Obama's open letter to his daughter: 17 things to stop doing!

Life is short. It may feel like it takes forever sometimes, but the reality is that you live, and a short time later, you die. It happens so quickly, many people don't even realize they had a life until it's already over .
Life is so short. We sometimes feel that life can't be finished. In fact, if you are alive now, you will die soon. Life is really a matter of a moment, and many people only realize that this life is over before they die.

1.Stop Doubting Yourself
Stop doubting yourself

If you don't believe in yourself, nobody will. Success starts in your mind, and if all you're doing is putting yourself down and predicting failure, it'll become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of doubting yourself, think positively . Not only will you be happier and more successful, you'll spread it to everyone around you.
If you don't believe in yourself, no one will believe in you. Success comes from your mind. If what you do is to constantly look down on yourself and predict future failures, this will really become a reality. Instead of doubting yourself, it is better to actively consider the problem. Not only will you be happier and more successful, you will also be able to infect people around you.

2.Stop Being Negative
Stop being negative

Now that you're done doubting yourself, stop doubting others. You don't like when people are critical of you, so stop being critical of others. Think about how you make other people feel – even if you have good intentions, people don 't like hearing negativity.
Now you don't doubt yourself anymore, and don't doubt the people around you anymore. You don’t want to be picky on you, so don’t pick others around. Think about how you feel to others-even if the starting point is good, others don't want to hear so many negative things.

3.Stop Procrastinating
Stop procrastinating

I don't feel like procrastinating right now – I'll do it tomorrow. When you procrastinate, you remain stagnant. Whatever you're putting off doesn't go away; resolve the problem, and move on. You'll be much happier in the long run.
I don't want to do it now, so let's save it till tomorrow. Once you start to procrastinate, you actually have stalled. The things you procrastinate will not resolve on their own. Solve the problem and move on. You will be happier in the long run.

4.Stop Being Mean
Don't be so mean

It's completely possible to step on someone's toes without meaning to – it happens all the time. There's no need to pile on by purposefully doing mean things, so make a conscious effort to stop being mean. If someone wrongs you, let it go. There's no need to seek vengeance unless that's the type of person you want to be.
It's really possible to step on someone unintentionally—it often happens. But there is no need to deliberately do some bad things, so consciously let yourself not be so mean. If someone treats you unreasonably, just let them go. There is no need to retaliate, unless you also want to be that kind of person.

5.Stop Eating Out
Don't eat out

Eating out is the biggest waste of money. Every so often it's nice to treat yourself, but eating out for every meal is the quickest way to drain your bank account. Learn how to cook at least a handful of foods you enjoy: It'll save you money, keep you healthier, and occasionally impress people.
Eating out is really a waste of money. Maybe every time is a reward for you, but eating out every meal is the fastest way to spend all your savings. At least learn how to cook some of your favorite dishes: it saves money, makes you healthier, and makes others shine.

6.Stop Being Lazy
Stop being lazy

Lazy people are annoying – it's like pulling teeth getting them to do anything. If I can't do something as simple as going to a movie with you without having to factor in an hour of convincing you to get your lazy butt out of bed, I'd rather go alone. People have enough trouble motivating themselves; don't make your friends and family waste their valuable energy motivating you as well.
Lazy people are really annoying-they are forced to do things like a donkey. If I want to watch a movie with you but have to spend an hour persuading you to get up, then I would rather watch it alone. It is not easy to motivate yourself, so don't let friends and family waste precious energy to motivate you.

7.Stop Complaining
stop complaining

We all have problems, and sometimes we need to vent to someone. That's acceptable, but pay attention to how often you're venting. We all love helping our friends and family, but when all you get from someone is negativity, it's easier to cut them off than help, especially if they're always complaining about the same things.
We all have troubles, and sometimes we always want to talk to others. This is understandable, but pay attention to how often you complain. We all like to help friends and family, but if I can only perceive negative energy from that person, it is better to stay as far away as possible, especially when they are complaining about the same thing repeatedly.

8.Stop Being Selfish
Stop being so selfish

If you only think about yourself, you'll soon find yourself by yourself. Stop for a minute and think about how your actions affect other people – did you take the last cup of coffee from the break room? Refill it! Do you live with others? Don't drink out the milk carton. We share this world 100% of the time, so every action you take can affect other people.
If you only think about yourself, then soon you will find that you are the only one around you. Stop for a minute and think about what impact your behavior will have on others-did you take the last cup of coffee from the lounge? Refill it! Are you sharing the rent with others? Don’t drink up all the milk, this The world is a world completely shared by everyone, everything you do will affect others.

9.Stop Wasting Time
Stop wasting time

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: time is the most valuable resource we have. Don't waste your time on unproductive things. If you want to explore the world's dark corners, that's great. I still associate with people who have not-so-kosher careers, but I don't hang out with those people at the expense of my own short- and long-term goals.
Although I said it before, I want to say it again: Time is the most precious resource we have. Don't waste time on meaningless things. If you want to explore the dark corners of this world, it's great. I also know some freelancers who don't have regular jobs, but I don't go out and play with them at the expense of my short-term and long-term goals.

10.Stop Making Promises
Stop making promises

Always under-promise and over-deliver. When you make a promise, you're adding responsibility to your plate that, despite all your best intentions, you may not be able to deliver on. More often than not, your promise is an absolute (ie "I promise I'll always love you"), and only Sith deal in absolutes. Instead of making a promise with your words, simply be there when people need you, and exceed their expectations with your actions.
Always make promises, always fail. Every time you make a promise, you can't help but add responsibilities to yourself. No matter how good your starting point is, you will not be able to complete all the parts. Most of the time, your promises are too absolute (such as "I swear I will love you forever"), and can only be realized in an absolute environment. Instead of making a promise in words, show up when others need you, and then use actions to meet their expectations.

11.Stop Being a Pushover
Don't be a good person

We live in a capitalistic society in which everyone's trying to sell us something. Everyone's looking out for themselves in one way or another, and you need to do the same. Stop putting yourself out because you're too shy to say no.
In the society we live in, everyone tries to tell us something. Everyone is looking for themselves from a different angle, and you also need it. All you have to do is to say no at the right time.

12.Stop Listening to Haters
Don't listen to people who hate

No matter what you want to do in life, there's always someone around to tell you why it can't and won't work. I can come up with millions of reasons Twitter won't work, and yet it's one of the most popular social media sites on the web. My opinion didn't stop Twitter's success any more than it convinced Kobe Bryant to quit the NBA or Josh Hartnett to stop acting. Why would you let someone's opinion stop you?
No matter what you want to do, someone will tell you not to do it, it's useless. I can think of millions of reasons why Twitter is not practical, but it is also one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet. My thoughts will not stop the success of Twitter, just like you can't persuade Kobe to quit the NBA or Josh Harnett not to be an actor, it is meaningless. So why let other people's ideas stop you?

13.Stop Being Wasteful
Stop wasting

You don't finish your meals, and away food instead. You leave the faucet running when you brush your teeth, pouring precious water down the drain. You drive places you could easily walk, burning gasoline (a non-renewable resource). You are wasteful, and it needs to stop.
You don’t finish eating, and then throw away the food; when you brush your teeth, you still turn on the faucet to let the precious water rush away; you have to drive and burn gasoline (not renewable resources) where you can go. If you waste it, stop this vice quickly.

14.Stop Littering
Do not litter

The only thing I hate more than wasteful people are litterbugs. Litterbugs are my least favorite bug, and there are more than you'd think. If you've ever thrown even one piece of gum, paper, candy wrapper, cigarette butt, etc on the ground, you're a disgusting litterbug, and you should be ashamed of yourself. There are over 7 billion people in the world – if each person only throws one “innocent” piece of garbage on the ground, that's 7 billion pieces of garbage littering a world in which nobody "did it".
The only thing that makes me feel more hateful than wasteful people is garbage bugs. Garbage bugs disgust me the most, and you will never count them. If you have thrown a piece of gum, a piece of paper, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, then you are a disgusting garbage bug. You should be ashamed. There are more than 70 billion people in the world-if everyone unconsciously throws a little garbage, then the world will become 70 billion garbage dumps, even if there is no culprit.
Your one decision makes a HUGE difference, and I will not allow you to blow it off and walk around with your head held high. You're a litterbug, and it needs to stop immediately. You don't get a lifehack for this one , you filthy animal. Just stop – you already know how.
One of your decisions will have a far-reaching impact. I do not approve of you going to the main road and shouting loudly. If you are a garbage bug, then you need to stop immediately. It may not save your life, but it will make you less annoying. Stop this move, you know what to do.

15.Stop Taking Everything Personally
Don't take everything to your heart

People get offended about the strangest things. Take Kendrick Lamar's now-infamous verse on "Control" this summer: he called out a list of a dozen rappers he thinks he's better than (and he's right). The internet went crazy, and rappers all over the industry rushed to their mics to record a response. The thing is, all K-Dot said is he's the best rapper. Everyone took it personally, and that's exactly what he was going for. The lesson to learn from this is that not everything is about you, and if you're easily upset, someone will use that to their advantage.
People will feel violated because of some strange things. Take Kendrick Lamar’s controversial song "Control" this summer as an example: He provokes some rappers who he thinks is weaker than him in the lyrics (it is true), and stirs up a wave of waves, a singer in the entire rap industry. People flocked to record songs as a counterattack. The point is that everyone thinks that they are the best rappers, and everyone values ​​themselves more. This is his purpose. What this thing teaches us is that not everything has to revolve around you. If you are a glass heart, someone will take advantage of this.

16.Stop Talking
Stop talking

Sometimes it's best to just STFU – especially in relationships. I can't even count how many times I created an issue that didn't need to be an issue simply because I opened my mouth. Even if what you want to say is important, just shut up and ride it out. You can say more with your actions than words, and you can't listen when you're talking.
Sometimes silence is golden-especially in relationships. I can't even remember how many times the wrong words caused disputes that could have been avoided. Even if what you want to say is very important, shut up and digest it yourself. You can prove everything with action, after all, you can't hear when you speak.

17.Just Stop, and Breathe...
Stop, take a deep breath

No matter what you're doing in life or how your day is going, there's always room to just stop for a moment and just breathe. Try it right now to celebrate getting through this list of everything you're doing wrong.
No matter what you are doing now or how you are going on this day, you need to take a good stop and take a deep breath. It's better to take a break now, and reward yourself for finally getting through some wrong things.

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