Beach, sea, blue sky, white clouds, sports, health, leisure, art, food, jungle...Of course, there is fresh air!

Five-star hotel, the most high-end comfort experience; authentic Australian seafood dinner, the best feedback for taste buds; the whole journey accompanied by the CEO of China and Australia, feel different care; there are also a wealth of optional items, you can customize the personalized experience.

Explore the secrets of the happiness of local people and enjoy the Australian-style happy life in "the happiest country in the world" and "the most livable city in the world".

Would you like to give you a trip like this and enjoy Australia in ten days?

My alumni of the University of Melbourne who lives in Sydney and I carefully designed this article"The most beautiful Australia in ten days"In the Melbourne section, I will accompany you throughout the journey and show you the charm of the world’s most livable city.


DAY1 – Beijing/Melbourne

Fly to Melbourne, the most livable city in the world, in economy class/business class on an international flight. Overnight on the plane, arrived in Melbourne the next day.


DAY2 – Melbourne

early morning:Upon arrival, proceed to Melbourne’s best hotel TheLangham Melbourne and enjoy the hotel’s famousTiffin High Tea, Start a happy trip to Melbourne in a relaxed and comfortable way.

in the afternoon:Experience the unique style of Melbourne, the southern half of the fan city: watch by yachtYarraScenery, take a tram around the city, visit Melbourne's famous residential areas.

at night:EnjoyCrown CasinoDinner.

Special arrangement:The discussion session with the executives of a famous Australian travel publishing company will give you a deeper understanding of Australia!

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DAY3 – Melbourne

morning: After breakfast at the hotel, go toDayang street, Overlooking the magnificent ocean scenery.

The Great Ocean Road winds along the west coast of Victoria, with coastal towns and fishing villages scattered along the way, and is also a good place to participate in beach activities.

in the afternoon: Experience a bird's-eye view from a helicopterTwelve disciples

The twelve disciples have been baptized by the waves and winds of thousands of years, and the supernatural craftsmanship of nature. The 12 rocks resemble human faces, seem sorrowful, just gentle, and ingenious. Today, only 12 of the 8 rock walls remain. From a bird's eye view of the sky, the seaside scenery is extremely shocking, and it is a wonderful experience worth trying.

at night: EnjoyItalian Dinner on Lygon Street


DAY4 – Melbourne/Hamilton Island

day: Depart from Melbourne to the beautiful and romanticHamilton Island. Come on an adventure around the island, enjoy itGreat Barrier ReefNatural charm!

Hamilton Island’s beautiful natural environment, calm waters, warm climate, charming coral reefs and various flora and fauna, as well as romantic soft sandy beaches.

at night: Enjoy carefully arrangedMusic dinner, Go for a romantic appointment on the charming Hamilton Island.


DAY 5 - Hamilton Island

morning: Enter by boatGreat Barrier ReefEnjoy the beautiful sky and water of the Great Barrier Reef.

in the afternoon: Launching experienceSnorkeling, Watch the colorful coral underwater world up close, and once again feel the visual shock brought by the sea.

at night:romanticSeaside Dinner, Enjoy the food and beautiful scenery together!

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DAY 6 - Hamilton Island

day: ExperienceDeep sea fishing——Take a cruise ship, sail into the deep blue ocean, and experience the fun of sea fishing at a great fishing spot. Then go toHamilton Wildlife Park, Have a close encounter with the cute animals in the southern hemisphere~

free timeTime: You can enjoy the scenery of Hamilton Island. If you like "flying", you can take a helicopter bird's eye view of the heart-shaped island and feel the romantic feelings of nature!

at night: Enjoy a sumptuous Western dinner.


DAY 7 - Hamilton Island/Sydney

morning: Take an inland plane to Australia’s beautiful city Sydney, and stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney next to the Opera House. Go toMrs. Macquarie's chair, OverlookingSydney Opera HouseSydney bridgepanoramic. If you dare to go straight up, you can also climb the Sydney Bridge and overlook the beautiful scenery of Sydney from a height that ordinary people cannot reach.

in the afternoon:strollCircular Quay, Visit the inside of the opera house and take the ferry toDarling Harbour, Visit the classical sailing boat, fully experience the charm of Sydney

at night: Enjoy the famousPyrmontMarina seafood dinner


DAY 8 - Sydney

morning: Come in the morning lightBondi BeachJog, enjoy the beautiful sea view, and experience the daily life of an authentic Sydney.

in the afternoon : Sydney Harbour Sailing Tour, Set sail and melt yourself into this picturesque beauty; savor the ever-changing Sydney from several of the best water viewpoints.

at night: Go to Darling Harbour for dinner and watchFireworks in Darling Harbour


DAY 9 - Sydney】

morning: Go toHyde Park, Feel the happy and leisure time belonging to Sydney; visit the landmark buildings of Sydney——St. Mary's Church

Then go toManly SeaTan, together with Australian residents and people from all over the world, participated in a special event organized to raise funds for the treatment of brain tumors.Charity walking event(5 kilometers)-Use charity actions to add a different memory to your journey.

in the afternoon: VisitNSW Art Museum,Queen Victoria Building. If you are brave and fearless, you can also take a fighter jet and have an experience of rushing to the sky!

at night: In the famousBoat restaurantHold a farewell dinner.


DAY 10 - Sydney/Beijing

day : Hunter Valley Winery, Enjoy authenticAustralian morning tea, Guided wine tasting by Australian wine experts, and walked into the wine cellar to find out.

Return: After the tour, the team will be sent to Sydney Airport and take the plane back to Beijing that night.


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