I want to continue to refuse to travel because I’m poor. You’re already out~ It’s time to embark on the pace of outbound travel. The editor will take stock of ten countries that are cheaper than domestic travel. Not only travel, but also local tyrants. Get up~

Generally speaking, Europe is not a cheap place, except for Eastern Europe. Poland is the cheapest country to travel in Europe. A glass of beer is only $1, a burger is only $3, and a cup of coffee is only $3.5.


Why not visit one of the wonders of the world for a small fee? Egypt is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Africa: tickets to historical sites and museums cost only US$2, dinner only US$3.5, and beer only 3 dollars. How to get there: The airlines in the Middle East have connecting routes. If the price is 5~6K, you can start it~


For Cebu and AirAsia flights, the special price of domestic air tickets to the Philippines is as low as 600RMB/person for round-trip flights. The sea is clear and the biodiversity is diverse. The price of diving is the lowest in Southeast Asia. The sea view room is about 200-300 yuan, and the price of seafood is even higher. Only half the domestic price~


As the most populous country in Southeast Asia, the consumption here is extremely cheap. A simple meal is about 10 yuan. Indonesians have excellent artistic talents. All kinds of Southeast Asian crafts are not expensive. Many professional buyers will go to Indonesia to receive the goods.


This vast and culturally diverse South American country has many places of historic interest. Among them, the most popular tourist attractions include colonial sites, the Mission District of Jesus, the Amazon region and Lake Titicaca. Food in Bolivia is particularly cheap, with a bottle of beer and a little bit of food for only US$2.

Aerial view of the town of Roatan, Honduras

Honduras scared away some tourists after the coup d’état in which the president was exiled, but the fees here are cheaper. Each beer is only $1 or less, and 50 cents will give you a taste of a tortilla, a local specialty. Moreover, diving in Honduras is the cheapest in the world: a 4-day insurance package only costs $250.


The kind people, warm smiles, everything is beautiful here except that you can't drink. Since the sanctions, the Iranian rial has depreciated by more than half, and the handmade carpets here are the best in the world! Bring a carpet and you may earn back the money for air tickets.


The cost in Nepal is extremely low. A local meal only costs 1-2 US dollars, and the per capita accommodation can even be as low as 5 US dollars. If you are here for hiking or a short trip, it only costs $7 a day without a guide.


Costs in Southeast Asia are very cheap, especially in Laos, especially in the beautiful countryside: dense forests, historical and cultural temples, and spectacular waterfalls cascading down the Mekong River. You can enjoy it very comfortably here. For example, the buffet in the picture above only costs 8 yuan for all you can eat. Moreover, Laos is famous for silk, and you can buy handmade silk wall hangings here for $5.


If you book AirAsia in advance, you can get round-trip flights with more than 2000 domestic round-trips. The daily cost of tourists here is the lowest in the world. A beer is only 1.25 US dollars, the hotel is 10 US dollars or less, and a cup of authentic tea only costs a few cents. In addition, it has a long history and cultural atmosphere, and there are many fascinating tourist attractions. Most of the attractions only cost about 10 yuan, and the most expensive Taj Mahal only costs about 75 yuan. No wonder it ranks first. ~

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