Australian Prime Minister Albert said harshly and promised that he would face Putin at the G20 summit. When he faced Putin at the G17 summit, Hengmao Leng stood up. The original words are I'm going to shirt front Mr. Putin. The shirt front originally refers to Mr. Putin. The front of the shirt, in Australian rugby slang, refers to a vicious frontal and malicious collision. He said he wanted to seek justice for the Australians who were killed on MHXNUMX. The media also mentioned boxing at Albert University...

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The talk between Australian Prime Minister Albert and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin once again escalated. Albert said on the 13th that he would "shirtfront" Putin at the GXNUMX summit in Brisbane, Australia next month. In an opinion piece, the Russian political newspaper Pravda criticized Albert for being arrogant and arrogant, and Australia "has colonial chips embedded on his shoulders."

This harshly worded comment was published after Albert’s previous comments on Putin’s attendance at the XNUMX-nation summit, but before the threat of "falling down" Putin. One can imagine how strong the Russian media will be in the next few days. Reaction.

"I would suggest Russian President Putin to wash his hands carefully after holding the dirty paws of Australian Prime Minister Albert at the upcoming XNUMX-nation summit in Brisbane." columnist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey wrote.

"Albert showed a certain arrogance, arrogance, and incompetence, just as the interventionist militantism and chauvinism reflected in the other members of the NATO Anglo-Saxon Alliance."

Tony Abbott said on the 13th that he will face-to-face Russian President Putin on the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine at the G12 summit that will open next month. Finance Minister Hawke confirmed on the XNUMXth that Putin will participate in the summit.
Albert said that he would mention this tragic incident in front of Putin. He said that he wanted to tell Putin that the Australians were killed by civilian armed forces backed by Russia using weapons provided by Russia. Australia is very unhappy about this.
Albert said he was about to "shirtfront" Putin. Shirtfront is an Australian rugby term that refers to putting the opponent on the ground.
Albert also said that there may be many difficult dialogues with Putin at the summit, but his talks with Putin will be the most difficult. He said that Australia is a builder and does not want to be a destroyer of the GXNUMX.
The 2014 G11 Summit will be held in Brisbane, Australia from November 15th to 16th.
However, Clive Palmer, the leader of the Palmer Coalition Party, doubts that Albert will not actually make a "physical attack" on Putin. He told the Fairfax media that Albert had better replace the threat of "falling down" Putin with "shaking hands and criticizing."
Flight MH17 crashed in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine on July 7. All 17 people on board were killed, including 298 Australian citizens or residents. Ukraine and Western countries accuse Russia-backed civilian armed forces of using Russia-provided "Booker" surface-to-air missiles to shoot down Flight MH38, but Russia denies this and believes it was done by Ukrainian government forces.

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@Michelle米撒: Does he want to be photographed by Putin?

@囧quieLIU: I really look forward to seeing Albert get beaten by the KGB.

@赵尛巴: How do you feel like being beaten out?

@唯心如 causes: Hahaha, how come you feel so funny. . . . [Laughing] Can I say go Abbott Go

@鼎丰会计firms-Tianya Xiaokan: This brain-dead baby came out again to be blind BB. . . . . The pit on the ISIS side has just been dug, and it is competing with Russia. Tim American is so beautiful?

@SS_JayJay: This reminds me of the joke that ants are going to stretch their feet to mix elephants. Hahahahahaha

@甜甜的某圈儿: Uncle is zuo again, wait for Putin to beat him up

@几姆基姆: Look at Abbott’s bear-like appearance, what else except the foolish Australian voters who can fool you

@黄金烟叶: Hahahahaha The people who are going to fight the KGB have no good end, why don't you understand?

@DarcyGor: Get ready for the rhythm of the candidate collecting his body

@猥的马萝卜: Can Abao go straight to Syria to fight against terrorism and fly fighter jets. Isn’t it better to compare with Putin? You are not as good as a hair on Putin.

@乌坎的64: SB one... Putin told him to call you Gerrard to come or, you are too low level...

@Laur3nYu: When the time comes to'short front' Putin, just behave.

@花小卉 has only meow: Albert, you are looking for the rhythm of cutting. Just find it yourself, don’t hurt the people

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