Mornington Peninsula is located in the southeast of Melbourne. It is a long and narrow peninsula with beautiful beaches where you can view the quiet side of the sea and the entire sea on the vast Southern Ocean. There are also dense wineries and vineyards for wine tasting, rich vegetable orchards, the largest strawberry production garden in Australia, where strawberries can be picked freshly, and there are delicious handmade chocolate factories.

This day tour includes all wine tastings, cheese and chocolate tasting, lunch, and delicious afternoon tea.

The itinerary follows a picturesque road with exquisite buildings from the 50th century, wineries scattered along the way, and a magnificent strait in the distance. Looking at the inland of the peninsula, there are rolling hills and red soil, and it is also the home of more than XNUMX vineyards and wineries. Although the scale and output of the winery in the Mornington Peninsula are relatively limited, the quality control is stricter. Their wines are sold out by customers and nearby restaurants as soon as they are launched every year, and they can't get out of Victoria!

You will be deeply attracted by its high-quality wines, and even more moved by the persistence of most small-scale wineries who are able to absorb Australia's best wines. The local style is very special. The rich aromas of berries, cherries and dried plums are filled with pepper, vanilla and spices, combined with the appropriate oak flavor, which is very attractive. You will have the best wine tasting travel memories!

Yarra Valley is the most famous wine-producing area in the suburbs of Melbourne. A large number of tourists come to taste delicious home-brewed wine every year. It is world-renowned.

The price of this full-day itinerary includes wine, chocolate and apple juice tasting, morning tea, lunch, and delicious afternoon tea. Participating in this one-day tour will make your memories of Australia richer because of the wine.

The locals call the Yarra River "Birrarung" which means "foggy river". You will be fascinated by this mysterious valley and its food.

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