First1Iron rules: company interests are above all else

The company is a survival platform for all employees, and personal interests cannot and must not conflict with it. Once disaster strikes Xiaoqiang, he will be reprimanded and punished at the slightest level, and dismissed. If you smashed the job of the boss or everyone, no one can have a good life.

First2Iron rule : Team supremacy

The team is the lifeline of all departments. In the era of market economy where the power of the team supports the industrial entity, unless you are a hollow moon man from a foreign land.

First3The iron rule: use the boss’s standards to demand yourself

Although the distribution of personal salary, rake and bonuses is related to work performance, they are ultimately realized on the basis of the source of the corporate benefits obtained by the boss. Therefore, in order to realize and expand self-interest, it is necessary to demand oneself according to the standards of the boss. In the team, your supervisor and your clients are your bosses, and your work attitude must surpass them, otherwise you will always be the object of their accusations.

First4The iron rule: keep things ahead

What is the standard of professionalism? There is only one criterion, which is whether what you do is before or after others.

If the boss thought of something and asked you to do it, you are done, but this is not considered to be in the front, there is a boss in front. If the boss hasn't thought of something, you have done it, great!

In the same way, the subjects of comparison are supervisors and colleagues, to see if their efforts are in front or behind. In the face of a large stall of management and logistics personnel, it is very uncomfortable for people to pick the thorns, but you must know that you can pick other people’s thorns if you want to change the situation.

First5The iron rule: response is the best embodiment of personal value

The manifestation of personal value is based on the team's need for you! Therefore, whenever the boss issues an initiative or someone in the team seeks work support, it is necessary to respond positively at the first time, because it is related to your value.

First6Iron rules: follow the principle

The principle direction can only accept it, not resist it. If you plan to persevere and expect to make a difference.

So, how can we do things well? It's very simple. Go along the direction of the company's stated principles, don't deviate, don't be swayed by others, including certain instructions from your supervisor.

First7The iron rule: professionalism first, talents second

There are various people in various departments, but some of them are dispensable, because they do not have professionalism, they cannot be counted on by others, they are just some ellipsis in the department, and they are destined to be The pattern and procedure for seeking results disappeared.

Because professionalism is the service itself. Service refers to serving customers as well as serving colleagues around oneself.

First8Iron rules: norms are authority, norms are a kind of spirit

Some people can never regulate things because they never regard it as necessary, so they are always suppressed and their performance is always denied.

Norm is a kind of spirit, a precious habit, which is why it is not easy to develop. However, without norms, there is no authority. Norms mean that you not only know how to behave and do things, but also how to do them well.

First9Iron rules: initiative is efficiency, initiative, initiative, and then initiative

The proactive person is the smartest person, the best partner in the team, and the friend everyone wants to have. Always remember that initiative is your best teacher. What can help us in times of difficulty is initiative rather than luck.

First10The iron rule: anyone can become a teacher

Because they are worried about making mistakes or looking for psychological security, people hope that someone can rely on and give pointers. This is right. The problem is that some people always mistake the leader as the only teacher. Not to mention that teachers who are leaders often don't like the painful lesson of stupid children. In fact, anyone in the team can become your teacher, as long as you humbly ask for advice, not for other purposes of saving the country. Because all you need is knowledge, not a teacher.

First11Iron rules: Three elements of doing things, plan, goal and time

Always have a plan, always know the goal, and never forget to watch the time.

First12The iron rule: don't explain, want results

In a competitive society, many times the explanation is meaningless, which means you want to shirk or ask others to take responsibility.

If you don't want to see the final result, the first thing to do is to change the process as much as possible. Always remember: performance speaks, achievement speaks.

First13The iron rule: Don't make up the results, roll up your sleeves and work

Don't frighten yourself or others with terrible results, roll up your sleeves and go to work first. Only in this way can we know whether the result is really terrible. Experience has shown that more than 95% of terrible guesses will naturally disappear because of rolling up their sleeves and working.

First14The iron rule: prevarication is invalid

In the face of failure, in the face of mistakes, everyone knows that the worst practice is to shirk, and shirk is not effective in the team.

The team is like a chain. People who always buckle are like the sand in the chain. It will make others feel particularly awkward and will deepen the impression of your mistakes.

First15Iron rules: simple, simple, and simple

Don't be too exaggerated, don't bluff, and don't overdo it. Finding shortcuts is the primary way to improve work efficiency. The same thing is good if you can accomplish it more easily than others.

First16The iron rule: one hundred points is one's duty

One hundred points is a perfect performance, the pursuit of customer satisfaction and the pursuit of perfect service. Don't think that this is a high requirement. If you can achieve a hundred points, you have just completed the task.

First17The iron rule: Be low-key, do things high-key, don’t turn it upside down

Being a low-key person can keep healthy air around you, while doing things high-key can win support and reputation.

First18The iron rule: communication can remove all obstacles

Communication ability is the minimum quality of practitioners. Don't be afraid of small troubles in communication. If you don't want to face bigger troubles, you must communicate and coordinate everything around you. Smoothness does not fall from the sky, it is the result of communication.

First19The iron rule: Practitioners are first propaganda machines

As an advertising window for the flow of enterprises, whether you walk through the streets or go deep into the towns and villages, you have to sing all the way and spare no effort to be the drummer of the company and products. This is your most basic task.

Of course, before inciting others, you must first inspire yourself!

First20The iron rule: always stay enterprising, keep an open mind

Humility is an expression of an open mind.

In any sales department, there are two kinds of people who make the most money. One is the person who is brave to forge ahead, gains from his own, and failure is from the boss or boss. More importantly, this kind of person leaves his own way of retreat. The boss or boss takes care of it. The other kind of people are people with an open mind. They are humble and can effectively accept others' opinions. Therefore, their success is much faster than others, and they naturally gain a lot!