2015 immigration policy plan:

1. Allocation of up to 19 immigration quota;

2. Priority to speed up the review of business immigration;

3. Allocation of 68% immigration quota to skilled immigrants, up to 128550 positions, more international students can apply for skilled immigrants;

4. Priority review of employer guarantee and 457 work visa;

5. There are 60885 family immigrants, an increase of 4000.

Budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year


1. Those with an annual income of 18 yuan or more must pay a 2% "Temporary Budget Repair Levy" (Temporary Budget Repair Levy), which can raise 50 billion yuan in four years.

The fuel tax of 2.38.1c/liter is linked to the inflation index again, and is automatically raised twice a year. It is expected to increase oil prices by 2.5c-3c in the first year and raise 24 billion yuan in four years.




2. No longer provide pension fund subsidies for low-income earners whose annual income is less than 3.7 yuan.


1. Tighten the eligibility for disability annuity, and the frequency of review of recipients may be as high as once every quarter. The disability annuity payment will be linked to inflation, rather than a simultaneous increase in wages; recipients are prohibited from leaving the country for more than four weeks.

2. Resume the work-for-the-dole scheme (work-for-the-dole scheme);

3. Tighten the requirements for receiving unemployment benefits for persons under 30. The main measures include high school graduates having to wait for half a year to apply for Youth Allowance, and for those who leave the job search allowance and youth allowance for one year or more Young people give out cash rewards. Those under the age of 25 are prohibited from applying for unemployment benefits.

4. No longer pay income support bonus twice a year to welfare recipients.

5. Cut rent subsidy projects, cut the last round of national low-rent housing projects, and save 12 billion yuan in the next ten years.


1. Keep the family tax preference item B, but tighten the income and property assessment standards to an annual income of no more than 10 yuan.


3. Abolish Schoolkids.


1. In order to improve the employment level of the elderly, a cash reward of 50 yuan will be given to employers who hire elderly people over the age of 1.

2. The Tools for Your Trade policy is abolished, and the 5500 yuan tax-free subsidy for apprentices to purchase tools will be cancelled; a new "Trade Support Loan" (Trade Support Loan) will be implemented from July 7st, providing a maximum of 1 yuan For interest-free loans, the income standards and requirements for beginning loan repayment are the same as those for student loans.



2. Reduce industry assistance and charge higher fees to companies that use government services (such as environmental approval and Austrade assistance). Mining and oil companies have to pay higher fees for the services of GeoScience Australia and safety regulators.

3. Cut the corporate tax by 1.5%, and impose a 3000% corporate tax on the 1.5 largest companies to fund paid parental leave programs.

Health care

1. With Medicare to see a general practitioner, you must pay 7 yuan at your own expense; discount card holders can see the doctor 10 times a year for free.

2. Advance the National Disability Insurance Project (NDIS).


1. Continue the previous government's Gonski funding model in the next 4 years, and then adopt a new model;

2. To relax the control of university tuition to some extent, allowing universities to charge higher fees;

3. Private universities and TAFE will also receive government funding.


1. Commit to spend 100 billion yuan in infrastructure construction, of which 50 billion will be used to encourage states to privatize assets, and the other 50 billion will be used to accelerate the progress of a series of major projects, including East West in Melbourne.

2. Link and Sydney’s WestConnex highway. The federal government will set aside 400 billion yuan in road construction funds in the next six years, of which 110 billion yuan will be new funds.

national defense

1. Reduce the national defense pension program and end the Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme (Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme).

2. Cut hundreds of civilian officials of the Ministry of National Defense.

3. Spend 124 billion yuan to purchase 58 F-35 fighter jets.

4. Establish a new visitor center on the Western Front of World War I.

Public Service

1. The federal government will cut 1.6 jobs, and more than 70 government departments will be merged, abolished, and privatized, including RoyalAustralian Mint, HearingAustralia and several arbitral tribunals.

2. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will cut 3000 jobs.

3. The New Australian Border Force will merge customs and immigration departments.

4. Federal members' salary freeze for one year is expected to generate 40 billion yuan in income.

5. Completely cancel the "GoldLife Pass" (GoldLife Pass) for free flights for retired members with their families.


1. This state-owned broadcasting company must accept an efficiency bonus of 2.25%;

2. Cut off the Pan-Asian Broadcasting Corporation-Australia International Television, which is operated by ABC under a ten-year contract worth 2.23 million yuan.


Inject 3 billion yuan into the Emissions Reduction Fund in the next three years, which is part of the Coalition Government’s “Direct Action” climate change policy;

Abolish the National Water Commission and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.


-Create a future medical fund worth 200 billion

-Medical and hospital funding will be reduced by 10 billion in the next 500 years

-116 billion spent on infrastructure for roads, railways and ports

-By 2035, the age for receiving government pensions will be raised to 70; from 2017, welfare payments will adopt a new inflation-linked method

-Paid maternity leave and a 1.5% reduction in corporate tax

-Foreign aid reduced by 80 billion in bonuses

-Receipt of benefits, including the eligibility line for family tax subsidies and unemployment subsidies, and the specific payment amount will be frozen and unchanged

-Taxpayers earning more than 18 pay 2% more deficit tax

- Fuel surcharge is increased twice a year

-From 2016, universities will be able to set their own tuition fees

- Parents can no longer receive FTBB after the youngest child in the family reaches 6 years old

-Applicants for unemployment benefits under the age of 30 must have a half-year waiting period

-Unemployed persons under the age of 25 can only receive youth subsidies and cannot apply for unemployment benefits

- Those under the age of 35 who are receiving disability pension but have certain working ability will get a "participation plan" to help them work, train and accumulate work experience within the power of the welfare fund.

-The government will spend 8.204 million in the next three years to help students who are studying for diplomas and associate degrees

-The annual interest paid on student loans will truly reflect the current inflation situation, up to 6% per year

-Will provide more government scholarships

- Starting from July 2015, you need to pay 7 yuan to see a family doctor, and 7 yuan more for each prescription medicine

-The responsibility of public schools and hospitals will be transferred to the state government

-More spending on national defense, bringing forward the spending of 2017 billion after 18-15

-By 2016-17, a total of 16500 civil servants have lost their jobs

-The funding for ABC and SBS has been reduced by 4350 million, ending Australia Network, a subsidiary of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Budget winner

1 Medical research-200 billion future medical research fund

2 Small and medium enterprises-1.5% tax reduction, no additional tax on paid maternity leave

3 Construction company-infrastructure investment worth 110 billion

4 School pastor-5 million allocated for 2.45 years

5 National defense-spending rose to 10% of GDP within 2 years

6 Moms-Paid maternity leave can get up to 5

7 Ballet dancers-100 million for the accommodation of ballet students

Budget loser

1 Patient-7 yuan for visits

2 University students-higher fees, the school charges independently

3 Foreign aid-5 billion cut in 79 years

4 High-income earners-those earning more than 18 earn a 2% deficit tax

5 Public servants-loss of 16500 positions

6 Video game players-cancel the Australian interactive game fund, saving 1 million yuan

7 Retirees-the age of receiving pension machines will be increased to 2035 from 70

8 Families-Cut FTBB

9 Unemployed young people-there is a 30-month waiting period for those under 6

10 Motorists-gasoline is more expensive

11 Aboriginal-5 million Aboriginal project investment cut in 5 years

12 City Hall-4 billion appropriations cut in 10 years

13 ABC and SBS-Cut 4350 million allocations and stop the ABC's international station

14 Politicians, senior civil servants-salary freeze for one year, the travel gold card of the former councillor will eventually be abolished

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