Former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, who is visiting in Beijing, held talks with President Xi Jinping in the Great Hall of the People as the chairman of the "Boao Forum Council" on the 29th night. Japanese media said that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has already acquiesced in the plan to hold the "Xi'an Meeting."

According to the Japan News Network, at the meeting on the night of the 29th, did former Prime Minister Fukuda convey the message of Prime Minister Abe to President Xi? It is currently difficult to confirm. butWhen meeting with reporters, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi responded to a reporter's question on "Whether to hold the Japan-China summit during the Beijing APEC summit", using the phrase "all visitors are guests", and he acquiesced in the plan to hold the Xi'an meeting.

At the end of July this year, Fukuda and Japan's National Security Bureau Chief Yauchi Shoutaro secretly visited Beijing and held talks with President Xi Jinping. Because of this talk, the relationship between Japan and China has loosened, and the two countries resumed the two-year suspension of foreign ministers' talks.

According to a report from Kyodo News in Beijing, the talks may be intended to pave the way for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Xi Jinping to hold summit meetings during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Beijing Summit in November. According to sources in Japan-China relations, Fukuda and Xi Jinping have reached an agreement on the need to strengthen cooperation in the Asian region.

Futian arrived in Beijing on the 28th and met with Xi Jinping after attending the board meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia on the 29th. Some Japanese media were allowed to shoot at the initial stage of the talks. According to the report,It is really rare for China to disclose to the media the talks between the top leaders and Japanese dignitaries.

According to sources from Japan-China relations, Xi Jinping spoke highly of the "Boao Forum for Asia" where Fukuda is the chairman, saying that it "has played a unique and important role in building consensus in Asia, promoting Asian development, and enhancing Asian influence." Futian told Xi Jinping that the overall Asian economy continues to develop, and China has played a large role in the international community.