What I have always heard is that everyone around me will not come back after going abroad, or after a trip abroad, I am full of envy for the clean streets and the behavior of people in the car...

However, Naimen sees that when it comes to a turning point, foreigners actually admire the Chinese very much. It is absolutely true!

1. A friend of my friend, an Australian young man, loves to sit in the square all day long in China and watch grandma dance the square dance.

I was particularly excited to tell my friends: I think you Chinese are so happy and optimistic! Come out to dance every day, it seems to be happy from the heart! !

2. For drugs, foreign friends are also very supportive. A crooked nut from a drug-ridden country told me that he thinks that China’s crackdown on drugs is very good. They have a rumor. Bringing drugs into China, once caught, you will be shot immediately, whether you are a senior official or a wealthy businessman. I don't know if this rumor is true, but it shows that the domestic fight against drug trade is very strict and it has a deterrent effect on criminals.

3. I know an American couple. They admire China's public security. They have always said that they like China, so they have been living in China after retirement and have no plan to go back. Some foreigners like to eat deep-fried dough sticks. We buy them one by one, and people eat them in baskets.

4. When he was in school, he was a foreign teacher of the United States, and he loved to eat small children. In summer evenings, he can always be seen sitting on the snack street in front of the school, with two large pots of crayfish in front of him. Go there rain or shine every day.
During that period, there were a lot of news about sudden death from heavy metal poisoning by eating hemp. We advised him to eat less. Also showed him a lot of reports in this regard.
So I didn't see him in the snack street for about a week. Later in class, he spoke very seriously about life and worldview values. The final conclusion is that everyone is going to die. He would rather eat crayfish to death than mediocre old death.
Then he began to haunt the hemp stalls every day.

Food does not respect national boundaries.

5. Many foreigners came to download pirated versions. After I taught them a few domestic software, I downloaded it crazy and let me listen to it. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand Portuguese, and the software was a mess of garbled text on their computer. They can’t watch it, they’re still very happy to download...the movie is also, I gave them a bt download address last time, told them that they have Chinese and English subtitles, and they can watch it online. It’s free, no need to log in, they With tears streaming down my face...

Talking about European and American movies with European and American friends, they have watched at most one or two of the ten films, so I can't communicate with them...

What are the two major weapons of our country? Taobao and the subtitle group!

6. There used to be a foreign teacher, a British person, who originally planned to stay in China for one year, but now he has not returned for 4 or 5 years. He told us that China is good, the people are friendly, and the prices are low, so he will use cheap goods to tell us about styles good looking.

7. Tell a story around me. My girlfriend's sister (very average-looking, height 160, weight 120), found a handsome German boy of 190 who was studying in Germany. The two have a very good relationship. They got engaged in Germany. Everyone thought that they were going to live in a bungalow in Germany. But when they came back to visit relatives during the New Year, they said that they were going to have a Chinese wedding in China before going back. As a result, the handsome German guy lived for half a year Don't want to go anymore.

My best friend said that his brother-in-law has learned to use group purchases in recent months, and go to group hot pot, Sichuan cuisine and specialty snacks. For breakfast, vegetable pancakes, steamed buns, pies, fried dough sticks, etc. It’s not the same every week. The last time I went to their house, he and his friend had been discussing this on the video and I was very excited. I feel touched somehow, and he often takes pictures before meals, and his happiness is full.

8. The third-tier small city like our hometown was praised by him. He was so happy every day. When I arrived, I was very excited. I like to follow my girlfriend's mother to the supermarket and pet market. It is said that law and order are good, people are easy to get along with, very enthusiastic, have everything, and life is very convenient. In the eyes of others, it is already the most suitable place for human living.

9. I have been on a business trip in Australia. Really, those big SHOPPING MALLs close at 9pm. Only every Thursday will be delayed until XNUMX pm. It is more convenient in China.

10. A foreign teacher of Maple Leaf envied us that our guns were illegal. He said that it is safe to sleep at night!

11. The traffic lights in China have a second display, and some foreign countries do not. This is full of human nature.

12. The Japanese envied China's vast territory. A Japanese foreign teacher asked a trainee from Xinjiang how long it would take to return to Xinjiang by train. After learning that it would take two days, he didn't believe it, and finally believed it and exclaimed "China is so big."

13. When taking the high-speed rail, when you are lucky, there will be a car that will stop here and drive directly. The person sitting in the car at the speed will not experience it, and it will feel like a gallop.

Then the foreigners took out their cameras one after another to take pictures, with a "wow, that's amazing" expression, their jaws were about to fall, and then they looked shocked and asked, "Will we wait in such a fast car?" I also joked that it is impossible to use this kind of car in Chile.

14. After you have seen the New York subway alleys at night and the dirty and messy Paris at night, you will be able to realize how peaceful and peaceful China is. At least in China, you won’t be inexplicably pushed down on the side of a train station. And never stay at home when it gets dark and never drive out...

Some of the relatively well-developed small cities in China are pretty good, the roads are clean, the environment is beautiful, and the public security is okay. I dare to wander around at one or two in the morning by myself. The city center is still very bustling and the taxis are also very good. Stop, don't dare to do this in Paris, otherwise the chance of being robbed and raped is too high...

15. I have only watched a video taken by a foreigner who commented on China. At that time, he described that during the SARS period, if one of them had a body temperature of over 37 degrees, an ambulance would immediately come to isolate and talk. Full of envy in it. The thugs who have been watching the archives these past two days said that if guns are flooded, it is really easy to form a huge panic. Everyone is in danger. What kind of happiness can they talk about? I used to live in Heilongjiang. A few days ago, Zhao Zhi, an anti-human officer with a knife, made him afraid to go out.

16. While holding a bag of domestically produced drinks, some people commented: I finally know how crooked nuts feel when we show imported food. Hahaha

17. In terms of justice, I am envious of the laws related to the protection of children of the United States. The other aspect is SOSO. The jury is unpredictable and there are too many litigation transactions. The public lawyers of the wealthy are the same. Good lawyers turn their hands for the cloud and cover their hands for the rain. The U.S. imperialism is the ultimate capitalism. The role of money and power is obvious.

18. Brother Aojiao added, do you think some of the domestic customer service calls are very easy to use? Wow, I got lost while walking, call 114, ask for directions, check the bus, and ask about nearby food, entertainment, and air tickets. ……The service is so humane. Isn’t there anything but Google Map in Australia? A call to customer service is not a dull robot conversation, or a heavy curry English...

19. I would say that my home is a small county in Zhejiang, just an island. I feel like I have to go to other provinces to go to school n trains, it took a long time, one day I found that there are a lot of crooked people in our village, and then my mother said yes Many crooked statesmen seem to have bought houses to live on the mountain at the end of our village. I seriously suspect that they have either lived a utopian life on it, or are intelligence personnel of the enemy country. . . And I keep wondering how they found such a place! !

20. In Ao Village. The bus didn't report to the station and got off the bus completely watching the scenery. But the scenery here is almost the same. After sitting for more than a semester, I will still sit and stand, and it will be even worse on rainy days. Sit back from the station and wait for half an hour for the bus at night. Don't envy most of them driving out, it is because public transportation is too bad.

21. The shootings of American imperialism are daily routine. No shootings in big cities can be reported for 24 hours. The shootings on campus are almost once every two to three months this year. The Chinese students who died last time were robbed and beaten to death in broad daylight.
Someone on Weibo said that on the first day he went to the United States, the senior student taught him how to save his life. The urban area is the most unsafe. Don’t go to unfamiliar neighborhoods, don’t walk in dark alleys. He carries twenty dollars in his body. If he encounters robbery, he will take the initiative .

22. Overseas companies have also disputed over who was dispatched to China on business = =

23. For example, an American uncle and a friend in Sweden would think that China's law and order is very good, there is no flood of guns, and you can go out to play at night, there is no danger at all!

There are also friends from Australia, he will feel wow, Chinese stores will be open so late, and also open on holidays!

There are also friends from the UK, puff ha ha ha ha ha, Chinese food is really delicious;

German friends also like Chinese food so much. My friend wrote a few dishes in Chinese, English and Pinyin on his phone, just to go to the restaurant to order. And... and they like knockoffs very much. After learning to Taobao, they often buy knockoffs made in Guangdong, including bags, shoes, and food, just to return home as gifts. So whoever said to me that Germans are strict, I know Ha ha

In Latin America, they feel that the hospital is particularly good. There is basically no appointment. The time for medical consultation is short. If you are sick, you can go to the hospital directly.

24. Accompany a foreigner to get a tattoo and say it's cheap, and it's all tattooed to the knuckles

25. Two foreign customers came to our company to buy equipment, and most of us basically ignored them. They greeted each of us very warmly.

Then when I left, I bought a cart of gifts by myself. I grabbed a person and asked where you bought your clothes and where you bought your shoes. Then our translator took them to Hanzheng Street. All day, when I came back, the car was full. I visited it specially and it was really full.

26. One of the foreign teachers in our school can say three sentences in Chinese. Thank you for adding eggs. Go to the school every day to buy burritos to eat... Other foreign teachers eat potato shreds every day at noon, not greasy...

27. The city bus system went on strike for three months in the first week I arrived in France! In the following days, my friends and I also experienced various canteen strikes, school administrators strikes, train station strikes, airport strikes, etc. . . This is completely unimaginable in China~ and in France, don't get sick in August, because everyone including doctors go to the hospital! false! Up!

28. My friend came back from studying in France and told me she was really scared! At 7 o'clock in the evening, five people were shopping together and their phones were robbed. Going home after 8 o'clock in the evening was followed all the way, and finally ran home. After that, I dared not go out at night. I think I am safe in China, too safe,

We always like to stand in our own position and look up to the happiness of others, but we don't know that we are already the envy of others. Both at home and abroad have their own misery and happiness. The beauty of life does not lie in where you are, but in how you treat it. The difference between good and bad, the sense of sorrow and joy, all originate from the heart.

"Because this is China, because I have a five-thousand-year history of the Spring and Autumn Period, and there is a way of Confucius and Mencius.

When my ancestors carried my bag and went to another country, I remembered Nirvana and not Zi. The teacher told me that when I wrote down the first penny, I told me that I should keep my spirits, and the saints when I went abroad, and I looked at the big waves and reminded me that in the four seas, we are all brothers, because this is the courage we should have. Seeing the foreign merchants who have flowed through the yellow sand and came to the capital, I sang for them. ,Have friends come from afar.

I, I still remember you back then, the road is not picking up, I, I have seen this Washer hook bar, the door is not closed at night, this is the glorious and prosperous age of you and me.

I have not forgotten these noble integrity, I have not discarded these sincere morals

It's been many years, it's time to return to this prosperous age. "

——Selected from netizens' replies

do you know? The foreigners you envy, they really envy China!