1. On the thief ship, follow the thief.
  2. The female big eighteen has changed, becoming more and more casual.
  3. Go your own way, separate from the love soldier.
  4. If it is a wolf, it will have good teeth, and if it is a sheep, it will have good legs.
  5. MLM is that rabbits eat grass on the edge of the nest.
  6. They all say that my sister is pretty, but they are all made up.
  7. Although the bird is small, it plays with the entire sky.
  8. Once the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten, it can't be enough to gather and disperse.
  9. Rather than hit the wall at home.
  10. There are no constant promises, only endless lies.
  11. Don't talk so far, who guarantees you will live until that day.
  12. Tired? Tired is enough, comfort is left to the dead.
  13. In ancient times, a sword drove the world, but now it is a slutty world.
  14. Who can feel as firm for me as for the RMB?
  15. Since I bought insurance, I don’t have to watch the traffic lights to cross the road.
  16. When I woke up, I thought I had grown taller. It turned out that the quilt was covered.
  17. We are always practicing smiling, and finally become people who dare not cry.
  18. I don't mind if you lie to me, what I mind is that your lies can't lie to me.
  19. You said you would wait for me to come back. You waited, and you found someone to wait with you.
  20. The only difference between a marriage certificate and a health permit is that it does not hang on the wall.
  21. It is not necessarily the enemy who shit on your head, it may be your neighbor upstairs.
  22. Living wasting air, dead wasting land, half-dead wasting RMB.
  23. Don't complain that there is no beef in the beef noodles. There is no wife in the wife cake.
  24. Without experiencing the collapse of Monday morning, one would not know the value of Friday afternoon.
  25. Elementary school students are a team, middle school students are piles and piles, and college students are one-to-one.
  26. Since people have tanned, their complexion looks good, their teeth have turned white, and they have not blushed after drinking.
  27. Life is like a maze. We spend the first half of our lives to find the entrance and the second half of our lives to find the exit.
  28. If you fall in love with someone else please don't tell me, I am not as brave as you think.
  29. When a bad person does a good thing, it is called turning his head back, while a good person does a bad thing called a bedwetting.
  30. To coax the leader to be happy, do fakes, to coax the masses to be happy, to do show; to coax yourself to be happy, to dream.
  31. Marriage means "knowing that there are tigers in the mountains, and walking towards the tiger mountains", but "If you don't enter the tiger's den, you won't get a tiger's son."
  32. The fastest to become a philosopher is the husband, the fastest to become an economist is the wife, and the fastest to become the strategist is the mother-in-law.

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