Melbourne people love the Queen Victoria Market, especially when she welcomes the annual night market.
After 17 years of ups and downs, the Night Market at Queen Vic has evolved into a traditional Melburnian festival.

Not only won the Victorian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame (VictorianTourism Awards Hall of Fame), but also won the "Best Event" champion for three consecutive times (2010-2012).

This year's night market will officially open on November 11th and will end on March 5th next year. Held regularly every Wednesday night.
The food street is the most unmissable highlight of the night market this year. The night market official stated that the food brought by the night market this year will be "unprecedented and unparalleled".

Food from all over the world gathers together, and the price is generally between 5 and 10 yuan, or even lower.

Foods in India, Ethiopia, Asia, Nepal, Turkey, Africa and other places, under the temptation of such a price, must be eaten for several nights to complete it.

The most popular dishes are tornadopotatoes and Spanishpaella.

If there are foreign tourists, you can also try the local "Crocodile Fort", "Kangaroo Fort", and "Emu Fort".


Shopping highlights include vintage items, clothing designed by local designers, creative handmade works, etc.

In addition, you can also listen to live music performances by local orchestras, enjoy health massage, physical therapy, or do a tarot divination.
It is recommended to arrive at the night market at 5:30 in the afternoon, first have a meal, then go shopping, enjoy the singing and dancing performance, and finally go to the bar for a cocktail.


Reminder: Bring plenty of cash, the nearby ATMs are always overcrowded.


Location: QueenVictoria Market (enter via Queen, Therry or Peel Streets)

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