Prime Minister Albert said on the 13th that he would express a tough stand on the MH11 incident to Russian President Putin at the G20 summit in November. Albert also quoted the sports term "shirtfront" as a metaphor. The "confrontation" between him and Putin.

In this regard, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev said in a speech to the American Broadcasting Corporation CNBC that if Albert likes to use sports terms, let him let him go. "Putin is very good at sports and they may have very powerful debates. This means that serious politicians should choose their terms carefully."

Putin's spokesperson said that it was "unfortunate" for Albert to promise to "fall down" Putin, and hoped that the two leaders would exchange views in a "more diplomatic manner."

Prime Minister Albert publicly declared on TV that if he saw Putin, he would "catch him" and told him that "Australians were murdered. They were killed by Russian-backed insurgents with weapons provided by Russia. We are very unhappy about this."

Shirtfront is an offensive foul in Australian football, knocking down the opponent with a frontal collision.

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Albert alluded that Russia was behind the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17, and his language was full of provocations. The Russian "Pravda" criticized Albert for being "rude, arrogant and rude" as a personal attack, and said that Albert could not represent Australian or Australian.

The Russian diplomat in Australia Mount Azuma responded simply and forcefully: "Our president practices judo every day."

Alexander said, "At present, neither Moscow nor Canberra has made a request for a bilateral meeting. Therefore, we are not sure when and where the Australian Prime Minister will'fall down' President Putin. This is obviously an extraordinary diplomatic method, although not the first. I heard such remarks once, but it still feels bad. We have heard many similar remarks in the past few months."

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"Frankly speaking, we don't want any physical conflict at the upcoming Brisbane summit, but if there is bilateral contact, it is also a confrontation of ideas, a confrontation of words rather than a confrontation of physicality. This is our expectation." Mount Azbil said that the bodies of Russian and Australian leaders are "very strong," which is really admirable. "I personally learned that the Australian Prime Minister loves cycling, and the Russian President also regularly exercises judo."

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