Time is money, so connecting flights are always cheaper than direct flights! But will connecting flights definitely waste time? Not always!


Mr. Bread will teach everyoneHow to make good use of the fragmented time of transit, So that you don’t have to sit in the waiting room anymore, but turn the most boring moments of travel into the most impressive part!

1. Playing an instrument


Not only did the performers play happily on their own, but the passengers waiting for the flight were also fascinated. The flour are so versatile, next timeBring a guitar to the airportBrush a few times, throw a hat in front, happy to earn travel expenses!

2. Get out of the airport

Amsterdam, Sydney, Chicago, London and other places have very convenient public transportation that can quickly reach the city, even if only half a day, you can still explore and play in the big cities.

▼Next to the airport is the beach, don’t goSunny Beach BikiniNow, are you worthy of yourself?


3. Sleep

If you can’t sleep well on the plane, you’re usually tired and paralyzed at the moment of the transfer, just toTake a short break at the airportDo rememberKeep your luggage and valuables awaywhat! You can board the plane as soon as you wake up! How good~


4. Find your own little world

If you feel uncomfortable resting at the airport, you can stay nearbyFind a hotelIn this way, you can take a bath, watch TV, and eat snacks on the sofa in large fonts without being disturbed by others.


5. Play games

Once I went abroad to play with my friends, because I was trapped in the aircraft maintenance, I had to have fun. A group of people were cosplaying tramps in the waiting room, lying on chairs with newspapers, sleeping crookedly.Take photos and have funFortunately, the plane was repaired and returned home smoothly.

6. Get up and move

Some airports have fitness centers and yoga rooms. If you like to exercise, you may wish to check if there is a good place for you to stretch out in the airport.

▼If you don’t mind doing down dog pose in public, take out your yoga mat,Take a deep breath and stretch your arms and legsLet's go!


7. Chat with strangers

When Mr. Bread was waiting in line to buy the matcha ice cream sundae, he heard someone speaking Mandarin and found that the man behind was also Chinese, so he chatted with them for a while, and the ice cream was also made. I don't think the queue time is too long.


8. Eat a big meal

Can the plane meal be enough to feed the flour? how is this possible! The food on board is usually only enough to stuff your teeth! Since going to a foreign country, of courseTry local dishes, Won't come here for nothing! If the stomach is not very hungry, the bread king usuallyTakeaway dessert, Enjoy slowly! Only when you fill your stomach, you have the strength to start~


9. Observe the crowd

Don't be in a daze, Flour! Did you see it? Two pilots and several flight attendants just walked past.The deer hits and confuses! In addition, who else is easy to meet in the airport? Fans are so smart, they are big stars~ Fans must be ready at any time so that Huarong will not be scared when seeing an idol!

Remember when waiting for the transferTurn around and look at the side,说不定乔治克鲁尼会开口对你说:Hello~I’m George!


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