The purchasing business will end?

According to statistics, about 70% of international students have ever done daigou or related daigou business. Whether it is for making money, or helping friends or relatives to buy, I have done something more or less. A large number of international students and people living in Australia are expecting Daigou to make a little money and subsidize living expenses. Is this expectation likely to be shattered early next year? !

From the beginning of next year, it is expected that 200 Australian native products stores will be opened in China.

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Chinese local tyrants set up specialty stores in Australia

According to reports, two companies in China have jointly invested $3000 million in opening Australian local specialty products stores. The two companies brought kangaroos bearing the Australian Made logo into China. Even if you think about it with your back, you know how much business opportunities and influence the Australia Made logo has in China. Milk powder alone is enough for Australian milk powder manufacturing companies to struggle for many years. But even if they know that there are unlimited business opportunities, non-local tyrants will never have the opportunity to make a move. This investment is too big, and most people simply don't have the ability.

Chinese investors and Australian suppliers divide the shares into two shares. Two Chinese companies hold 49% of the shares, while three Australian companies own 51%. It can be said that this company belongs to Australia.

The first store opened in January 2015

The first Australian native products store will open in Shanghai in January 2015. It is expected to open exclusive stores in 1 provinces first, with 15 stores in each province, initially reaching 10 stores. And in 150 or 2 years, a total of 3 stores have been opened. The franchise stores will not operate as a chain, but will adopt a hosting model to find partners in local provinces in China.

The influence of Australian local specialty shops

If Australian local specialty products shops bloom all over China as expected, they may cut off part of the livelihood of purchasing agents. Of course, they will also control the breeding of fake Australian fake products to a certain extent, such as Australian UGG from China, fake milk powder and fake skin care products. Such fakes will certainly not be as rampant as before.

The price of Australian specialty products is hard to say, no one knew before the store opened. But to be sure, the price will definitely be higher. Imported through formal channels, including tariffs, messy expenses, shop rent, labor, and the final cost will definitely be passed on to the goods. If there is UGG for sale (just if, I don't know what to sell in it, the only product that can be determined is milk powder), then the price is estimated not to be much cheaper than the counter. In this case, the purchasing agent will still have its own living space.

On the contrary, we need to worry about whether this store will survive in China. Many foreign products entering China have symptoms of inadequacy. Before, these products worked well under the management of Daigou, but now I don’t know what will go wrong. Even if local investors are operating in China, there are still many problems, such as the supplier problems of McDonald's and KFC; and the service problems of Korean online games.

Another concern is Australia's manufacturing capacity and production capacity. Whether the manufacturing industry in the Australian market can support the huge appetite of the Chinese market and whether the production can maintain the original quality once it expands. We can only wait and see for the time being, hoping that businessmen from China and Australia can handle their own problems well and develop together.

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