Cleaners in the central area of ​​Melbourne began to slow down their work today, refusing to clean the toilets in the building and refusing to replace toilet paper. Therefore, if you have plans for tens of thousands of urban areas, it is best to keep your toilet paper with you, so as not to be caught off guard in an emergency.

Approximately 400 cleaning workers in Melbourne, in order to win a new employment agreement with their employers and raise their wages, announced that they would take sabotage measures starting today, refusing to clean the toilet and refusing to replace toilet paper. Cleaners expect to oppress employers to increase their wages.

The cleaners in the city center are mainly international students. They start working for several hours every night and earn about $24 an hour. In the latest negotiations, the union’s proposal for a salary increase was not approved by the employer. Under the dispute, the union used its usual tactics to coerce employers with strikes and sabotages.

The work sabotage operation covered about a quarter of the high-rise buildings in downtown Melbourne, including office centers and shopping malls. The main impact is the urban office group, but if you need to use the toilet when you go shopping or do business in the urban area, you may also be affected.

Therefore, it is best to prepare your own toilet paper when you go out to Melbourne city.

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