"The Australian" reported that Chinese investment is pouring into Australia's dairy industry. There are 4 super deals worth millions of dollars in progress. Chinese state-owned enterprises will occupy a large share of all the largest dairy operations in Australia.

In western Victoria, about 50 dairy farmers have signed an agreement to sell their farms to a dairy group controlled by China for a total of 4 million yuan.


These 50 farms have a total of 9 dairy cows, and the annual milk production is 5 million liters, which is about one-twentieth of Victoria's total milk supply.

The group’s plan is to increase the milk production of the newly merged farms by at least 50% and supply milk to two new processing plants to be built in western Victoria. These plants will process and export 7 million yuan worth of milk to China and other global markets. High quality infant formula milk powder.

People familiar with the matter only revealed that the Chinese company is a partner of New Dairy Company, a state-owned enterprise engaged in the food industry in Beijing, and already has its own brand, trading capabilities and retail power, but does not know the company's name.

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