Want to use a private beach in Victoria? The local tyrants are quick to start, and the opportunities are running out.
Next month, a residence with a private beach will enter the auction market. In Victoria, there are no more than 20 similar properties. Nathan Ashton, a Gartland real estate agent, said that this 3792-square-meter property on Clifton St, Bellarine Peninsula, is very rare. "As far as I know, in the Bellarine area, there are only 11 similar properties, 7 of which are located on the Mornington Peninsula. It will be auctioned on October 10, and the estimated transaction price is between A$11 million and A$150 million. , Even higher."
This house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms is owned by the Whitfords. The two bought the land in 1975. Mrs. Whitford said that the idea of ​​owning a private beach is hard to resist. The two made the path to the beach before they even built the house.
The house is facing Corio Bay. In the New Year, you can stand on the lawn and see the panoramic view of the fireworks display of Geelong, Melbourne, Werribee and Lara.
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