According to The Times, St Albans in the northwest of Melbourne has 1% of Victoria’s population, but there have been 2012 murders recorded since 16, accounting for nearly 5% of all murders in Victoria. Albans is therefore also known as the "homicide capital" of Victoria.

According to data obtained by Fairfax Media from the police, the St Albans, Kealba and Kings Park districts, which use the 3021 postcode, outperform the CBD with five more homicides.

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There were 7 recorded murders in the Sunshine District surrounding these three areas.

Nevertheless, most residents living in St Albans have not been murdered.

Experts also reminded that homicide in the traditional sense is not only murder, but also other things such as dangerous driving and manslaughter.


Some residents of St Albans who have been exposed to the homicide do not seem surprised by the statistics.

Take Paul as an example. He has lived here honestly for 23 years. He lives on an unremarkable street where the neighborhoods know each other. But in the past ten years, more and more tenants have poured in. Finally, in May this year, he witnessed the killing of his neighbor.

The person who was stabbed to death was only 22 years old. He lived at Paul’s opposite door. Paul never expected that the murder would happen in front of his own house, but for so many murders in St Albans, he just shrugged helplessly. , "It's nothing surprising, what else is possible? Drugs."

Stuart Ross, a senior researcher in social and political science at the University of Melbourne, said not to over-interpret the data, but emphasized Melbourne’s recent rising murder rate.

Ross said that the number of young people in these areas is increasing. Such groups are easily contaminated with alcohol, which can easily lead to murder.

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