Hongcheng Tourism fully sells tickets for major zoos. Today I will introduce you to the open zoo of Werribee. Experience an African adventure in a beautiful natural environment with an area of ​​more than 200 hectares, only 30 minutes from Melbourne.

Visitors can board an expedition bus accompanied by a guide for free to explore the savannah. On the way, they can see rhinos, giraffes, zebras and antelopes meet the lions, visit the world’s largest gorilla play, and visit the hippo family in the award-winning wetland homes. Stay longer and you can visit other nearby attractions that are also in the Willerby Park area. In addition to the Willerby Open Zoo, there are historical buildings in the park area, Willerby Park Manor, Victoria State Rose Garden, and You Yangs Winery.

The Willerby Open Zoo is showing great interest in saving the world's most endangered animals. The Willerby Open Zoo is one of three zoos managed by the Victorian Zoo (the other two are zoos), the Victorian Zoo


Open car adventure

Upgrade to an open passenger expedition, take a customized off-road open vehicle, and experience a personalized African adventure accompanied by a guide. In the scenery, breath and sound, you can watch the wonderful African wild animals up close. Face-to-face exhibits on the African walking trail and admire the bold monkey frolicking. (Now including a spa and wine regional park and Shadowfax Sovereign Hill (Sovereign Hill), which plays an important role (Zoos Victoria) Healesville Reserve and Melbourne is the leading zoo-style animal protection group. You will be completely immersed in The splendor of the prairie.

Adventure tour accommodation

Slumber Safari allows you to experience a truly unforgettable overnight experience in a customized luxury tent. Adventure tour accommodation and reception experience, including marvelous animal encounters, desserts, African themed meals, and rich night activities, tasting roasted marshmallows, enjoying scones, jams and cream for a delicious dinner. Feel the sound of Africa in the morning and experience while overlooking the prairie An unforgettable breakfast, preparing for closer contact with animals

Children are free!

Not full16 Children under the age of, during weekends, Victorian school holidays and Victorian public holidays

Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo and Willerby Open Zoo

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