From 2010 to 2011, I spent a year thinking about how to build Tencent into an open platform for more partners to start businesses freely and for more users to share freely. This is a process of crossing the river by feeling the stones. It requires Tencent to change its mindset both inside and outside, and to embrace change with a more open mind.

What is gratifying is that in the three years since Tencent announced its opening in 2011, we have accumulated some experience and helped our partners achieve some results. The initial goal of recreating a Tencent for our partners has been basically achieved. This path is correct. Thanks to our partners for standing shoulder to shoulder with us. I believe we will continue along this path firmly.

In addition to opening up, I have recently been thinking more about the future of the Internet.As a connected company, what mission should we continue to undertake under the new Internet landscape? I have some thoughts and suggestions to share with you:

1. The Internet will connect more user needs

The Internet is not unique to the new economy and new fields. In the end, it will become a tool that can be applied to all industries, just like the products of the industrial age such as steam engines and electric power. With the steam engine, all walks of life can do electricity, and the Internet will also be alive in all walks of life. Therefore, many of our products including WeChat and QQ are actually making a connector. People and people, equipment and equipment, services and services, people and equipment, people and services should all have an intelligent connection. We want to be the bottom layer, where traditional industries carry their own logic and apply them in their own fields. The space inside is endless and we cannot do it. Each line is very deep and needs to be used by all walks of life in order to exert the greatest power of the mobile Internet. And on this basis,The Internet will connect users with deeper and deeper intelligent socialization needs on a larger scale. On PC, mobile, and multi-terminal, Tencent can become an Internet connector, connecting partners at one end and massive users at the other, creating a healthy and active The Internet ecology connects everything.

2. The tentacles of the mobile Internet will extend wider

Judging from the usage time of the mobile Internet, people now spend almost 16 hours with it besides sleeping, which is more than ten times longer than that of the PC. The space here is huge. Although the business model of mobile Internet terminals can be seen clearly in addition to mobile games, O2O, mobile e-commerce, mobile advertising, etc., there are still many waiting for us to explore. But the mobile Internet is the real Internet, and the connections and extensions here will continue to expand from point to surface. "Internet +" continues to innovate, and "+" refers to various traditional industries. "+Communications" is the most direct, "+media" has begun to subvert, and the future is "+online games, retail industry". In the past, online shopping was considered to be a small share of e-commerce. Now it is irreversible to subvert the physical retail industry, and now the hottest Internet finance. Ping An Ma Mingzhe predicted that cash and credit cards will disappear by half in the next ten years.In the era of mobile Internet, if various traditional fields do not innovate, they will inevitably face huge challenges and even be quickly subverted.

3. Understand the younger generation and increase their sense of participation

Tencent's philosophy is based on user value. In the era of the emergence of post-90s, we have to understand the psychological preferences of this group of users even more. What we do is Internet connection. If we can’t understand the consumption behavior and usage habits of the emerging mainstream Internet users on the other end, this will become the biggest worry. Including WeChat and QQ, no one guarantees that a thing will last forever, because human nature is to be updated. Even if it seems that you have nothing wrong, you must constantly update and iterate and follow the trend.I often ask the young Nine Zeros and Zero Zeros, and test them, will they like your product? Do their friends like it? We have to see more accurately than ourselves.

Consumers' preferences and feedback are to quickly participate in interaction through the Internet, and at the same time represent the spirit of the Internet, which is the pursuit of the ultimate product experience and the ultimate user reputation.Using word-of-mouth marketing and fan culture to create first-line Internet-based products that allow people to pass on word of mouth and allow consumers to participate in decision-making is also very important to the competitiveness of mobile Internet products.

4. Mobile Internet entrepreneurship requires more innovation

In traditional industries, there will be opportunities for capital-intensive reversals, but mobile Internet is basically unlikely, because this market is not about fighting for money, nor is it about buying traffic, but more about teaming.Whether a business succeeds or fails, the most important thing is the team spirit and the ability to innovate.With the connection and penetration of mobile Internet in more industrial fields, more innovations are needed to change the original business model and transform it into stronger technological productivity more quickly and efficiently. Tencent has always encouraged innovation and collaboration. On the open road, we are also helping innovative small and medium-sized teams to grow rapidly through various forms. This original intention will not change. On the road to entrepreneurship, a team that is keen on the mobile Internet, understands young user groups, timely updates and iterates products, and insists on innovation will be the final winner.

In the era of mobile Internet, with more user needs and more industrial connections, unprecedented opportunities have been brought to all industries, and new rules of the game are being formed. Whether it is an Internet practitioner or an innovator in the traditional field, it must be more proactive and more active to participate in this change. Let us take the 2014 Tencent Global Partner Conference as a new starting point, with a more open mind, to try and explore a broader, inclusive, and win-win cooperation platform. We rely on each other and become partners, and work together to create more convenient for users. , More diverse scientific and technological life!

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