provided.

Price: $595 (adult)/$495 (child)

Boarding: KingStreetwharf 8, 7:15 PM

Return: KingStreetwharf 7, 1:15 in the evening

5. Local tyrants select Showboat New Year fireworks show yacht

Screen Shot at 2014 10-24-01.03.54
Screen Shot at 2014 10-24-01.03.39

Seven hours of the world’s top yacht feast, the grandest New Year’s light parade, luxurious private service for dinner, the best ingredients, the most high-end beverages, the most spectacular "Love Journey" large-scale performance, live DJ hosting, take you to enjoy the New Year’s Eve carnival .

ABC Special Price: Adult Price $850/Child Price $650 (Original Price $950/$750)

登船:KingStreet Wharf 5,晚上6点15分-晚上1点15分

NO Booking fee.