Why don't you get a takeaway if you are hungry? Wait, why has McDonald's food delivery truck changed to Lamborghini? You read that right, Melbourne’s McDonald’s shotgun has changed for cannon!


Forget those rustic meal delivery motorcycles! Nowadays, Lamborghini and Ferrari stopped at the door of McDonald's waiting for food delivery!


The shiny sports car attracted the attention of many diners and passers-by, who took out their cameras to take pictures.


It is reported that if you want to experience the "local style" food delivery, you must be in the food delivery area of ​​South Melbourne. Customers must order at least $25 for food, and an additional $4.95 for food delivery will be charged. Most dine-in foods can be delivered, including Big Macs, French fries and salads.

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News link:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2804304/Now-S-fast-food-Maccas-use-Lamborghini-Ferrari-deliver-meals.html