Men always talk about little secrets behind their backs, and these little topics show the things that men care about most deep in their hearts. Let's take a look~

Her figure and face

Men fall in love with their eyes, at least at the beginning. Their love at first sight is plainly whether the woman's appearance matches her own aesthetics.

Maybe he will be a bit cautious in front of you and won’t comment directly on your appearance, but when he is carrying a woman, especially with a good buddy, they will be eloquent about a woman’s figure and face, and even talk about it. Slobbering to say how hot a certain girl is.

Her family background

Who can't live with money? Women look forward to finding a man with a good family to be the other half. Similarly, under social pressure and realistic oppression, men pay more and more attention to the family background of the other half. Although verbally he doesn't care, who doesn't want to find a woman with a slightly more objective family financial strength?

Her relationship history

What kind of men she has socialized with, what the result is, or whether she is a virgin or not, will become the talk of men, and even chat in a dark place.

Many times, when a man talks about the relationship history of the other half, she will regard her pure emotional experience as the capital of a man's pride. Don't think that the charm of a woman is directly proportional to the number of boyfriends. In the eyes of men, they prefer girls with simple emotional experiences.

Her job

Although it has always been a family model of male dominance and female dominance, nowadays, women have made strides into the workplace, and working ability has become an increasingly important part of men. They even use this ability to measure women's excellence.

Anyone whose girlfriend is in a foreign-funded enterprise, and whose monthly salary is tens of thousands, will make a man quite proud. There is no doubt that this will naturally become an indispensable content for a man's conversation.