Because of a plan to upgrade the tram network, passengers on Melbourne trams will be forced to walk an extra 250 meters to reach the station. The average distance between Melbourne stations is about 260 meters, while the international standard distance is between 400 meters and 500 meters, and the distance between some stations on the Gold Coast is 800 meters. The Arts Centre (The Arts Centre) and Federation Square (Federation Square) station is about 450 meters between.

Mayor Robert Doyle wants to further promote the road use rights of trams, and hopes that the street lights can be designed to allow trams to pass first. Cr Doyle said, "I always think that trams should be given priority when setting traffic lights."

Yarra Trams spokesperson Simon Murphy said that they plan to remove some old stations, set up some new stations, and adjust the distance between stations. "One of our goals is to build a network of stations with an average distance of 400 meters," Murphy said. "One advantage of this is that it can reduce travel time, which also means that using the same number of trams can provide more services."

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