According to the “Daily Telegraph” report, many Chinese restaurants in Sydney have posted job advertisements written in Chinese on their front windows, but strictly speaking they have not violated the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act.

The Anti-Discrimination Committee confirmed that it is not illegal to write job advertisements in a language that many people cannot read or speak.


Job advertisement posted by Parramatta Taste Gallery restaurant (picture source: "Daily Telegraph")

Committee Chairman Stepan Kerkyasharian said that advertisements that violate the Anti-Discrimination Act refer to discrimination against potential employees on racial grounds. For these Chinese advertisements, it must be confirmed that their intention is to exclude non-Chinese people from applying for jobs.

"Otherwise, there is nothing we can do." Kerkyasharian said.

The Daily Telegraph visited three restaurants on Church Street in Parramatta on Thursday, each with a handwritten job advertisement on the window.

An employee of Sun Ming BBQ Restaurant said that they would hire a new waiter. Although the content of the advertisement did not mention that they must be Chinese, when the employee was asked if they wanted to recruit Chinese, he said: "Yes, we need Chinese."

At the Dragon Peking restaurant, an employee said that their Chinese advertisement is to recruit people with experience in making packages. When asked if she wanted to recruit Chinese chefs, her answer was the same: "Yes, I want Chinese."

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Job advertisements for Sun Ming BBQ Restaurant and Dragon Peking

At the nearby Taste Gallery Chinese restaurant, an employee said that they did not want to comment on their ad.

Kerkyasharian said that if restaurants verbally stated that they only recruit Chinese, it would violate the Anti-Discrimination Act.

"If a person walks into the restaurant and says,'I am interested in this job, I am an excellent dim sum chef, but I can't speak Chinese', and they say'We only need Chinese people', then this person can lodge a complaint with us , We will investigate."

John Hart, CEO of the Food and Beverage Industry Association, said that they do not advocate restaurants that violate discrimination laws.

The “Daily Telegraph” reported on Monday that a South Korean store may have violated the discrimination law by posting an advertisement that “only recruits Koreans”. Its boss said that it was due to her poor English proficiency.

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