South Australia:

1.BP Organic Cherryfarm

Address: 437 Mawson Road, Lenswood, South Australia 5240

Phone: 08 8389 8222

Every day from 12 am to XNUMX pm, the picking period is generally from early December to mid-January. In addition to cherries, this farm also picks strawberries, mulberries and figs. It is also open on Christmas Day.


2.Stella Creek

Address: 178 Plummers Road, Forest Range, South Australia
Phone: 08 8389 8572

Every day from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. Tickets are AUD 5 for adults and AUD 12 for children under 2 years old. In addition to cherry picking, you can also eat cherry-flavored ice cream. Of course, you can also bring your family or friends here for a picnic. There are grilled sausages on weekends. Here are 24 varieties of cherries for you to choose from. Everyone can pick cherries in November.

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3. Fleurieu Cherries

Address: Pages Flat Road, Willunga, South Australia
Phone: 08 8556 1314

Every year after December 12th, from 15 am to 9 pm every day. In addition to the cherry, you can also taste the wine here. There are a total of XNUMX cherry trees in this farm, offering twenty different cherries for you to choose from. They also have fruit ice cream.


4.Cherrytime Orchard
Address: 1917 Adelaide Rd, Lobethal.
Phone: 08 8389 6902/0417 880 968
Picking time: Early December 10am – 6pm

If you go in a group, make an appointment in advance


5.Cowlings Cherries
Address: 87 Old Norton Summit Rd, Norton Summit
Phone: 08 8390 ​​1657

The harvest period lasts for eight to ten weeks each year, basically from the beginning of November to the middle of January of the following year. The quality of cherries varies from year to year due to the weather. It is time to stay at home from 9 am to 6 pm every day, and it is not open on Christmas Day.


6.Forest Range Cherries
Address: 76 Plummers Road, Forest Range
Phone: 08 8389 8500
Official website:

This farm is one of the first places where cherries can be picked, with more than 4000 cherry trees. The cherry picking period is basically in December each year. The picking time is from 12 am to 10 pm from Wednesday to Sunday, and the door is closed on Christmas. The reputation and quality of this house has always been good, and it is also very famous in South Australia. Last year, as long as you bought four kilograms of cherries, the tickets were free, so basically you don’t need them.



1.Red Hill Cherry Farm

support hotline:
03 5989 2237
0407 819 751 (Trevor)


Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm
Saturday to Sunday 9am to 4pm

61-69 Prossors Lane
Red Hill Victoria 3937

Official website


2.Cherry Hill Richards

Time: 16th November 2012, 7 days a week 9am – 5pm, Closed Christmas Day

Address: 474 Queens Road, Wandin East, Victoria 3139 Australia

Phone: Phone: +61 3 5964 4235

Cost: Adult (12 years and over) $10.00
Children (3-11 years) $5.00
Family (2 Adults & 3 Children) $30.00
Infants (2 years & under) free

Official website:


3. Blue Hills Berries and Cherries
Address: 27 Parker Road (Cnr Graham Road), Silvan, VICTORIA, 3795 (Melways Map 121 F11), you can call to ask before you go~
Official website:
Address: 30 Chapman Rd, Silvan

This is a family run farm, Open 7days 9am – 5pm during the season Nov & Dec. Please call to inquire before you go. You can also BBQ here, by the river.


Official website:
Phone: (03) 9737 9534


5.Cherry Haven
Official website:
电话 : 0408 805359

This year's cherries will mature in the center in November. Last year, the ticket for adults was 11 Australian dollars, for children 8-2 years old was 12 Australian dollars, and those under 4 were free. Cherries were 2 Australian dollars per kilogram.

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6.Cherrybomb Cherry Farm
Address: 120 Wandin Creek Rd, Wandin East VIC 3139

In addition to cherries, there are strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Last year, children under the age of 5 were free, and tickets for others were 3 Australian dollars. Of course, you can also buy a season pass. The season pass for the entire cherry season is $10. A catty of cherries is 10 Australian dollars.

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1. Clyde River Berry Farm has many things to pick~~

Farm Address:
2000A River Road. Mogood,
GPS Co-ordinates:
-35.505225, 150.213361

Phone 02 4478 1057

Official website:

You can get information brochures about his home at Ulladulla and Batemans Bay tourist information kiosks.

You can check the time of picking different fruits. Basically the same time every year


2. Stockman's Ridge Wines

Official website:

Address: 2160 Limekilns Rd, Bathurst.

They are also expected to open the park in November this year, and they can basically only pick it on weekends, from 11 am to 9 pm. Families and individuals do not need to book in advance, but the team must book in advance. In addition to picking cherries, you can also enjoy wine tasting, picnics and BBQ. Last year's fee was 6 Australian dollars per person for admission, and cherries were 5 Australian dollars per kilogram. There is no specific information this year.


3. Wombat Heights Orchard

Official website:
Phone: 02 6384 3208

Basically, this is the largest cherry picking place in NSW. You can call to check the specific time. The picking time is from mid-November to Christmas every year. If you missed cherry picking, you can also pick peaches from the end of December to the beginning of January. You can also pick plums in February. . The cherry season is open every day, from 11 am to 12 pm. Tickets were free last year, and cherries were 1 Australian dollars per kilogram.

There are five or six farms along the road, Allambie, Bluestill Distillery, you can Pick your own cherries. Driving past Sydney for about 4 hours, the road will pass a large area of ​​pale golden grassland.


4.Huntley Berry Farm
Official website:
Address: Huntley Road, Huntley
Phone: 6365 5282.

Although this farm does not have cherries, there are various fruits to pick from mid-November to May of the following year. Blueberries are also good.

5.Allambie Orchard
Official website:
Address: Olympic Highway, Wombat
电话 : 6384 3243

每年11月到12月都是樱桃的采摘季,这个农场也主要生产的樱桃。今年预计11月第二个周末就有得摘了。今年Young’s Cherry Festival将在12月7号和8号举办,具体情况可以到 it out.

Screen Shot at 2014 10-09-11.49.48

6.Ballinaclash Orchard
Official website:
Address: Wombat Road, Young
Phone: 6382 1830.

Their home is mainly cherries, but also nectarines and apricots and plums. In addition, there are places for wine tasting, picnics and BBQ. And every September, here is also the place to see cherry blossoms.

Screen Shot at 2014 10-09-11.51.48

7.Gleann Mohr Farm
Official website:
Address: 4249 Olympic Highway South, Young
Phone: 0438 593 423

The picking time of this farm is from December to January every year, and you can go every day, from 12 am to 9:XNUMX pm. Besides, they also have strawberries at home


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