Australia, a land full of boundless future, attracts students from all over the world. Many well-known Chinese stars have also been educated here, and many of them are high-achieving students from world-renowned schools. They started their extraordinary path here, and today we will take stock of some Chinese star alumni who graduated from Australia~

Wu Zun


Wu Zun, everyone knows it. He made his debut as one of the members of Fahrenheit, which was a smash hit. This handsome guy graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. After graduating from university, he first went to Singapore to be a model alone, and then returned to Brunei to open a gym. Then he was introduced to Taiwan to be a model by a friend and was discovered by the producer of Komi. He became a member of the Fahrenheit group and became popular ever since. Recently, he has become the father of the legendary family. It is said that when many girls first came to Melbourne, they heard that Wu Zun would return to Australia every year for vacation and live in an apartment in the city, so they chose to live in the city center, hoping to have chance encounters. It turns out that the probability of chance encounters is quite large.

Zhang Baizhi


Cecilia Cheung is the goddess among the goddesses. At the beginning of her debut, her clear eyes and her acting skills were fascinating. In 1998, 17-year-old Cecilia Cheung returned to Hong Kong after graduating from the famous Camberwell Girls Grammer School in Melbourne. With a drink commercial debut, its pure appearance has attracted various large and small magazines, film companies and advertising companies. Among them, Stephen Chow's 1999 New Year film "The King of Comedy" decided Cecilia Cheung as the heroine. This film has become a new year film in the same period. champion. Although she has experienced some life changes, as an independent and beautiful mother, she is still the goddess of many people!

Zhong Xintong


Gillian has always been one of the recognized beauties in the entertainment industry. Xintong Chung, born in Hong Kong, studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology after graduating from high school. He and Wu Zun are alumni. Although his personality is slightly introverted, he was discovered by a model company during the summer vacation, and then introduced to a record company. He formed Twins with SA. His career developed rapidly and he became a member of the popular Chinese entertainment circle.


Anthony is not strictly an entertainment star. The reason why he is included in this article is because of his books and his influence on many people. Anthony is the most unique writer among all the authors of "The Least Talk" since its inception. I never add punctuation marks in my writing, and because I am good at finding shining points from ordinary life, capturing the little taste of life, the writing is self-contained, full of fairy tales and dreams. Anthony studied Western food in hotel management in Melbourne and opened a studio with friends.

The book "Stay with Anthony through the Long Years" has attracted so many girls, and he is the Mr. Rabbit in the minds of many girls. He spent a lot of lonely, lost and happy time with these girls. Anthony always posts many photos of his life in Australia, landscape photos, and home photos on his Weibo, which makes many readers yearn for life in Australia. For this reason, Anthony has recruited guests publicly on the Internet. Lucky girls have the opportunity to eat with him at Anthony's house. All the food is cooked by Anthony himself. She is really a caring writer. Perhaps many girls chose Australia because this Mr. Rabbit lived in Melbourne, and Melbourne's fresh, natural, and artistic style can make every little girl stop.

Li Xiaoyun


I still remember how many fans were attracted by the super girl's voice that year. Her beautiful voice was holding her guitar and singing her own songs. This artistic youth was Li Xiaoyun. In 2002, he moved to Melbourne, Australia with his mother. In 2006, he passed the basic education major of the University of Melbourne with excellent grades, and then took a year off to wait for his seriously ill father to accompany him through the last journey of his life. In the same year, she participated in the Australian New Zealand Chinese Singing Competition and won the Melbourne Division Champion and Most Popularity Award, and the Sydney General Division runner-up. In 2009, Li Xiaoyun returned to China from Australia to participate in the fast women competition and eventually became the fast women runner-up that year. In 2011, Li Xiaoyun was awarded the "Top Ten Outstanding Chinese Youth in Australia" at the Sydney Opera House. Every year, Li Xiaoyun will go back to Melbourne or Sydney for vacation and live for a while. In other words, Li Xiaoyun’s mother opened a hot pot restaurant in Melbourne’s GLEN WAVERLEY, which tasted pretty good.



Wake up, the 2007 fast boy runner-up. This big boy is real and not artificial. I have studied at Macquarie University and SAE Institute of Technology in Sydney for 7 years. Macquarie University’s business and SAE audio and film majors are among the best in the world. This boy not only has a personality, but is also admirable in many ways. He insisted on making his own music and advocating freedom, so he also opened his own dance studio, Allanstar, and also founded his own clothing brand. At that time, he said, "The more others want to beat me, the stronger I will become" has been inspiring many of his fans. I hope everything is well for this big boy with dreams.

Cai Jie


Cai Jie: Born in Guangdong, China, graduated from the director department of Jinan University in Guangzhou, and is a famous actor Zhang Tielin. After graduation, he went to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to study for a master's degree in creative media. In 2012, she participated in the election of Miss Melbourne Chinese, including seven awards including champion and Miss most photogenic, setting a regional record. In 2013, she represented Melbourne in Hong Kong to participate in the Miss Chinese International contest and won the most popular beauties in the media. Return to Australia after the game to complete the degree. After graduation, he was discovered by Hong Kong director Peng Haoxiang and starred in the role of nurse in "Aberdeen". His rivalry with Zeng Zhiwei was impressive. Currently a media producer at Adcity in Melbourne, writing columns for local Chinese newspapers. At the same time, he is also an entertainer under the Sun Entertainment Culture of Hong Kong, and won the gold medal manager Huang Bogao's praise.

Zhang Meng


Zhang Meng, it doesn't matter if you don't know this name, but you must have seen her appear in major domestic TV dramas. In the "Divorce Lawyer" starring Yao Chen and handsome uncle Wu Xiubo, Zhang Meng played Wu Xiubo's ex-wife, Jiao Yanyan. Is it a bit impressed? Also, Zhang Jiawen in "Red Wave", Gao Lan in the TV series "Myth", and Xiaoqin in "Heart Technique". Did you want to come? So let's see where this beautiful actress comes from? Zhang Meng, a second-year high school student, came to Australia to study. After graduating from high school, she was admitted to the University of New South Wales, an Australian institution of higher learning, majoring in fashion design. In the seven years in Australia, she participated in the Miss Chinese Australian pageant and won the runner-up and Miss Photogenic awards. In 2000, she represented Australia in the election of Miss Chinese International and was shortlisted in the top 5. He also won the top ten and most potential awards in the Miss Universe China (Beijing) trials, and won the championship in the Miss Universe China finals, was awarded the title of "Miss Universe China", and represented China to Ecuador to participate in the world finals. From then on to the star road.

Yang Naiwen


Yang Naiwen: Yang Naiwen immigrated to Australia with his family in the fifth grade of primary school and lived in Sydney. Yang Naiwen participated in the musical theatre work camp of the Sydney Opera House during her middle school period. During the two-week work camp, she received professional training related to musical theatre. After that, Yang Naiwen studied genetics and biology at the University of Sydney. In his freshman year, Naiwen Yang decided to take a year off from school and return to Taiwan to look for possible future development opportunities and set foot in the music scene. After unremitting efforts, he finally became a Taiwanese golden song.

Du Kefeng

Australian Director of Photography Doyle attends a photocall to present his film'Invisible Waves' running in the competition at the 56th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin

Du Kefeng: Who is Du Kefeng? He is one of the Hong Kong film masters Wong Kar Wai's film golden triangle, and he is known as "Asia's No. XNUMX Photographer". Maybe you don't know his name, but when you mention a few movies in which he participated, everyone will realize how familiar the name is. The fascinating images he created for Wong Kar-wai's films include "A Fei's True Story", "Chongqing Forest", "Fallen Angels", "Evil and West Poison", "Happy Together", "In the Mood for Love", etc. Du Kefeng's photographic works also include "Red Roses and White Roses" directed by Guan Jinpeng, the documentary "Boys and Females: Gender in Chinese Films"; Lai Shengchuan's "Secret Love in Peach Blossom Spring" and "Fei Xia Ada"; and the first Hollywood film by Chinese film master Chen Kaige "Wind Moon". Many works of Hong Kong film master Zhou Xingchi are also photographed by Du Kefeng. Such a famous and talented photographer and director, you must be wondering where he graduated in Australia, right? Answer: He graduated from the Department of Literature at the University of Sydney! Numerous stunning works, countless award-winning records, and perfect resume make Du Kefeng one of the most proud and respected masters among the graduates of the University of Sydney in the entertainment industry.

Seeing this, are everyone drunk too? Persevere in dreams and find yourself, Australia is willing to join you on an extraordinary road in the ordinary.

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