According to the design of the road bureau, most of the 70km/h section will slow down to the 60km section.

  • A section of 3 kilometers (between Canterbury Road and Highbury Road) in Whitehorse City on Blackburn Road has been reduced to 60 kilometers per hour;
  • The 1.3km section of Boronia Road in the Vermont area will also be reduced in speed in the near future.

These two adjustments are only part of Melbourne's overall speed regulation. If you often pass the 70 km speed section, you should be more careful and pay attention to the adjustment of the road bureau. Don't miss the notice board and accidentally eat the wrong ticket.

The Highway Bureau believes that the current speed of the province’s highways has been changing between 40/50/60/70/90/100/110 kilometers, especially the frequent speed adjustment between 60-70 and 90-100, which will bring drivers It is a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, abolishing the two sections of 70/90 km can improve the speed control of drivers, reduce road speed changes, and maintain a uniform speed to achieve the goal of eliminating unnecessary confusion and unnecessary fines.

Many local governments in Melbourne have expressed their full support for these adjustments. The RACV is strongly opposed to this slowdown.

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