I remember that a foreigner once took a photo with his mobile phone while attending a state banquet in the Great Hall of the People. There seemed to be Xi Da in the photo. He posted this photo on Weibo and was watched by many netizens. At that time, I was thinking, if I had the opportunity, I would take a selfie like this and post it on Weibo. But such an idea is just thinking about it. After all, the distance between the Great Hall of the People and me, and the distance between the General Secretary and me is too far away.

Never before has I been able to walk into the Great Hall of the People to participate in such an important meeting, and really realize that little idea that flashed in my mind not long ago. I remember that when I took out my phone to take a photo, no one stopped me and everyone around me was smiling. Wow, this is so cool. But this is also one of Xi’s unique charms. Whether it’s going to Qingfengpu to eat buns or taking Aunt Peng to sit in rows on a swing in the park, Xi Da never seems to refuse fans’ requests to take photos with their phones for group photos. . At that time, only one staff member came over and said to me: “Don’t post photos before the news is broadcast.” So obediently, I waited until the evening news broadcast before I posted this selfie to Weibo, and it was received by many netizens. Reposted, also known as "the strongest selfie in history".

Regarding the central literary and art workers' symposium held by Xi University this time, many people said that they think of the "Yan'an literary and art workers' symposium" held by Taizu. But I thought of only three words: "turning point". Because at the same time that Xi University convened this meeting, some subtle things were quietly happening. The author who wrote the book "The End of History" unexpectedly published a new book and began to express his frustration and despair about the American system. In the Western world where Chinese systems and roads have long been demonized and rendered, Li Shimo rectified the Chinese system and roads in a speech "The Legend of Two Systems", but he won constant applause and applause. When I participated in the “Chinese Dream Dialogue with the World” summit forum, I also heard experts from Russia eagerly persuading European and American experts and scholars to “emancipate their minds, discard old ideas, and re-examine China.” The former deputy mayor of London, UK, opened it. The real-name authentication Weibo made a high profile, and praised China's roads and systems many times, and it has become a scene on the Internet.Obviously, the world is changing.

If the above-mentioned changes occurred in the top-level elite society, then there are also some subtle changes in the public opinion field. While many people in China who have never traveled abroad or just visited foreign tourist attractions mistakenly believe that foreign culture is superior to Chinese culture, many Chinese, overseas Chinese and overseas students who live and work overseas have stood up and refuted through the Internet. This view. "Complaining more at home, and patriotic as soon as I go abroad." The bizarre scene also appeared in China's public opinion field and cultural circles. From this point of view, these changes, whether in the elite or among the people, are heraldingThe signs of a huge change in this world are already looming.

There is something called a turning point in history. The greatest regret of literati is not that they did not meet a great turning point in history for themselves to write, but that they were at a turning point in history without knowing it.

It was at this time that Xi Jinping proposed to convene the Central Federation of Artists and Artists. At the meeting, he expressed his hope that China will usher in a cultural revival, which is self-evident. Of course, I am not saying that because of these signs, these signs, and the meeting, China’s current cultural and Internet status will immediately become clearer. On the contrary, I think that the prosperity and rejuvenation of the Chinese cultural market still needs to go through a lot of difficulties and setbacks, and encounter attacks from various conservative forces.

The black dots on white paper are the most conspicuous, and the white dots on black paper are the most abrupt. When patriotic and rational voices appear so "out of the ordinary" and "alternative" in public opinion, it proves the existence of our overall public opinion and cultural field. A huge problem.Some of my opinions in Zhou Xiaoping’s articles are nothing more than saying that you must love your country, respect your national heroes, have hope, and work hard to realize your dreams. This is the correct three views and a positive attitude towards life. It is reasonable. It would not be too controversial to say that my article expressing simple patriotism and family and country feelings, but the actual situation is twofold. On the one hand, many netizens said that they liked my article very much. On the other hand, there is a group of people who love the United States more than their relatives but insist on using ignorance and rumors to criticize me.

I have read an article on the Internet that "refutes" me saying, "Zhou Xiaoping boasted that the US bombs caused the water in the air-raid shelters to boil, and that the women and children hiding in them were burned to death. Sci-fi movies dare not shoot like this. Spread rumors and do not write drafts!" But in fact, this is not a rumors, but the famous "Amelia bomb shelter tragedy." The water boiled by the bomb's temperature was the originally designed fire-fighting water system. The American engineer who designed the bomb was tortured by his conscience and refused to forgive himself until he died.

The article that "refuted" my article also said: "Zhou Xiaoping spread the rumors that one million people live within 1.7-2.7 square kilometers of slums in India. It is possible to spread rumors like this. Are people ants? How can it be possible for 1.7 square kilometers? Living one million people, dare you not have common sense like this?" But in fact, this data is provided by Indian official statistics, as detailed in the foreign documentary "National Geographic-The Real Slumdogs" (National Geographic-The Real Slumdogs) Description and field shooting.

At the same time, they also said that Zhou Xiaoping published an article spreading rumors that the French president’s personal expenses for a year exceeded 9600 million euros, and that Obama’s family vacation cost taxpayers 400 million US dollars. Ah is simply a frenzied rumors. How can these news go to Baidu? Can't search it with Google? ? Obviously this is Zhou Xiaoping's rumor! ——But in fact, this person is just misleading netizens to search for the wrong keywords. Of course, they can't search for anything with the wrong keywords.And we only need to search: "The luxurious life of the French president" "Obama and his wife and daughter400Ten thousand dollars" "Obama mobile phone1800"Ten Thousand Dollars" is not difficult to see a large number of domestic and foreign media related reports on these matters.(Some other Weibo who accused me of "spreading rumors" have similar methods, which are deliberately misleading netizens to use the wrong keywords to search for news, and then use them to slander me for "spreading rumors." I will not give examples one by one here.)

At the same time, in order to "refute" my point more deeply, they even used various pieces of data to prove that only 8% of the urban population in the United States, and the remaining 92% are all farmers, and accused me of writing about the United States by Zhou Xiaoping. The claim that 90% of the population is urban is a rumor, which is simply laughable. Another person posted a payment slip for the minimum insurance for cheap cars in the United States to accuse me of saying that not only is it impossible for BMW in the United States to sell for only 3 US dollars, but the insurance is also more expensive than China. It is a "rumor" that it needs more than 3000 US dollars. Another person used the photos of American rural housing prices billboards to accuse me of saying that Manhattan housing prices are more expensive than those in cities of the same size in China. It’s a “rumor”... Wait, the trick is laughable, even their own fans read it. Not going anymore, commented on its Weibo: "You can't be shameless enough to buy a cheap clothes from a street stall, and then come out and accuse Zhou Xiaoping of pointing out that the clothes in a certain mall are too expensive to sell is a rumor?"

I almost never paid attention to these "rebuttals". Because many of these so-called "refutation" articles are originally from overseas cult Fa X Gong websites, they are not worth refuting at all. The truth does not need to compromise with ignorance. Some people insist on ignorance, so let them go. It is only occasionally when I see a small group of experts and scholars with social status and identities who criticize me everywhere with such absurd views in "rebuttal" articles.It turns out that sometimes identity and social status cannot conceal their ignorance.It's just that they may not know that every time they use these ignorant materials to "expose Zhou Xiaoping", it's actually only a slap in the face of exposing their IQ. It's embarrassing.

Of course, I have to admit that the article I wrote is not perfect. For example, when I quoted the data from the Ministry of Commerce, I directly wrote 1.8% as about 1%. For example, after the new equipment was installed in Daqing Oilfield in 1976, the production capacity finally made a substantial breakthrough, which solved the shortage of energy and petrochemical products in China at that time. Therefore, the people lived a better life with food, clothing, housing and transportation, and directly wrote "1976 We have the Daqing Oilfield in XNUMX" (it has existed for tens of millions of years). For another example, I directly abbreviated the multi-barrel revolving machine gun used by the Eight-Power Allied Forces during the invasion of China as machine guns and other texts. In terms of academics, it is obviously not rigorous enough and flawed. But these flaws do not affect the facts of what I am discussing, nor can they prove that my theory is wrong.

In fact, the "rebuttal" I received on the Internet today by Zhou Xiaoping is actually the same as the "rebuttal" situation that the historical heroes we have shaped up on the Internet, and the tricks are the same. These so-called "rebutters" are not sincerely criticizing you, or pointing out your mistakes in good faith, but maliciously hoping to confuse you by picking the bones in the egg, thinking about it, and confusing the audience.Try to reachIgnorance is used to cover up the truth and blindness is used to avoid the purpose of light.

In recent years, our Chinese historical figures and heroes have also been stigmatized and attacked on the Internet. In the same way, people always write analysis articles under the banner of "criticism" in a slanderous way, saying, "According to the machine gun model, bullet shooting technique, and scientific analysis, Huang Jiguang can't block the machine gun eye. Therefore, the Chinese Propaganda Department must have spread the rumors. Textbooks spread rumors, unless Huang Jiguang is Iron Man." "Qiu Shaoyun's story is also false, because the fire will hurt the body, people will inevitably struggle, and if the person is on fire, the place will burn especially prosperously. Don’t the Americans see it? Come out? So it must be the propaganda department spreading rumors and textbooks spreading rumors." "There is a photo of Lei Feng lying under the fender of the car's front wheel and screwing a wrench. What's worth fixing there? The Chinese government doesn't even know how to be serious about brainwashing. This pose is too fake, do you really consider us ordinary people to be idiots?" Wait...

But in fact, the photo of Comrade Lei Feng repairing the car is not a posing. According to the data, it can be found that there is a light line under the fender of the front wheel of the military vehicle of that model.7608, Inner bearing7611). However, Huang Jiguang used his body to block the enemy's bunker machine gun spout, not to say that his body is stronger than Iron Man and can prevent bullets from passing through him. But this method can greatly hinder the rotation of the machine gun’s nozzle and affect the operation of the shooter in the bunker. In just a few seconds, the comrades behind can pass safely and take the bunker away. And Qiu Shaoyun's deeds were also not fabricated, because at that time the US military did not use matches to light the bushes, but used incendiary bombs. The flame of this kind of incendiary bomb itself is very strong. Once it burns into a big fire and smokes, it is impossible to tell whether people are burning in the fire. And is it possible for a person to remain motionless when his body is on fire? You only need to check the Battle of Changjin Lake and you will understand. Both China and the United States have records after the war. At that time, in order not to be exposed in the next day's ambush, the volunteer soldiers of a strengthened company remained motionless in the snowy night until they were all frozen to death and frozen into ice sculptures! You know, when the human body is frozen alive into ice cubes, the tremendous pain caused by the body is no less than the pain level of the burning body! Therefore, people are so shameless that they will go frantically to smear our heroes with their ignorance.

The Korean Peninsula was invaded twice in modern times, once by Japan, and once by the United States and it.17United Nations Forces. After the Beiyang’s failure to resist Japan and aid Korea, China was successfully invaded by the Japanese army using North Korea as a geospatial springboard to invade the Northeast, causing countless heinous crimes. And if the resistance to US aggression and aid to Korea fails, and if we turn a blind eye to the US invasion of the Korean peninsula, do we need to talk about the consequences?

There is no doubt that the war half a century ago saved the Chinese and our nation. All heroes who sacrificed in that war should be memorialized, not tainted. Everyone alive today should thank them.However, there are some people who disguise their ignorance as "scientific", "refuting" and "truth" by deceiving our netizens through the Internet, cursing our heroes, discrediting our history, and mocking our political parties.Can these people be more shameless?

When looking through the history of the XNUMXth Army, I saw a company commander wrote in his battlefield report: "On the Korean battlefield today, behaviors like Huang Jiguang and Qiu Shaoyun have become a common phenomenon." . What a bland sentence. But it was this sentence that made me burst into tears when I read it many nights. It also made me furious when I faced repeated reports of "science popularization" stories about these heroes on the Internet that were repeatedly rejected by the editors. Our heroes sacrificed their young lives in order to save our country. They were besieged, insulted, and scolded on the Internet, but they were unable to refute them. Seeing these situations, my heart aches, I feel uncomfortable, I am sad, I Can't stand it. Of course, I, Zhou Xiaoping, have to stand up and argue for them, and return them to innocence, regardless of whether I will burn myself!

These posts that use ignorance to "refute" the truth have affected most people in a subtle way. I have heard some experts, teachers, scholars, and even party members and cadres on various occasions saying: "The CCP’s past propaganda is actually a bit too much. The heroic deeds in many textbooks are impossible from common sense, but the above I have to make up this way, and now I am embarrassed. I should admit my mistake as soon as possible and restore the historical truth." Whenever I hear such a statement, I feel extremely angry and sad. It is rare that we have to change the truth because of the ignorance of the doubter? ! Because the rebuttor is stupid, shall we cater to kitsch? As a qualified person and an intellectual with a conscience, shouldn't we stick to the bottom line of the truth? ! The truth is the truth, and the more ignorance is used to question the demons, the more we should stick to the facts and spread the truth, and the more we must make our own voices to fight against them.Otherwise, once the light yields, it is blindness, once the truth yields, it is a lie, and once courage yields, it is perish!

I think this is why Xi Jinping specifically emphasized at this forum for literary and art workers: "Some phenomena that vilify the people, China, and heroes are destroying the foundation of our faith and are historical nihilism. The harm is huge. Artists and artists should actively promote positive energy.” The reason lies. Similarly, this is why I resolutely opened Weibo and shouted from the Internet. It’s not that I don’t know how terrible China’s online public opinion field is today. I don’t know that my shouting loudly will cause me many disasters, but I can’t bear our heroes, our history, and our compatriots for so long. Let people discredit, spread rumors, and slander on the Internet. As an ordinary person, there is not much I can do and reward for the heroes who have sacrificed. Only if there is any injustice, I will complain.

Mr. Xi said that there has never been a smooth sailing in this world. I also deeply agree. The spirit of some Chinese is indelible, and some Chinese cannot learn to bow to the darkness. When those stubborn superstitions cheered and burned Bruno, the "rumour stick" in their eyes, they were also using their ignorance to send the prophet to the altar of truth and nailing themselves to the pillar of shame. Time depicts the bones, no one can escape from sin, and history will eventually give a fair trial for everything we do today.Similarly, today some people who are trying to send me Zhou Xiaoping to the spiritual scaffold by spreading rumors will also use their ignorance to temper the fire of Chinese cultural revival. Ignorance has the instinct to resist the truth, but culture also has the instinct to spread the truth.

I have read about the Battle of Shangganling, and I was deeply moved by those heroes who stood firm at the time, but Zhou Xiaoping never thought that one day, I would also step into Shangganling, a position of public opinion. Some friends from overseas students sent screenshots of webpages about attacking and slandering me from overseas cult Fa X Gong websites, which listed many of my "crimes", including spreading rumors that I was an international killer, spreading rumors that I was the king of high seas, and spreading rumors that I would eat Baby, spread the rumors. I opened pornographic websites and brothels for profiteering and was arrested by Interpol for many years and so on... I didn't bother to respond to these and didn't take it seriously. Because in the information age, it is actually very difficult to spread rumors and slander someone. Assuming I was really arrested and imprisoned by Interpol for these crimes, it would be impossible without police records. Any court files, public judgments and my personal file records can be checked at will, there is no such thing. And since I have been working and starting a business in Beijing for more than ten years, I have been on business trips almost every month. Almost every month, I have flight records in different airlines, check-in records of hotels in various places, VISA credit card consumption records, and Annual business tax filing records. How could a person arrested by Interpol and sent to prison have these uninterrupted records? These records can never be faked, right? In fact, I have already refuted rumors on Weibo. The so-called suspicion is that the case of my murder in Chengdu was actually solved seven years ago, and the killer has also been sentenced to death. The so-called suspicion that I have opened a pornographic network is even more nonsense. It was just a colleague of mine 8 years ago. After the company he opened in Beijing closed down, he went back to his hometown to partner with two other people to register a new company to start pornography. The website was arrested. There are court verdicts on the People's Internet, and CCTV has also reported on legal news. The list of offenders has a complete list, and it has nothing to do with Zhou Xiaoping. I can’t say that I knew this person 8 years ago, this person committed a crime, so I have a share, right? Then he knows Jack Ma!As for those who suspect that I am the king of gambling on the high seas, it is completely nonsense. I simply cannot afford a boat big enough to be used as a casino on the high seas.

I have indeed accused Xue Manzi of concocting the rumors that Zhoushan water quality is hundreds of times more lead than the standard for the sale of water purifiers. This has caused the heavy loss of hairtail in Zhoushan. Local fishermen and farmers have suffered a lot, and some families even almost faced bankruptcy. Although Xue Manzi’s actions and the losses caused were reviewed, Xue Manzi himself pleaded guilty and apologized to the aquaculture farmers and fishermen in Zhoushan. However, the overseas cult organization Fa X Gong forum took my words out of context as "Zhou Xiaoping rumored that there are farmed hairtails in Zhoushan", and gave me a nickname called "hairtail king". Later, it was repeated by some people in China and from the media. Cited as a weapon to attack me, completely disregarding the truth.

Violent terror occurred in Xinjiang. I wrote an article saying: "We are against violence and terrorism and resolutely crack down on rioters, but don’t misunderstand the Xinjiang compatriots. Among them are the victims of violent terror. Most of them love life as much as we do. This time I A Muslim friend in Xinjiang invited me to eat barbecue.” When I wrote that article, it was Ramadan, so many ignorant people came out and scolded me, “Muslims don’t eat during the day in Ramadan. Zhou Xiaoping again Spread rumors!" and gave me a nickname: "Barbecue Week". But in fact, anyone who has been to Urumqi knows that even during Ramadan, Muslims are still eating in Muslim restaurants. Except for those who have the right to stay at home during the day to reduce activities and fasting, most of them do business and work. Most people who go to school are unable to fast because of inevitable physical exertion and other reasons. So even in Ramadan, not all Muslims do not eat anything. This is common sense.But many people like to mock the truth with ignorance and mock the truth with lies.

In fact, I am not the only person receiving similar treatments and titles on the Internet.Zhang Zhaozhong was humiliated by the ignorant as "General Kelp" because he said that kelp can entangle submarines. But in fact, there have been real cases of kelp entangled submarines in wars. Singer Wang Fang wore military uniforms and sang patriotic songs on stage. He was rumored to be a "military bitch", completely disregarding the fact that his true identity was just a teacher... What's more, let the ignorant believe the lies and rumors they are willing to believe. They have to be assholes for a lifetime, and it is their own freedom. Just let them think of me in their own minds as: "Tangle kelp, raise hairtail, eat barbecue, talk nonsense, kill people and overturn goods, lunatics who are full of pornography, gambling, and drugs." Anyway, the final outcome can only be themselves. It's just hysteria, and the truth and facts cannot be changed because of their ignorance and hysteria.

In real life, I am a person who always praises me for being handsome. I am a person liked by many readers. I am a person who respects the old and loves the young. I am an optimistic and active life person. I am a narcissistic and naughty person. He is an educated and cultivated person, a person who constantly changes his destiny and life by relying on his own struggle. Most of the people I have worked with have become my friends, and there will be close contacts after many years. Most of the people who passed by with me have become my friends, and they all rely on their perseverance and hard work to make great achievements in their respective fields. I have my parents who love me, my uncles and aunts who love me, and my siblings who are proud of me. In the future, I will have beautiful wives and lovely children. I will take them to all beautiful places to see the scenery. I want to live a wonderful life, not to prove it to those who hate me, but just to live my own life and live up to this life. I only care what I look like in the eyes of those who love me, but as for what I look like in the eyes of the ignorant, I don't care.

In fact, it’s not uncommon or terrifying whether those overseas cult Fa X Gong websites spread rumors that I’m murdering and setting fire, or slandering me for being suspected of having pornography, gambling, drugs, etc., because being cursed and slandered by such cult websites is just the supremacy of a normal person. glory. What's strange are those who use the "materials" on the website of the overseas cult Fa X Gong as the truth to discredit me on the Internet. Sometimes when I watch them slander me with all kinds of slanders, rumors and distorted big-character posters, I will think of the catastrophe decades ago. In front of me, Liu Cixin’s work "Three Body", the teenager of the Cultural Revolution, always appears. They humiliated Ye Zhetai madly and beat him to death by waving the belt. But even if they beat Ye Zhetai to death, they could not destroy the true knowledge. No matter how they insulted Ye Zhetai, they could only expose their ignorance and stupidity. When history becomes history, it will give everyone an objective evaluation. Whether it is ugly or noble, ignorant or prophet, God has justice. In fact, sometimes, I quite sympathize with that small group of Internet Cultural Revolution teenagers, becauseHistory has always proved that people who engaged in the Cultural Revolution tried to use big-character posters full of absurd lies to criticize others and criticize stinky people. They never ended well.

I, Zhou Xiaoping, hereby promise that no matter how the small group of Internet Cultural Revolution teenagers use the rumors and insulting materials on the foreign cult Fa X Gong website to slander me, I will not admit defeat, will not give up, and will not bow. I will definitely come back alive from Ganling on the Internet, and I will definitely stick to the day when I finally win. Because more kind-hearted netizens are supporting me and blessing me. I write for those who like me, not for those who post my big-character posters for the Internet Cultural Revolution.

I remember that Xi Da said at the meeting: “Literary and artistic works cannot be made for the purpose of pursuing foreign awards. There is no future for creating with this purpose. Literary and artistic works are the foundation of literary and artistic workers, so works of literary and artistic workers To be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, into the masses, literary and artistic works must be able to move readers, be close to the lives of the masses, reflect an era, be mindful, and withstand the test of readers and the market."-Yes, only those that can reflect an era Only literary and artistic works can impress readers, and finally achieve world-renowned literary and artistic achievements, and can they produce real lasting influence, vitality, and literary value. Only when a work wins the support of readers, the ideas contained in it will become more powerful. This kind of strength can support you and keep going.

A friend asked me: "Zhou Xiaoping, the culture market is so difficult nowadays, you will be criticized for mentioning patriotism. Many people can scold their parents, but you can’t say that the United States is bad, otherwise they will jump and scold you. Under such circumstances, what is it that supports your long-term persistence in supporting China?"

Yeah, what is supporting me? Is it my little cultural ideal of serving the country? Is it my preference for this nation? It seems to be, and it does not seem to be. I carefully recalled what Xi Da Da said, and gradually realized that what actually supported me on this path was the tens of thousands of readers who supported me, and those Internet users who shared the same recognition and love for China as I did. It is the countless days and nights and detailed pictures that I and they met on the Internet and encouraged each other to support me and give me strength.

Why am I patriotic? It is because one day when I registered an account to go online, I posted a post "In fact, the United States is not that good, and China is not that bad." After being deleted, I was shocked and shocked. For many years since then, I have been suffering from this trouble and torment. For countless nights, after learning that more netizens have experienced this kind of experience, facing the computer screen, I was unwilling and unyielding when I was silent and indignant.

Why am I patriotic? It was because a friend saw those posts that insulted Chinese heroes spread arbitrarily, and repeatedly reported them, but they were all rejected by the editor and refused to deal with them. Then they called me crying and asked if there was any way I could do it, so I pulled him overnight without saying anything. Hurry to the real-name report of the regulatory agency.

Why am I patriotic? It is because every time I go to a city, many readers will put down their work and come to have a meal and chat with me, and chat together about the pride and comfort of the past and the present. It was they who said to me: "No matter how much your book is sold, we will buy it! With your innocent heart, we will always support you." Moved.

Why am I patriotic? It’s because the books I published were sold out by netizens who cared about me within a week. The publisher had to reprint them urgently. Thousands of readers on Taobao.com read my article and added those long comments. Recognition and evaluation.

Why am I patriotic? It is because of the sense of mission and responsibility that arises every time I give a lecture at school and look at the students who are listening attentively. It was a burst of joy when I was holding the calligraphy "Xiaoping Meameda" they gave me.

Why am I patriotic? It is because almost every day, many overseas students or overseas Chinese leave a message saying: "Zhou Xiaoping, we support you in spreading the truth, because foreign countries are not as good as what is known in China." Shi was relieved.

Why am I patriotic? It’s because when I visited CSR, I saw that the engineer was facing a lot of sharp questions and argued with red ears anxiously: “We in China are not bad at everything, and the United States is not good at everything. Look at this, this equipment We are doing better and more precise than the United States..." The tears filled my eyes.

Why am I patriotic? It's because whenever the word Chinese is mentioned, there are always faces flashing in my mind. Wen Tianxiang, Shi Kefa, Wei Qing, Yue Fei, Lu You, Wang Changling, Mao Zedong, Zhan Tianyou, Ding Ruchang, Deng Shichang, Huang Jiguang, Qiu Shaoyun, Deng Jiaxian, Qian Xuesen, Yu Min, Zuo Zongtang, Hu Xueyan, Yan Haiwen, Wang Wei, Luo Yang...

Why am I patriotic? It is because more and more readers, more and more recognition, more and more stars are gradually lit up in every corner of the Internet. We identify with our country, identify with our culture, and have hope for life and the future.

There are many other reasons, I cannot list them all, but these are enough to answer the question of why I love China. This is the feelings of my family and country. China is my spiritual totem. China is the common brand of my ancestors, compatriots, and future generations. It has accumulated into the DNA of our nation and carries our common glory and cannot be stained.

I remember that Xi Da also said at the meeting: "Desire is not hope, and vulgarity is not popular." How well said it, the concept of nouns cannot be changed.But some people just want to curse and slander our country by stealing terms and concepts. They use curses to impersonate criticism, and insults to impersonate criticism, Once you point out that they should not slander China and should not belittle the people of the country, they will turn around and say: "Can this country not tolerate even criticism? I criticize only when I am patriotic." However, anyone with a discerning eye can see that, Where are they criticizing? It is clearly insulting, spreading rumors and cursing our nation. For example, "China will definitely collapse next year", "Chinese people are inferior", "Chinese nation is a pig-like nation" and so on... Once you are sure of China's progress and love your country, they will jump out again. To accuse you of patriotism is to "flatter" and "flatter", patriotism is not flattery, and recognition is not flattery. Those who secretly exchange these concepts are punishable.

I, Zhou Xiaoping, once said that China accepts all criticism and criticism, and tolerates all exposures and revelations. However, insults, abuse, slander, rumors, and slander will not be tolerated. Just like we love our children, even if the children do something wrong, you criticize him for his own good, but you still love your children in your heart. If anyone comes over to insult and spread rumors that your child is a wild species, trash, or shit, you will surely make a big mouth, and will not accept him: "I criticize your child for his own good. You can never even Criticism can't be tolerated, right?" Nonsense.Patriotism and criticism are not contradictory, and patriotism and criticism are not contradictory. But patriotism is a natural contradiction with insults, slanders, abuses, and rumors. Our China can be criticized by us, but if anyone dares to slander our country or insult our country, we will never forgive it.

I wrote a lot of bits and pieces, and it was two or three o'clock at night. Thinking back to these things that have happened these days, it is inevitable to have a lot of emotion. I remember once drinking and chatting with a fellow local. He said with emotion: "When his intern general secretary took office, it was actually the wealthiest time in China. He could have made his life easy and comfortable. But he chose to do his best to make this country change. Better. He fights against corruption, fights tigers, seizes people’s livelihood, rectifies the morale, engages in economics, and promotes national defense. They are not just a formality, but are serious and persistent. How tiring doing these things is, how many people are offended. But the people are indeed happier than before." Hearing what he said, I felt quite right. And at the meeting that day, when I listened to Xi Da talk about his understanding, love, and philosophy of culture, I really felt the ardent expectation in his heart for the revival of Chinese culture, which was beyond words. I also saw his desire to realize the dream of a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and it was expressive. I remember that he once said: "Our history is a treasure house." And when he once again said at the meeting sensibly: "Our own culture, everything we have encountered since 1840, our history of struggle, struggle History, construction history, and real life, there are too many materials that can be excavated. If we can excavate these well, we can create meaningful works that fit this era." At the time, I seemed to see a station The experienced elders in the fields have taken the trouble to patiently teach others how to farm in order to obtain a better harvest.

By the way, since we talked about excavation, the question is: "Which excavator technology is strong?" Hahaha, a joke. Continue to get back to business.

I remember that after the meeting that day, General Secretary Xi came to me and shook my hand and said: "Zhou Xiaoping, we must spread positive energy on the Internet." I replied, "Okay, Mr. Xi." "It's a kind of expectation, right? One sentence: "Okay" is a kind of promise.This expectation is too true, this promise is too heavy,I dare not just post a few more patriotic articles to perfunctory matters. Instead, we must settle down, work hard from the roots of culture, and make some literary and artistic works that can really trigger people's thinking and fit this era.

My patriotic views of Zhou Xiaoping no longer need to be expressed and repeated in more articles."Please Don't Live Down This Time", "Your China, Your Party", "The Hardness of a Chinese Passport", "Youth, do you really understand this country?" "Where have all our heroes gone?" "The Nine Tips of the American Cold War on Chinese Culture"These few masterpieces are enough. I will not give in just because someone "refutes the rumors" with ignorance, and I will not give in just because someone uses my stupidity to slander. I will stick to my views and the truths in the article, and integrate them into more deeper and better literary works, so that the Chinese spirit, Chinese feelings, and Chinese culture are recognized by more and more young people. This is my careful wish of Zhou Xiaoping, and I believe it will also be the common wish of the Chinese people. One day, when China is heading towards a full-scale revival, I will take my children and even grandsons to stand again under the national flag in front of Tiananmen Square. At that time, I will proudly think: "In this great achievement of China's comprehensive revival Here, there should be a small part of my power. Should, there will be?"

This is the voice and thinking of me, Zhou Xiaoping, standing at the turning point of this era, as an independent thinker born in the 80s. There is love and contemplation, the motherland is so magnificent, and the history is so turbulent, I would like to warm this beautiful river and mountains with a touch of tenderness.

Finally, I would like to talk about one thing that makes the small group of ignorant people even more depressed: on the Internet, a group of unscrupulous people have quoted materials on the external cult Fa X Gong website, or used their ignorance to slander me. When the collective action reached its climax and succeeded in creating a sound of curse, I still gave impromptu speeches in public classrooms in major universities. There are many young people in the audience who have been misled by you. Some even questioned me before the lecture. However, my speech still won the applause of the whole hall. The huge auditorium was full of seats, and even the corridors were filled with attentive audiences. The students laughed and applauded constantly. After I finished speaking, the students came to take a group photo with me and gave me small gifts they made by themselves. The school teacher said that I had not seen such a splendid speech for many years.

In fact, no matter how much the people who hate me jump and curse, it won't help, it's just the flies buzzing and the worms shaking the tree. The power to destroy those who admire the incomplete and rotten people does not come from the words of Zhou Xiaoping. It comes from the awakening of Chinese culture, from the restoration of national self-confidence, from the general trend of changes in the world pattern, and from the heart of thousands of patriotic netizens. This is the law of history, mighty.

To be honest, instead of going to the Great Hall of the People for a meeting, I would rather drink and chat with my readers and fans, and express my emotions freely. Just like when I met some readers out of town for dinner a few days ago, and talked about it. He said to me: "I just love this country and nation very much. When I hear "My Motherland", I get excited." I said, "Where is the nearest mountain on the edge of the city?" He said, "Fuck. Huh?" I said: "Let's go sing a song, and then wait to watch the sunrise?" He said, "Okay." So, in the darkest time before dawn, we walked to an unknown mountain. , Facing the empty valley and the faintly lit city in front of him, he sang loudly: "In order to open up a new world, awaken the sleeping mountains, and let the river change its appearance. This is the beautiful motherland and the place where I grew up. There are bright scenery everywhere in this vast land!" The unbridled singing echoed in the valley, and some commotion came from the darkness, as if the monsters were screaming and intimidating. However, we are not afraid at all. Because, look ahead, the morning sun is about to rise!

I embrace this world and accept all the evaluations of everyone in this world.Language is the window to the soul. Everyone's evaluation of me reflects only the appearance of their own soul.Light returns to light, darkness returns to darkness, dust returns to dust, and soil returns to soil.

I am Zhou Xiaoping and I love you.

Zhou Xiaoping

Saturday, November 2014, 10

Yu Beidahuang