According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, under the strict new planning regulations of the state capital, the illegal hotels of Sydney's black-hearted landlords will be cut off from water, electricity and gas supply.

After an exclusive investigation by the Daily Telegraph exposed the dirty and crowded accommodation conditions of illegal hotels, the state government began to take action against illegal operators. It is understood that this order to cut off energy supply was originally enforced only in brothels, but according to the new law, backpacker hotels are also covered.


The local city government also has the right to enter the hotel legally without notice to collect evidence of related crimes.

Planning Minister Pru ​​Goward said that changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act give the Land and Environment Court the power to cut off electricity and water and cut off the supply of natural gas to illegal hotels. "Operating a backpacker hotel in compliance with laws and regulations is an important part of the NSW tourist economy. We need to ensure that the accommodation conditions are safe and secure." Ms Goward said.

It is understood that an investigation conducted by The Telegraph in July this year found three illegal hotels. Crowded rooms, possible fire risk and cockroach infestation are characteristics of these hotels.


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