1. Can I go to New Zealand without an Australian visa?

In any case, you have to apply again, because these are two different countries, but Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada are very similar. Both of these two countries wear a pair of trousers. That is to say, if you have a visa for one, it is almost okay for the other country. A friend of mine is to do Australia first. The officer gave him half a year and then applied for New Zealand. The same is given for half a year, so if you apply for New Zealand, it should also give you three months. And it’s not difficult to get a visa for New Zealand. People are welcome to travel there.

2. How to apply for a New Zealand visa for international students in Australia

1. Proof of enrollment. This is very simple. Go to school and fill in a form. Tell people what your purpose is. The school will give it to you the next day. The specific time depends on the efficiency of each school.

2. The attendance of your last semester, this must be required, because I read it on the Internet at the time and did not say that it was necessary, but when I called, someone specifically told me that it was necessary because this can prove whether you are really good Good reading

3. Bank deposit certificate, at least 1000 New Zealand dollars. This is very simple. Go to the bank and tell others that you want a certificate. The staff will ask you what it is for, and you can tell him what it is, and he will give it to you. Or you can take the bank statement, but I didn't want them to see my transaction, so I went to the bank to ask for the proof. If you don't care, you can directly mail the letter from the bank to you.

If you have already booked the hotel, you don't need so much money, and the embassy does not recommend that you buy tickets in advance. People can say that if the visa is not issued, it is best not to buy tickets.

4. If you already have a travel plan, it's best to talk about it. I really want to mention it when you fill out the form.

That’s it, it’s very simple. After all, we have an Australian visa. It’s relatively easy. Go to the New Zealand Immigration Department website to download the visa form. If I remember correctly, it should be 160 form. Fill it in, put your passport, and The documents mentioned earlier should be mailed to the embassy in Sydney together. The best thing is that you put a courier envelope in the envelope so that you can get it back soon.

The efficiency is still very fast. I really want to get it off in a week, or because it took 3 days for the mail to pass, but when I checked it, I got there on Thursday and my visa ended on Friday. I also specifically called to ask if I didn't come down. People said that the visa was over but couldn't tell me the result. I got my passport the next day, and there was a letter saying that the visa was successful.

3. Is the Australian PR visa-free for traveling abroad?

Australia's PR visa is only exempt from New Zealand. If you go to other countries, you only look at your passport and not your visa. You are a Chinese passport, so you still need a visa. If you are an Australian citizen, you do not need a visa to go to many Commonwealth countries!

4. What are the countries and regions that can hold a Chinese passport with visa on arrival?

C. Cambodia (CAMBODIA), 20 US dollars, visa on arrival, can stay for one month.

D. Cuba (CUBA), if you can add a "ForPublicAffairs" note to your private passport, you can buy a tourist card on arrival in Cuba for $25. Serbia and Montenegro and other countries have the same policy.

F. Ethiopia (ETHIOPIA), the visa fee is 40 US dollars, and travel can be visa on arrival.

H. Indonesia (INDONISIA), 10 USD for 7 days, 25 USD for up to 30 days. All major international airports across the country can apply.

L. Kenya (KENYA), you can apply for a transit visa (US$500) or a 20-month tourist visa on arrival (US$3) with at least US$50.

N. Laos (LAOS), 15-day visa on arrival, 20 USD. However, according to the country’s entry requirements, you need to arrive from a country that does not have a diplomatic agency with Laos.

O. Lebanon (LEBANON), 48-hour transit visa, free; 1 month single entry visa, free; 3 months single, LBP50.-; 000 months multiple times, LBP3.

T. Malaysia (MALAYSIA), no HUSSLE visa! 100 MYR can stay for up to 30 days. At the same time, Malaysia has a 120-hour transit visa exemption. As for transiting Malaysia by cruise (such as the Singapore-Phuket-Singapore-Malaysia-Singapore sailing trip of Star Cruises), visa-free is also not required. In order to develop tourism, Malaysia usually grants cruise passengers a package visa or visa-free treatment.

AB, Thailand (THAILAND), 1 baht can stay for 000 days. If you don’t have a photo, you can take a photo on site for 15 baht.

It is worth noting that no matter which country it is, tourists are required to hold round-trip air tickets or air tickets to a third country, correct travel documents, and sufficient funds to support travel.

In addition, comeFijiNo visa is required at the time. You can apply for a visa on arrival at the time of entry with your passport and round-trip air ticket. The time limit is generally based on your ticket. It is better to carry some cash in US dollars. Around 3000 is more appropriate, the rest can choose to swipe card.Paris IslandSimilarly!

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