What worries you most when going out to play? Losing your documents is simply too difficult!

In situations where real-name authentication is required for catching a plane, taking a train, or staying in a hotel, losing an ID card is a headache. But no matter what the situation is, there is still a way besides seeking help from the public security organs.


Plane: The airport police station provides a temporary card

Miss Li flew back to Chengdu from Shanghai two months ago. Her wallet was stolen and all her documents were lost. She immediately went to the police station in the airport terminal, searched all over her body, and finally found out an entry permit to prove her identity and applied for a temporary boarding certificate.

Remedy: Airport staff said that passengers who generally do not have time to obtain valid certificates,You can bring your account book or work permit, driver's license, letter of introduction or other valid documents that can prove your identity to the airport terminal police station to apply for a temporary boarding certificate. But you must not try to get a fake certificate because you lose your certificate. This will not only be disqualified from taking the flight, but also all the economic losses caused will be borne by the individual.


Train: You can buy train tickets for temporary passes

In a hurry to go home, I lost my ID and couldn't even buy a train ticket. If you change to a bus, important matters will be too late.

Remedy: According to the staff of the railway station, passengers who have lost their ID cards can go to the station’s temporary police station to write down their ID number, name, address and other information. The law enforcement police will conduct online system verification of the information provided. Use a camera to take a picture of the passenger and print it on a temporary identity certificate. The validity period of the temporary identity certificate is one day, and it is limited to passengers who purchase tickets and use them on the same day.

In the same way, passengers who have lost their valid ID documents after purchasing tickets or have forgotten to bring valid ID documents when entering the station can also apply for a temporary ID certificate to enter the station and board the bus.


Hotel: Check at the local police station

Netizen "Xiao Miao" shared her experience a few days ago-she lost her ID card and couldn't live in a hotel in Nanjing. The manager told her to go to the local police station to issue a certificate. However, when she ran to the police station at night, the police asked her to show the hotel check-in slip.

Remedy: The editor understands that the handling methods vary from place to place, and the police station does not necessarily need a "hotel check-in form." Go to the police station in the jurisdiction where the hotel is located to verify your identity and register and you can move in.

Some friends questioned whether friends who lost their IDs can stay with them when opening a two-person room with a single ID. The police said that if the hotel finds an abnormality, it has the right to refuse to check in passengers who have lost their permits.

Ultimate big move:

1. An electronic copy of ID card:

Usually, you can scan your ID card to your computer and upload it to your mobile phone or mailbox. This electronic backup can be useful when all paper documents are lost. At present, the railway department recognizes 25 types of valid identity certificates, including commonly used household registration books and driver's licenses, and electronic backups of some commonly used certificates can also be kept.

2. A standard photo:

Not every police station has a camera, and some police stations will require a one-inch photo to apply for a temporary card, so you can carry a standard photo with you.

3. Ask for help at the rescue station:

The Municipal Relief Management Station stated that if you are unable to provide accommodation and have no relatives or friends to depend on, you can directly ask for help. No proof is required, and passengers can also be arranged to go home.

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