According to the Australian Daily News 1688, although the official cash rate has remained unchanged for 14 consecutive months, fixed and floating mortgage rates are falling.

Savvy customers who have not locked their mortgage rates will be thankful for their patience, because in the past month, more than 80 lending institutions have cut interest rates on more than 100 fixed-rate mortgages.

The interest rate of some products dropped by as much as 0.7%.

Financial comparison website found that variable interest rates on mortgages have also continued to fall, with interest rates on dozens of mortgage products falling by as much as 30 points.

The Reserve Bank of Australia did not move interest rates on Tuesday, and the cash rate remained at 2.5%. Governor Stevens mentioned the sharp drop in the Australian dollar. He said that the global economy "continues to advance at a moderate pace" and Australia's "weakening housing market" is an upcoming challenge.

Finder's spokeswoman Michelle Hutchinson said that as interest rates continue to hover at historically low levels, lenders still have room to cut interest rates.

"Floating interest rates usually do not change away from the actions of the Reserve Bank, but it does show that lenders still have room to act." She said, "Since interest rates began to fall in November 2011, they have not changed every time. Pass on the interest rate cut of the Reserve Bank, so they still have room."

"The cost of bank loans has dropped, and I am glad to see them pass on some of the interest rate cuts to mortgage customers."

Patient borrowers will have the last laugh, because mortgage interest rates, which have been at historically low levels, continue to fall.

根据的数据库,最低的2年起固定利率为4.29%,最低的3年期固定利率为4.39%,而5年期则为4.79%。以上这些最低利率都来自Newcastle Permanent。

The lowest advertising floating rate is 4.54%, provided by

But John Kolenda, the director of 1300homeloan, said that although he believes that the cash rate will fall further, mortgage customers have to hit the fortune to see more fixed interest rate declines in the coming months. "It is very difficult to see better deals in the next six months," he said.

"I don't think interest rates will rise. I think in the next 6-12 months, I still think there is a 50% chance that interest rates will fall."

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