1. Dunning should be straightforward

Dunning is not a shameful thing, and there are no quizzes. The most effective way is to say something straight. Don't say sorry or bend around.

2. Before taking action, find out the reason for the default

Is it negligence, or dissatisfaction with the product, shortage of funds, or deliberate, different collection strategies should be adopted for different situations.

3. Find the initial contact directly

Don't let customers shirk each other's noses.

4. Don't act aggressively

If you get angry when dunning the money, try to vent your anger, or even make excessive behaviors. This method is not advisable. Once the face is torn, the customer may just keep going, and it will become increasingly difficult to collect payments.

5. Don't be afraid to lose customers due to dunning

Payment is due, of course. Fearing that dunning will cause unpleasant customers or lose customers will only make customers better and encourage this bad habit. In fact, as long as the skills are used properly, the collection can be used as an opportunity to communicate with customers. Of course, if a customer insists on not paying, what's the big deal about losing that customer?

6. Immediately stop the supply

Especially for the threat of customers "no more payment without supply"; otherwise, it will only get deeper and deeper.

7. The collection time is very important, adhere to the principle of "regular collection"

The longer it takes, the harder it will be to recover. Research by foreign institutions responsible for collections shows that the difficulty of collection depends on the age of the account rather than the amount of the account. Only 2% of the debts over 20 years can be recovered, and 2% of the debts within 80 years can be recovered. .

8. One of the biggest mistakes is to ask for a partial payment

Experience has proved that full payment should be required. Although it is better to get a little bit than not to get a little bit, it is better to withdraw more.

9. Adopt a competitive collection strategy

As long as the customer is still in business, he has to pay the supplier. If you did not receive the money, then he must have paid someone else. Suppliers who get priority payment opportunities are usually companies that maintain long-term good business and personal relationships with their customers, because no one wants to fall out with friends.

10. Receiving money must have "drilling power" and the spirit of pursuing it

From practice, I figured out that the debtors (business parties, person in charge, person in charge of finance) implement the strategy of "three follow-ups", that is, to follow in the office, after eating and going to the toilet, and after work. On the way home. Although it's a bit too much, I have to do it! Dripping water and stone, wire sawing and wood breaking, sometimes does play the role of "work hard pays off."

11. Receiving payments must be "soft"

From a moral point of view, apologize for the money owed to others, and should treat creditors courteously. But a lot of debt-debt units, some are stern-faced towards you, some are dismissive of you, and some even won't let you in! Debt collectors have to condescend to go down, use military tactics, and attack the heart first. Say all the good things in the world, pay a sincere smile, and implement "emotional investment" in the "three kinds of people", sincerely, to fight for gold and stone.

12. Receiving payments must have "tenacity"

Collection of debts is a long-term and arduous business. Debt collectors must have a perseverance. Even if others unreasonably treat you like a beggar, they must endure humiliation and stand firm. If you escape immediately, you will lose everything. Seeing a glimmer of light, never let go of the opportunity, and at the same time learn to complain, not to sympathize with the other party, on the contrary, let the other party sympathize.

13. Seek help from professional collection staff or go to law

There are always some scammers and unreasonable customers who deliberately fail to pay the bills. They are just like "playing the piano to the cow". Normal collection methods are often difficult to work, while some very informal and even ingenious collection methods have miraculous effects. . Therefore, when it is more difficult to collect payments, you can ask those "professional collection personnel" with special collection capabilities and rich collection experience to collect accounts. If this law still does not work, the only option left is to go directly to the legal channel.

To customers who don't pay back on time!

Once there was an opportunity to set aside accounts before you, you don't know how to cherish it.

For the first time, you said there was no time: (It’s okay, then tomorrow)

The second time, you said it happened to be urgent, so—(That’s okay, this situation is possible)

The third time, you have not yet reached the checkout time (of course I will not rush you),

ok! You don't talk about integrity again and again, and you don't regret it until you lose it one day.

When you tell me "give me another chance". I will tell you: "Impossible"!

You can tell me when you have difficulties, but you can't tell me every day that you have difficulties! Because I also have difficulties! As far as I know, the company is not a factory that specializes in lending money to people, nor is it that I am not empathetic or unreasonable. No one wants to dunning money with you when they want to open their mouths. When it comes to dunning money with you, that is-you have no integrity!

As the saying goes: I would rather earn less than hang on a tree. You can say that I am arrogant, but you have to learn to compare your heart to your heart. I always think: Quality is the foundation of a company's survival! And integrity is the lifeblood of a company's survival! No one's contribution is taken for granted. Don't think that others treat you so well because of ulterior motives! Don't always think that how much money other people make for you is the foundation of doing business. Don't think that it's what others should do. People should be content and happy.

Friends, please cherish everyone around you, don't let others think that there is no difference between one more you and one less you! At that time, it is the end point of your credibility in life.

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