The United Kingdom is one of the oldest and most developed countries in Europe, and it is at the top of many travel lists. When traveling to the UK, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery and long-standing culture, shopping is also a must-do.


London is the top shopping city in Europe. Not only can you find Burberry scarves and cheap luxury goods, but there are also many flea markets where you can pick the vintage sweaters that London hipsters love most. Here is an introduction to several famous department stores in London. Buy and buy together and pretend to be a British fan!

Department store

Westfield London Shopping Centre Westfield London


Located in west London, there are more than 270 shops, restaurants and cinemas, and nearly 4500 parking spaces.

Address: Ariel Way, London, W12 7GF

Transportation: Metro Central Line, Shepherd's Bush station.


Westfield Stratford City Westfield Stratford City


Another shopping mall newly opened under the Westfield Group in 2011, located in the Olympic Park east of London, is the largest urban shopping mall in the European Union. There are nearly 300 shops, restaurants and cinemas, and 5000 parking spaces. Before the opening of the Olympic Games, the number of high-end brands was slightly smaller than the previous ones due to the continuous construction.

Address: The Broadway, London, E15 1WG

Transportation: Metro Central Line/Jubilee Line, Stratford Station; Light Rail DLR, Stratford Station. Train Overground, Stratford Station.




The famous high-end department store in London has more than 330 brands. The interior decoration is full of Egyptian characteristics, reflecting the Egyptian heritage of the former owner, Mohamed Al-Fayed. Mohamed Al-Fayed's son was the boyfriend who died in the car accident with Princess Diana, so there is a sculpture in memory of Princess Diana in the mall. In addition to buying top-quality goods, don't miss the dazzling food department at the bottom. You can even buy pig tails, a rare ingredient in London.

Address: 87-135 Brompton Road, SW1X 7XL

Transportation: Subway Piccadilly Line, Knightsbridge Station.

营业时间:周一-周六 10:00-20:00,周日11:30-18:00。



Another high-end department store in London, a century-old store, many top luxury counters have Chinese shopping guides, and the customer service center can handle tax refund procedures on site. The English afternoon tea in the basement cafe is worth trying.

Address: 400 Oxford Street, W1A 1AB

Transportation: Subway Central Line/Jubliee Line, Bond Street station.


Marks & Spencer


The leader of the British department store industry has many branches in London and around the world. The price is mainly mid-range, and its underwear brand is especially popular.

Address: Covent Garden branch, 107-115 Long Acre, WC2E 9NT

Transportation: Metro Piccadilly Line, Covent Garden station.


John Lewis


Another mid-range department store in the UK has multiple chain stores. In the eyes of many British people, John Lewis is almost a symbol of elegant quality of life. Its food supermarkets, Waitross, are also all over London.

Address: Oxford Street branch, 300 Oxford Street, W1A 1EX

Transportation: Subway Bakerloo Line/Central Line/Victoria Line, Oxford Circus station.

Business hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30-20:00 (Thursday 9:30-21:00), Sunday 12:00-18:00.

LV store

You can buy the cheapest LV in the world in London. Students who go to study or travel in the UK often join the "shopping army" involuntarily.

LV counter in Selfridges Department Store, London

This is one of the most popular shopping malls for Asians. The goods are relatively concentrated and more fashionable. After shopping here, you can go to the Selfridges Food Hall to taste the food.

Address: Selfridges London, 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB

LV Store in New Bond Street, London

This LV store looks very imposing on the outside, and there are not as many customers as Selfridges, so you can shop calmly. The only thing to note is that this store is closed on Sundays.

Address: 160 New Bond Street, W1S 2UE, London

LV Store in Sloane Street, London

LV doesn't just have handbags. If you are also interested in LV sunglasses, coats, watches and even jewelry, the LV boutique on Sloane Street has the widest selection.

Address: 190/192 Sloane Street, SW1X 9QX, London

LV counter in Harrods, London

Harrods is recognized as the most advanced shopping mall in the UK, and LV has two counters here. The counter on the ground floor sells leather bags, watches and jewelry, and the counter on the second floor is a lifestyle counter, mainly selling women's clothing, women's shoes and sunglasses.


LV counter in Harrods, London

Address: 87 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7XL, London

LV Store in the City of London

The service quality of this LV store is said to be the best. The clerk will provide you with pertinent suggestions based on your needs. It should be noted that this shop only sells leather bags.

Address: 6 Royal Exchange Buildings, EC3V 3NL, London

Burberry Factory Store

As one of the most famous British brands in the minds of Chinese people, Burberry trench coat and Burberry scarf have become classics among the classics. The Burberry counter is too expensive, so go to the Burberry factory store.

The Burberry factory store is actually a large warehouse. In addition to the checkout counter at the door, there are all kinds of Burberry products when you walk in, including windbreakers, shirts, pants, T-shirts, socks, belts, umbrellas, and bags of all sizes. Bags, scarves, silk scarves, ties, etc., Burberry's most classic scarf is undoubtedly.

You can go through the tax refund procedures when you purchase a certain amount. Since the Burberry factory store usually replenishes goods on Monday, try to go to the Burberry factory store at the beginning of the week to avoid the regret of a large number of shortages.


Burberry Factory Store

Transportation: Starting from central London, first take the London Underground and transfer to the London city train (Silverlink Metro) to Hackney Central Station. After exiting the station, turn right and cross the road to find a large TESCO supermarket, and follow the road next to the supermarket Morning Lane Go straight. At the second intersection, there is a roast chicken shop. The small road opposite the shop is Chatham Place. You can see the Burberry factory shop within a few steps.

Address: 29-53 Chatham Place, London, E9 6LP

Phone: 0208 985 3344

Nearest train station: Take the Silverlink Metro to Hackney Central Station


Flea market

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Flea Market is the most famous open-air market in London and even the UK. The Portobello Road Flea Market is actually composed of 3 different markets, all of which are only open every Saturday.

The antique market at the southern end is the closest to the subway station, and is also the main purpose of tourists to the Portobello Road flea market. The antique market is only open on Saturdays. Continue north and transition to a market that mainly sells various fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese and other foods. You might as well buy some snacks here. Going to the northernmost point is the second-hand flea market located under the Westway viaduct. Every Friday and Saturday, it is extremely lively.


Transportation: Get out of the Notting Hill Gate subway station, then head towards Portobello Road, and follow the flow of people on foot for about 5-7 minutes.

Camden Market

Located in the north of London, it is a place where young people like to kill time, and it is even more crowded on weekends and holidays.

Transportation: Metro station CamdenTown or Chalk Farm

Greenwich Market

Handicraft market, you can also visit other attractions in Greenwich.

Transportation: Metro Station Greenwich

Borough Market

Located in West London, it specializes in organic food and a variety of snacks, suitable for a weekend feast.

Transportation: Borough subway station

Spitalfield Market

Spitalfields, located in the East End of London, is now the most popular market for London fashionistas. There are not only the little-known local new design brands in London, but also a complete set of fashion shops.

Transportation: It takes five minutes to walk from the subway station.

shopping center

Shopping malls are places where you have to go shopping in the UK, and most of the buyers of "haitao" and purchasing agents on weekdays are regular customers here.

1. London Brent Shopping Centre: As the UK's first large-scale fully enclosed shopping mall, London's Brent cross shopping center (Brent cross) has created an image as a fashion leader by promoting high-quality fashion brand chain stores.

2. Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre: Located in the center of Birmingham, the Bullring shopping center (Bullring), whose exterior is covered by more than 15,000 aluminum discs, has a unique shape.

3. Manchester Treford Centre: Manchester’s Trafford Centre is known as the "customer first temple". Its huge glass roof, smooth marble floor and interior furnishings are unforgettable.


Manchester Treford Centre

4. Put Blue Lake Shopping Center: Bluewater Shopping Center (Bluewater) in Kent covers an area of ​​53 acres. It is an advanced shopping and leisure place with unimaginable low prices and styles. In addition to shopping, there are more than 50 restaurants, cafes and bars for you to choose from. In addition, you can also participate in a variety of leisure activities, such as rock climbing, golf, fishing, biking, boating and movies.

5. Sheffield Meadowhall Shopping Centre: Sheffield's Meadowhall Shopping Center (Meadowhall) is a veritable shopping world. A variety of mainstream stores, specialty stores and designer stores attract about 2,500 million customers to shop every year.

6. Newcastle Metro Mall: Metro Centre (Metro Centre) is located 3 kilometers outside of Newcastle City, with ample parking, plenty of restaurants and entertainment facilities.

7. Cardiff Victoria & Edward Arcade: Cardiff has the reputation of the city of arcades. The oldest shopping arcades surround the main streets of the city center. This is also the main Victoria & Edwardian Arcades shopping mall (Victorian & Edwardian Arcades), which is very famous.

8. Buchener Art Gallery, Glasgow: Buchanan Galleries is a must-visit place in Glasgow. There are about 80 high-quality shops here. The most distinctive ones are jewelry discount stores and toy stores.


Prices in the UK are much lower than in China. Go to TKMAX to buy famous brands (clothes, shoes, bags, glasses, everything) ~ For example, this CK T-shirt in Shenzhen costs 300-400, and TKMAX can buy it for 13-17 pounds It is here, and the style is more complete than that of China. Some of the so-called latest shoes seen in Hong Kong can be found in TKMAX in the UK. That is to say, the old goods there are sometimes newer than Chinese ones.

It is also very cheap to go to BURBERRY's factory store, basically one-third cheaper than domestic ones. If you catch up with Christmas Boxing day, you may be lucky. An 8000 yuan windbreaker in Beijing was bought in Burberry's factory store for 300 pounds, which is more than 3000 yuan now. But it's also unacceptable, and it's not always the style you like. Moreover, the main customers there are our Chinese.

Recommended common souvenirs

1.Burberry's England plaid scarf, Generally it costs about 30 pounds during the Christmas discount period.

2.CLarck leather shoes, The Chinese people there know. Inexpensive but comfortable, and they are too expensive in China.

3.Chocolate at Thorntons moments, This is a local brand in the UK. This chocolate shop is very dedicated to their products. The taste is also pretty good. It is a must-have local British product as a gift to relatives and friends.

4.Louis vuitton, Gucci

5. Drinks. LikeScotch WhiskyOr AmericanJack Daniel's, Absolutely true.

British red wine is a good rose wine, Rose wine is not astringent in mouth, and has a mellow taste.

6. can buyZippo's lighter. Fuel is only 1 pound a bottle. The non-commemorative ridicule is only 30 pounds each.


Thorntons moments

Well-known cosmetics

British cosmetics, these local British brands must be added to the list; and if you are catching up with this wave of craze and heading to the UK, then these local British cosmetics should not be missed.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop was founded by Anita Roddick in the UK in 1976. The Body Shop has retail business in 55 countries around the world, with more than 2200 stores, all do not use animal testing, and purchase natural materials through fair trade. They firmly believe that there is only one way to achieve beauty-return to nature. Princess Di’s favorite elderberry eye gel, olive body lotion, vitamin E eye cream, tea tree oil, tea tree oil first aid stick are all star products.

British AA Network

Amphora Aromatics was established in 1984, referred to as the British AA network. In addition to marketing in the UK, it is widely exported to 87 other countries. Mainly provide essential oils and aromatherapy products to agents, aromatherapists and medical clinics. Good quality and affordable price. Niu Er, a new generation of beauty master in Taiwan, listed it as a recommended brand in his book "Aromatherapy Bible" and gave it a four-star high rating

Boots' NO7

Boots, a British beauty and skin care pharmacy brand with more than 150 years of history, sells multi-brand cosmetics. Boots also has its own cosmetics brand NO.7, which is one of the best-selling cosmetics brands in the UK. Boots chief star brand No7 is the most popular and best-selling skin care and cosmetics brand in the UK. It has a long history and has won numerous awards. It has been recognized as the favorite of makeup and skin care by nearly half of British women.



Walking into the Lush store, not a single customer yelled "Wow", touching and smelling one by one, smiling and bending over to buy. The layout is like the farmer Libreville farm in European and American small towns. The colorful display of products looks like delicious pastries, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even the smell is like, but in fact they are fresh handmade cosmetics made by Lush. Among them, the most famous are exquisite soaps and bath balls. Customers can cut and weigh according to their preferences, making the simple and ordinary bathing process novel and interesting.

Tax refund


For tourists who go to the UK to travel and shop, they can apply for a tax refund for the value-added tax paid when they leave the country.

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