Only those who have lived in Australia understand the pain! ! These little bitches have strong attacking power and super fast speed, making people hard to guard against! ! ! Some Australian netizens even posted "reward" to catch "pirates" who rob food. . . The highlight is at the end~

Pay attention to places like the seaside and the Fish market. If you don’t keep your eyes on your plate while eating, seagulls will come to enjoy your food as soon as you turn your head! ! I will still drink your coffee! ! And these "pirate" seagulls will not only snatch food from the guests' tables, but also snatch the food that the guests are sending into their mouths, which is very dangerous. Many people bleed and were injured. Look at the moment when the tourist was robbed below↓↓↓

Seagulls Stealing Ice Cream in Britain's Seaside (10)

Experts from the wildlife management department pointed out that the aggressiveness of seagulls is not innate, but because they cannot find food, rely on human feeding for a long time, and are no longer afraid of humans.
Due to the increasingly serious situation, many seaside restaurant owners have to take various precautions to avoid "blood incidents" from happening in their stores. Some have erected signs in the stores to remind customers to watch their food; some have erected plastic ceilings around restaurants; and some even provide customers with water guns to "defense themselves".

It is worth noting that these little bitches are protected by law in Australia. If you really beat them, you will be fined. . . o(︶︿︶)o If we can't beat the little bitch, then we can only hide~~~


Another group of dynamicsimage


last piece. . . It's also drunk~~~ Looks like a thief, a full-fledged villain, and he doesn't need makeup. . . .
Look at the comments of netizens, the editor has already laughed. . . What did you steal from them?

@J_JANET in Sydney: A box of salmon was robbed in the fish market

@锦年是小韵伊: So when eating at fishmarket, I never dare to sit in the open air. .

@万狗之主: Hahahahahahahaha! ! ! ! ! ! ! It's fucking perfect! ! ! ! ! These little bitches! ! ! ! ! xD

@Sister Luca who lives in Sydney: What a great deal! ! ! Bitch everywhere!

@鼎丰会计firms-Tianya Xiaokan: I have tried feeding them peppers. Very enjoyable. They cried out after eating.

@Lin0He: Hahahaha I have been caught many times fish and chips but only eat fish

@美女语妖儿: Complete robbers and bandits! Come back my old mother's sashimi.

@怪咕噜: [Anger][anger][anger][anger][anger] I hate them the most! Shameless little bitch

@左佳_luna: The seagulls are all refined, the last one [笑cry]

@SydMegan: I once snatched my oysters

@西安溪: The seagulls in Sydney are the little bull gangsters. They snatched my fries, burgers, seafood, and noodles.

@IM_FioNaaa: Australian seagulls snatched my salmon, American seagulls snatched my hot dog and caught me! This creature has been blackened by me

@steven-iris: Burger was robbed

@Rach_琪琪: [tears] I think of my nacon cheeseburger that I haven't bitten before

@毛猫虫总队长: [Sad] I was attacked after eating French fries in Wollongong, and the girl was very stable and ruthless, and several of them were snatched away without reacting.

@西风Yuki_THG48: I also tried to be taken away from the bread

@吃货安安闯 Sydney_FOODIE: A group of small watches protected by law smashed

@贤惠的女魔头 Lisa: Little bitch! Grabbed my ice cream and half a bag of potato chips!

@一个肥彤走油包: I still remember that it flew by before my eyes, I lost four pieces of salmon sashimi...

@安花花No flowers: our lobster pasta

@天天天晴nini: Strongly agree! I was pecked

@wild_child_: 😤😤😤 Give me the meat rolls! These cruel little watches smashed

@京京同学KumaRainbow: I was besieged by a group of watchers on the Gold Coast. . . Then it was watched by Tuao people

@日美包子: I was robbed of half a kebab in manly [anger] I really know that I can't get it back, so I greet its ancestors a little bit [Right Hunk]

@万能Vita-: It was these little bitches who robbed Lao Tzu’s French fries in st kilda last year

@Kenny菲菲酱: The pain of being robbed of salmon is vivid!

@MengY_LLL: I have already experienced the predatory nature of this terrible bird, stay away from them

@Misssss-西: Last Saturday half of my box of salmon was snatched away by them. [Angry][

@jac_ck-Myself: These little bitches are really hateful. Since I was robbed of the Big Mac, I will never even dare to sit in the open air to eat.

@akiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: The plastic bag in the hands of feathers on the ice cream burger sushi hat was snatched in Australia for four and a half years

@阿梧会吃: Ahem I lived in Australia for almost three years and was robbed of ice cream, potato chips, French fries, fried fish, fried dry steamed, bananas, hot dogs. . . .


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