Ri Ri Xin Xing publicly offered shares as early as 2002, and was officially launched in May 2003. Ri Ri Xin Xing Brothel listed company, which made the legally-operated prostitution industry in Australia tend to be more corporate and branded. Now, RiRiXinXing Company is seeking to operate large brothels in a chain across the country. According to the company’s general manager, Laurie, the Ri Ri Xinxing Brothel has been in operation for more than 5 years.


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The company's net profit before tax is about A$70. The profitability of net assets is approximately 5.5%. The company distributes all its profits to shareholders every year.


The company's focus is on fixed assets, which are mainly two parts: the hotel-owned houses and its own land use rights, with approximately 600 million.

This part is injected into the company by the boss himself through share swaps, and is initially measured at cost on the account. The boss may inflate the price and lead to an inflated asset. According to the requirements of the International Accounting Standards IFRS, an impairment test is required every year to prevent a large deviation between the book value and the fair value.


Manager Laurie said: Every week, Sunristar will give out the "Best Award" to dedicated employees who have a good service attitude and satisfy customers, as well as a certain amount of bonus. In this way, the staff of our store can be encouraged to serve customers with a dedicated smile in a series of activities such as playing recreational balls, playing slot machines, watching pole dancing and reality shows with customers.


With so many consumers patronizing the "Rising Stars", what measures can be taken to ensure that the spread of STDs and AIDS can be stopped? However, Manager Laurie mentioned that employees of the company have to undergo a health check once a week, and they must have the signature of a local doctor before they can take up their jobs. At the same time, men are strictly required to wear "safety helmets" when they come in for consumption. In short, as the first listed sex service company, its code of conduct has been under the supervision of stockholders and public opinion.


It is understood that Rixinxing’s unique business model is hotel-style charging.

A very magnificent building (5 star standard), with 18 rooms, the rooms are very large, with a lot of content...; and the beautifully decorated lobby, sauna, bar and other auxiliary entertainment facilities. The business process is very simple. When a guest comes, first book a room, and then you can go to the entertainment facility to find the right girl. Regarding the price, it is entirely up to the guests to negotiate with the girls. The company's revenue comes entirely from hotel room rates.


Hotel interior

As a sex service industry, high-quality services are essential. The company’s front desk is uniformly named Lois Lane, and the rooms have uniform and strict disinfection measures to ensure a safe and private environment. At the same time, people with disabilities are welcome to enter, and they are not discriminatory.

According to the company's prospectus, the annual income is estimated to be about A$2 in the two years before the listing and the current period. The main income comes from the rent of hotel rooms. Since the rental income is charged on-site, there is no bad debt problem common to industrial enterprises. The annual cost is around A$85, mainly management costs and depreciation costs of the hotel building. Such a composition of income and expenses is basically in line with his business model.


Rising Star has a very complete company profit model, and has proved successful; their services are very good, the industry is leading; completely legal operation, avoid legal risks; he also has good-looking financial statements.


Commercially, there is really no reason to refuse. At 2003 o'clock in the morning on May 5, 1, a new stock started trading on ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) amidst the cheers of the crowd. After the market opened, the stock price soared from $10 to $0.5 (up to $1.1 at the end of the year), and the stock price doubled that day. This kind of stock market performance has been weak in 2.8, and it can be called a dazzling star on the rise.

The photographer went deep into the land of fireworks and took pictures of the company's daily operations.

Among the 600 new shareholders, some investors bought 62 US dollars. In addition, the investment bank for the company's listing is ABN ABN, and the consulting company is McKenzieGroupConsulting.


Daily income statement

Although the whole story is like a Joke, everything the company says is in the heart of investors.

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