XNUMX. The way of thinking about money

The poor Rich
I can't do it How can i do it
I can't win I must win
The reason I am not rich is that I have children The reason I must be rich is that I have children
If i was younger I'm still young
I have limited education I will keep learning
If my dad leaves me…… Success depends on yourself
Stable work is everything Keep making progress is everything
Be careful when making money and don’t take risks Learn to manage risk
I have no funds I want to find funds
I can't afford it I think of a way to afford it
Money is not easy to make Making money is easy
Greed is the root of all evil Poverty is the root of all evil
I am not interested in money My hobby is to make money make money
Money is not important to me Money is the value of life to me
I want to work to make money I want money to work for me
I'm never rich I am a rich man
This is a poor world This is a rich world

XNUMX. The perspective of the problem

The poor Rich
Helpless in the face of problems Find a way to solve the problem
The mind is closed Mind is open
The concept is old The concept is brand new
Just say no Action follows language
See the results See trends
Just look at the negative and the failed side Look at the positive and bright first
Make excuses before failure Find the reason after failure
There is always "impossible" in the dictionary There is no "impossible" in the dictionary
Unwilling to cooperate and will not use interpersonal relationships Like to work with people and use interpersonal relationships
Short-sighted, preoccupied with immediate gains and losses Farsighted, not accounting for temporary benefits
I always feel rich in time and do nothing I always feel that there is not enough time and I am busy doing things
Always want to rest, work and suffer Love career, work and enjoy

Third, the way of financial management

The poor Rich
Waiting for gifts to fall from the sky Constantly looking for new cheese
Eager to win Lay the foundation
Pick the bones in the egg Just look for the chicken that lays the golden egg
Expect something for nothing Knowing that you can only gain by paying
Poverty is permanent Bankruptcy is temporary
Try to save money Keep investing
Do everything possible to save money Find ways to create wealth
Purchase debt Acquisition of assets
Empty pockets, empty head Full pockets, full head
Willing to work Willing to be the boss
I always want to find treasure far away The diamond is under your feet

Four, the choice to treat life

The poor Rich
Hold on to the incompleteness, do not know the change Forge ahead, pioneer and innovate
Give up when you encounter setbacks, fail without doing anything Get up again if you fall down
Want to do everything Do one thing first
Always looking for a good job Set up a good company
Always work harder Always work smarter
Is a seaman on someone else’s ship Is the helmsman of his own destiny
visionary dreamer
tramp Doer
Wait for the best time Seize every opportunity
Life is a lost lamb Life is a awakened lion
It depends on luck The diamond is under your feet
Hope for the next generation To fight for the children