When it comes to food, Europe is one of the birthplaces. Many delicacies that shock the world come from Europe.


Byrne’s kale roll and veal sausage; Baden’s gnocchi, onion cakes and bacon; Rhineland’s sauerkraut and almond cake; German North’s sausage and marzipan; Berlin’s cold plate and flavored beer; Saxony Almond cakes, pork knuckles and pepper cakes; grilled sausages from Thuringia; various brands of dark beer.



fondue: cheese with white wine, boiled in a pot, and eaten with bread; Raclette: melted cheese, dip in pickled onions and boiled potatoes; Rosti: potatoes prepared with onions and beef; Raclette Geschnetzeltes: veal The shreds are prepared with cheese sauce.


Duscani's beef, Philippine steak, Roman goat, seafood pasta, various flavors of ice cream (GELATO), red wine.



Raw herring with sliced ​​onions; broodje: a small bread with cheese, meat or fish inside. ; Uzmit (uitsmijters): fried eggs, meat, cheese and tomatoes, wormwood and pickled cucumbers on bread; Dutch winter food; Indonesian rice meal, mussels.


Meat pies (pate`) made of pig, chicken, goose, duck, chicken and foie gras, fish, France has 450 kinds of AOC-certified wine, 365 kinds of cheese, and 3 kinds of bread products.



Belgium is the kingdom of food, second only to France in Europe, and is the most famous for all kinds of seafood. The mussels cooked in white wine are delicious and juicy, the French fries are fried to the right, and there are more than 350 kinds of beer, of which lambic and Trappist are the most famous. Chocolate is represented by almond flavor.



dolmathakia: minced meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves and boiled; moussaka: minced beef and lamb stir-fried with eggplant and then grilled, with seasoning sauce when eating; krassato: milk-fried pork and parsley white wine simmered, topped Sauce; taramasalata: creamy caviar; yemista: tomato stewed pepper; seasoning sauce made with olive oil, cream, tomato juice, lemon juice, and assorted spices is a very important supporting role.

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