A few days ago, a WeChat account that claimed to be a sales agent found Taobao and WeChat seller Xiaowei (a pseudonym) who had been engaged in overseas shopping for several years. The agent claims to be "specializing in processing", suggesting to offer imitations of popular brand skin care products at low prices.

Xiaowei told the other party that her purchasing business is all overseas direct mail. The other party persuaded: "There is no advantage in doing direct mail. We can send you a sample first. If you think there is a problem, then refuse." The agent said that there are two kinds of imitations. The first is high imitation, color and taste. , Concentration XNUMX:XNUMX blending; The second type is canning, re-bottled with recycled authentic packaging, "If you are not particularly knowledgeable, you will definitely not be able to tell."

How high is the profit of imitation products? Take a popular brand of air cushion BB cream as an example, the counter genuine price is 358 yuan, and if you wholesale 1000 imitations, it costs only 25 yuan each, "Taobao can sell it for 160 yuan each."

The agent repeatedly emphasized, “80% of the sellers of this product on Taobao have cooperated with us. 1000 people can see the difference at most two or three. Many people have not used it, how can they tell the fake?”

"No one will make a loss-making business. If you don't make fakes, how can you make low prices?" The agent explained the mystery of fake overseas purchasing agents.

Not only the things used on the face are faked, but the things eaten into the belly are also faked. The reporter learned that many merchants advertised as purchasing overseas milk powder purchase goods at low prices in some online wholesale markets. An overseas purchasing agent, Xiaochi (pseudonym), said that such merchants once approached them more than once to negotiate, expressing their willingness to "repurchase foreign brand milk powder cans at high prices." An empty milk powder can can be sold for 10 yuan. The possibility is extremely high."

How to win the trust of consumers with fake products in real bottles? The most common method is to forge overseas purchasing tickets. Many sellers told reporters that fraudulent receipts have the lowest technical content, and only a receipt printer is needed.

The reporter consulted a Taobao shop owner who sells receipt printers. The shop owner said that there are many free software for making shopping receipt templates on the Internet. “As long as the software can be used to create it, the machine can be printed.” The reporter downloaded a piece of such software. It is found that all information can be entered and modified, as long as there is a foreign small ticket pattern, it is very easy to imitate.

After counterfeiting, the second link is delivery. In this link, a large number of domestically manufactured counterfeit goods are “gold-plated” abroad and then returned to “whitewash”.

"Fake in large quantities at home, then shipped out in batches, and then mailed back from abroad, you will have an overseas delivery certificate and an entry certificate. Anyway, the cost of fakes is low, the postage is evenly distributed, the whitewashing is simple, and the profits are considerable. "A merchant who did not want to be named told reporters.

Wang Jing (pseudonym) is an overseas student in South Korea, part-time overseas counter agent. "Some merchants came to me and said that they have stock in China and the price is very cheap. They can be sent to South Korea and then sold to me." Although Wang Jing refused such "cooperation", many international students around her are in such online stores. Multinational purchases.

Taobao’s overseas milk powder seller, Ms. Liu, told reporters that in order to promote the credibility of overseas sources, many merchants took pictures with signs with their store names in foreign supermarkets. "This is the worst trick. Just find someone abroad to take pictures like this."

Xinni (pseudonym), who runs luxury shopping agents, told reporters that in the luxury goods industry, many high imitation products are "whitewashed" in this way. Xinni said that a single purchase price of luxury goods is often tens of thousands. Many small sellers do not have enough funds to stock up on goods. They buy imitations from other places at low prices after customers place an order and send them to customers abroad.

A merchant operating a high imitation luxury goods business in Guangzhou told reporters that there is a lot of "cooperation" with overseas each year. "Many high imitation bags go abroad on a plane, affixed to the'buy agent' label and fly back, and their value is changed Dozens of times."

How to make consumers not suspicious that products are lower than normal prices? Many overseas fake purchasing agents will play the sign of "manufacturers get goods". Industry insiders interviewed told reporters that such signs are by no means credible.

"All skin care products with counters and brands in Korea cannot be supplied to any individual or private company in the name of the manufacturer. Because they have to protect their counter pricing and product reputation, and because these best-selling products are often out of stock, there is no need for them. Direct sales." Wang Jing said.

In addition to skin care products, it is a fantasy to get a lot of milk powder from manufacturers. “Some small sellers who claim to be wholesalers have a monthly transaction volume of thousands of cans, but the purchase of milk powder is restricted in many areas overseas. Repeatedly moving through supermarkets and shopping malls, they can only buy a few cans each time, and the travel expenses cost dozens of euros. Said Koike.

According to Wang Jing, the so-called "manufacturers taking the goods" is actually a trick of fake wholesalers directly looking for "offline" distribution at low prices. "Take the popular Kolais facial masks as an example. Some distributors want to develop me as a "offline". The original price of 3 won masks can be as low as 2% off if you get them per box."

Some sellers revealed to reporters that there are not many people really engaged in purchasing agents overseas, and there are a huge number of such second-hand subcontracted "offline" sellers. "Basically, most of the purchasing agents in the WeChat circle take such first-level goods. This kind of distribution model accounts for more than 90% and feeds millions of people."

"Overseas purchases are too deep, and tricks are endless." A seller who did not want to be named told reporters, "You can never ask the conscience of the merchants, you can only control your own ideas for cheap."

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