Detailed guide to Australian abalone


The Australian large abalone is well known all over the world, especially the Victorian waters with Melbourne as the center are more famous for producing abalone. Melbourne's friends have the right time and place, but they are not clear :

1. Is it possible to catch abalone?
2. Where to catch abalone
3. How to catch abalone?
4. What are the regulations?


There are three main types of Australian Abalone:


1. Black abalone

2. Green Edge Abalone

3. Hybrid of the above two species


Abalone in Victoria must be caught in accordance with the regulations issued by the local fishery administration: tools must be legal; diving suits, fins, diving goggles, abalone knives, abalone rulers, gloves and other items that do not comply with the rules will be severely punished; Bring the fishing permit to go on the open day. I once again recommend that everyone abide by the rules and protect the ecology.

How to apply for a fishing permit, see:


Limits per catch in Victoria: 5 (up to 2 green rim abalone), as long as they are close to Victorian waters, they will be considered to be catching abalone.

Maximum number to carry at a time: 10 (up to 4 green rim abalones) to carry means that, anywhere in Victoria, you carry raw abalone in shell.

The size limit of abalone is different for each area:


Basically, the blue abalone can only be caught until it reaches 13 cm, and it cannot be caught in the wide waters from aire river to arch rock. But it is open for dozens of days every year so that Melbourne friends can go into the water and touch abalone without being far away from home!


Precautions for catching abalone:

In the process of catching abalone, you must buy a ruler for measuring abalone.

The tool for prying abalone must be a blunt tool. Sharp tools such as a knife or screwdriver must not be used to pry the abalone to avoid cutting the abalone.

It is not allowed to shell the abalone or carry the shelled abalone meat. It won't work if you leave the water. In principle, you can only eat and kill.

Abalone can only be caught during the day.

Abalones can only be caught underwater at a depth of 2 meters.


Nearby: In fact, there are abalones near the Port of Melbourne! It’s just that there are too many people and it’s not easy to find abalone (this is why there is a ban on abalone in this area.) For example, Williamstown, blackrock, Mordialloc can touch abalone, but you must pay attention to the location.

A little further away. One is the famous morningington. In fact, it's not very far, especially the friends who live in the southeast area. Now they have opened the peninsula link and it will be there in tens of minutes. There are several places where you can catch abalone in mornington.

Far away. A more suitable choice is port fairy. What a beautiful name, Fairy Port. It's actually at the end of the Great Ocean Road. In addition, everyone’s crab mecca Lake Entrance actually has a lot of abalone! A little further away is Port mcdonnell, not far from mt gambier, a tourist area in South Australia. There are not only abalones, but also lobsters. Find the right place, find the right place.


Final Thoughts

In fact, there are so many abalones in Australia that you only need to find the right place and you can easily catch them after diving. Just be aware that it can only be caught in water below 2 meters, and there is a size limit, so although you can see a lot of small abalones on the shore, you cannot move them. Buy diving tools (usually sold on the shore), bring a blunt tool, and you can go into the water. The abalone is sucked on the reef and the camouflage is also very good. Please be careful not to hurt the abalone when you pry it. In addition, there are small sharks and manta rays in the offshore waters of Australia. They are not so scary, but they are also dangerous. If there are warning signs, please pay attention! Touching abalone is for fun and not to hurt yourself and others.