The convening of the literary and artistic symposium caused a wave of waves, and the aftermath has continued. Many people thought they should not participate, such as Zhou Xiaoping and Hua Qianfang; there were also people who thought they should participate but did not participate, such as Jackie Chan and Zhao Benshan. The reason behind it has been talked about by public opinion these days.

At this time, Zhao Benshan responded to the symposium, and the news that he was "excited, even unable to sleep at night" was particularly eye-catching. Zhao Benshan organized a conference of cast and crew members of Benshan Media late last night to learn from Xi Da's speech. Zhao Benshan spoke for 40 minutes, including the above sentence picked out by the media. He also said, "We have encountered an era of dreams, an era of positive energy!" He said that he would implement the spirit of speech and resist vulgarity. Keep improving, create more good works, and serve the people.

This literary symposium obviously touched Zhao Benshan a lot. Zhao’s reflection and remarks were in line with the direction expected by the literary symposium, but he encountered a lot of ridicule on the Internet today. This is not surprising. But to Zhao Benshan it is somewhat unfair.

Zhao Benshan can be called a big name in Chinese literature and art circles. It must be admitted that he has made considerable contributions to Chinese popular culture.In such a fast-paced, tight and serious era, how rare it is to make hundreds of millions of people laugh at the same time so many times! This is exactly what Zhao Benshan made.

After Zhao Benshan became famous, there was constant controversy against him, most of which criticized his works for vulgarity.The voices of criticism have their own reasons. These criticisms are also meaningful to Zhao. If there is any change, it will be encouraged. But at the same time, critics also need to understand that most things are easier said than done. It is necessary to make the common people happy to hear and see, but also to ensure a relatively high grade. This is very difficult to grasp. The boundary between popular and vulgar is blurred, and it needs to be explored.

For so many years, there is still only one Zhao Benshan in China, which not only reflects the lagging development of Chinese popular culture, but also proves the value of Zhao Benshan.

Of course, you cannot stop trying because of difficulties. Popular culture must resist vulgarity, and everyone needs to constantly surpass themselves. Once a person becomes a master, he tends to resist criticism and controversy. Zhao Benshan's response and statement to the forum this time should be encouraged by public opinion. We are willing to believe that he is sincere and look forward to seeing his better works.

Xi Da hosted a symposium on literature and art and met more than 70 people, but his speech was aimed at the entire Chinese literature and art circle. In recent years, there have been many problems in the development of Chinese literature and art, and everyone resonates with Xi. In particular, people in the literature and art circles should be touched, valued, deeply reflected, and actively adjusted. In this sense, Zhao's response this time has a very necessary "political correctness." The promise he made will also wait for the acceptance of public opinion.

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