Needless to say the number 000. Another number is 120. Even if your phone keyboard is locked, you can call 120. When there is no signal, you can also call 120, because you can directly connect to the satellite. Even when the mobile phone is out of power, you can call 120. The teacher said that it uses the battery of the mobile phone to memorize information.

Store a number in your phone, ICE. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Add the name of the contact person. For example, ICECARLA. . . and many more. In this way, if, I said, if, I have something, when the ambulance staff find your mobile phone, this is the first person to contact.

What this FIRST AID course teaches us is how to buy time and save lives when an emergency happens, before the ambulance arrives at the scene. If a person is hypoxic in the brain for 3 minutes, he will die. The ambulance will arrive at the scene in about 13-15 minutes. A smaller car like the one before the ambulance will arrive in about 7-8 minutes.

But before saving people, the most important thing is to observe the surroundings to see if it is safe. If it threatens your life while saving people, don't go! A leaking car, a fallen telephone pole, etc. . . In addition, in any case, take protective measures. If there is blood or something sharp, two layers of gloves are indispensable. Plastic glasses are indispensable, blood can enter through the eyes. Some friends will ask, why are there these things, in fact, you can buy them in FIRST AID stores, a small box, and put them in the car. Don't be afraid of XNUMX, just in case.

To make sure the surrounding is safe, it is necessary to see if the injured responds. Don't get too close to him, kick him in the foot, call him twice, and see if there is any response. If not, contact 000 immediately. If so, ask him if he wants to help. Remember, if he is conscious and doesn't want your help, you must never help him, so he will sue you. If you are unaware, you must help. Even if you do something wrong, you are still protected by law because your motive is to save people.

If possible, let the injured lie down, but try not to move them. Raise his chin, tilt his head back, and open his mouth. If you see something in the injured person's mouth that may block the airway, he should tilt his head to one side and quickly remove the dirt from the mouth with two fingers. Move fast, he suddenly wakes up to bite you, hehe. Then he straightened, raised his chin, and opened his mouth.

At this time, if the wounded is still breathing, good deed. Wait for the ambulance. If not, artificial respiration is required. Generally, there will be a mask in FIRST AID KIT, which is two-way. It can only get in and out of the injured side, and can only get in and out of the rescuer. Put a mask on the injured person, pull out his mouth, and blow in hard. You should be able to see the ups and downs of the injured chest. Then put your palms together and press 30 times on the injured person's chest. Then repeat this action until the ambulance comes. It will be tiring, not that simple.

Many people think that after artificial respiration, the injured may immediately breathe, or jump up and give you a hug or something. . . In fact, in most cases, nothing will happen. All we can do is to continuously press oxygen to the brain. As I said earlier, I do my best to ensure that the brain does not die. In this process, because it is very hard, it is very likely to crush the injured rib. . . It doesn't matter, continue. . . Fractures can be cured. Even if bones pierce the lungs, they can be cured. Only brain death cannot. . .

Artificial respiration is basically like this, let's talk about spiders. . .

RED BACK, some people call Black Widow, is not a spider that can kill quickly. The most deadly are two, one is called Funnel web spider, and the other is Mouse spider. Bitten by these two spiders, remember to lie down and rest immediately and hit 000 at the same time. Tighten the bite with a bandage and mark the bandage (where you were bitten). It is best to press it with your hands to prevent the venom from spreading. Reduce all activities, it is best to lie down all the time, if possible, let the ambulance as close to you as possible instead of you looking for an ambulance.

After being bitten by RED BACK, try to rest as much as possible, but immediately wash the wound with cold water or use an ice pack. Do not apply ice directly to the wound.

When I was in the first aid class, the teacher also said that red back usually causes headaches, severe headaches. But it is not easily fatal. I have a friend who was bitten several times, went to the hospital for the first time, but didn't go there later, ha ha. . .

White tip, be careful, what it releases is not venom, but virus. Also wash with cold water and go to the hospital immediately. The wound may be swollen and purulent. Such a wound may take about a month to disappear and leave scars. . .

Never find someone to take venom! One is that it is not clean, and the other is that others will be poisoned through this way! This is a misunderstanding, everyone must remember. The prerequisite for saving people is to ensure your safety first!

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