Boss world

Inviting you to solve problems rather than create problems;

If you cannot find or solve the problem, you are a problem;

How big a problem you can solve, how high you can sit;

How many problems you can solve, how much salary you can get;

Let those who solve problems get promoted, let those who create problems give way, and let those who complain about problems dismiss from get out of class.

The problem is your chance

1. The company's problem: it is your opportunity to improve;

2. Customer's problem: it is your opportunity to provide service;

3. Your own problem: it is your chance to grow;

4. Colleague’s problem: you provide support to establish cooperation opportunities;

5. The problem of leadership: it is you actively solve the opportunity to gain trust

6. Competitor's problem: it is your chance to become stronger.

Don't leave the team lightly, otherwise you have to start from scratch:

1. Don't always think about giving up when you don't go well. Every team has problems and every team has advantages;

2. It is very important to follow the right leader, and those who are willing to teach you, let you be the leader, absolutely must cherish;

3. The problem of the team is your chance to stand out. Complaining and complaining about the team is to slap yourself, say that you are incompetent, and even give up opportunities;

4. With a heart of gratitude, thank the system for giving you a platform, and thank your partners for your cooperation;

5. Creating profit is the core value of your existence, entrepreneurship is not doing charity;

6. If you encounter a problem, please think first. It only reflects that the problem is at the elementary level, and thinking and solving the problem is the advanced level;

Who can finally enjoy the victory?

First: someone who can always grow with the team;

Second: People who are always optimistic about the prospects of the team;

Third: People who can find their place in the continuous exploration of the team;

Fourth: People who keep learning new things for the new goals of the team;

Fifth: People with strong stress resistance and patience;

Sixth: People who share the same heart and morals with the team, help each other, and share joys and sorrows;

Seventh: People who don't care about personal gains and losses, but take care of the overall situation;

Eighth: People with broad ambition, ability and political integrity, and dedication;

Only find ways to succeed, not make excuses for failure

First paragraph

Your responsibility is your direction,

Your experience is your capital,

Your character is your destiny.

Second paragraph

Do complex things simply, you are an expert;

Do simple things repeatedly, you are an expert;

Do the repetitive things with your heart, and you are the winner.

Third paragraph

Goodness belongs to the confident,

The opportunity belongs to the pioneers,

Miracles belong to the obsessed!

If you don’t want to do it, you will always find an excuse;

If you really want to do it, you will always find a way!

For the leader: to love him is to strictly demand him!

1. Leaders who have strict requirements for you are good leaders who can really help you grow. Those who make me suffer will make me strong!

2. Any powerful company will not give subordinates a sense of security, and use the cruelest way to inspire everyone to become strong and self-improvement!

3. Any company that finds a way to give its subordinates a sense of security will be destroyed, because no matter how strong people are, they will lose their wolfishness in a docile environment!

4. Any company that tries its best to force out the abilities of employees and develop their potential will continue to rise, because in this environment, they will either become wolves or be eaten by wolves!

5. The companies that least give employees a sense of security actually give them a sense of security, because they force their strength and growth, and therefore they have a future!

6. If you really love your subordinates, evaluate him, ask him, high requirements, high goals, high standards, and force him to grow!

7. If you have low goals, low requirements, and low standards, you raise a group of small sheep, old fritters, and white rabbits. This is the greatest irresponsibility to subordinates! Because it will only encourage their willfulness, jealousy and laziness.

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