I believe everyone living in Australia is no stranger to cohabitation. And whether such a lifestyle is beneficial or unhelpful for international students, there is still no completely correct answer. Some people find true love, and some are scarred. Although feelings depend on fate, cohabitation is often a matter of perspective. I hope that this little story shared by today's brother can be a wake-up call for more girls.

When Xiao Meng was 18, she was sent on a plane to Australia by her parents. She knows the wishes of her parents to obtain permanent residency in Australia after she finishes her studies. Xiao Meng also knows that her parents, who are not very wealthy, have already borrowed 30 relatives and friends for her study abroad. She must be successful, must study well, and make a lot of money in Australia in the future.

Xiao Meng rented a garden house close to the school in Australia. The landlord Xiao Hua is a 29-year-old Chinese man who settled in Australia a few years ago. He happened to be in the same hometown with Xiao Meng, so it is more convenient to communicate, and there is not much. A sense of restraint.

I'm busy with my studies every day, I go to the library to read books and check materials. After I get home, I have to take care of my personal hygiene, clean the room, and save money for my parents. After half a year, Xiao Meng felt a little exhausted. She is always busy, and because of money, she can't eat, drink, play and enjoy studying abroad like other students. Xiao Meng sometimes can't help asking herself: Why is it so hard? Why can no one support oneself with help? Is she going the right way?

The only thing that feels warm is Xiaohua, the landlord who lives under the same roof. He seems to be in a trade business and is very busy, but as long as he is at home, he always buys some delicious food for himself, and even cooks himself. Come to comfort Xiao Meng's poor stomach. Whenever Xiao Meng eats food that is full of hometown flavor, she can't help but keep her eyes moist. At this time, Xiao Hua always touched Xiao Meng's head and said with a smile, "What a silly girl."

Xiao Meng unknowingly took Xiao Hua as a support, until an accidental fracture, Xiao Meng completely handed herself over to this man. Because of the injury, Xiao Meng's part-time job was replaced by others, and Xiao Meng immediately became financially strangled. During that month, Xiaohua was willing to act as a flower care messenger, and seemed to have given up many business opportunities for her. Every day, he drove Xiaomeng to school and after school, cooked soup for her muscles and bones, and took care of all the housework. . After Xiao Meng recovered, she moved into Xiao Hua's bedroom and the two officially moved in together.

But after Xiao Meng’s classmates learned of this, they expressed concern: "Xiao Meng, do you really know this man? How did I hear that this man is unusual? It looks like some promiscuity! Someone has seen him before. In and out of those striptease nightclubs, I have seen him enter and leave the hotel with two or three nightclub girls in his arms! You have to protect yourself!" But at this time Xiao Meng has completely fallen in love, and she also found out Some benefits of cohabitation: Xiao Meng’s rent was 2 Australian dollars a week when she first arrived in Australia. After cohabitation, Xiao Meng no longer needs to pay the rent. Calculating living expenses, a person spends about 3 Australian dollars a week on meals, and most of the time they eat unhealthy fast food. But if two people buy vegetables and cook, it costs only about 130 Australian dollars a week, and they can still eat a lot, and Xiao Meng hardly needs to pay for food.

In addition, "cohabitation immigration" is also a big temptation. In recent years, the immigration policy has been changed, but the "cohabitation immigration" has not been reported to be revised. For many international students, it is definitely attractive.

The loneliness of being alone in a foreign land, Xiao Meng needs some comfort both physically and psychologically. Moreover, in the group of international students, cohabitation has long been a commonplace thing. On the contrary, if a boyfriend and girlfriend live alone, they will be confused.

The forbidden fruit of youth always makes vigorous young people full of curiosity. Half a year later, Xiao Meng found out that she hadn't had a period for two months. The doctor told Xiao Meng that she was pregnant, and when Xiao Meng was panicking, the doctor told her another message: At the same time, Xiao Meng was found to have been infected with AIDS.

Xiao Meng was stunned. He didn't remember how he got out of the hospital and stopped the taxi to return home. She saw a pair of unfamiliar red high heels at the door of the house, followed by fragments of clothes in the living room. The bedroom door was ajar, and bursts of joy came from inside.

Yes, at this time, she should have been in school. What should she do? How to face parents and friends? Why is it worth it? Xiao Meng left the house in despair, leaving this "home" that no longer belonged to her...

The phenomenon of "cohabitation" among international students is attracting attention from all sectors of society because of its widespread and common occurrence. According to Australian law, it is legal for single men and women over the age of XNUMX to live together. The loneliness far away from the hometown, financial constraints, the distress of sexual demand, the temptation of immigrants to add points, etc., have made more and more Chinese students live together.

Cohabitation and marriage are difficult to comment on which is right or wrong, which is better or worse, perhaps as a product of a new way of life of social development, we should face and treat it with a rational attitude. Of course, most people living together in Australia are still pretty good. Cohabitation is only a trial before marriage, which can better match the temperaments of two people in advance. I just hope that all the international students will treat every choice they make in the most precious period of life and live happily. After a few years, they will not regret a certain choice when they were young and frivolous.

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