The Australian Department of Immigration issued a warning, stating that overseas students studying in Australia should not expect to work part-time to maintain their study abroad life. At the same time, the Department of Immigration reminds overseas students to pay attention to the restrictions and requirements of international student work visas.

As part of an international student visa, overseas students are allowed to seek jobs in Australia. People from the Immigration Department said this is only to help international students gain some work experience and improve their English.

A spokesperson for the Department of Immigration said: “Most overseas students are currently restricted from working 40 hours a fortnight to ensure normal school work. These restrictions can also ensure that students are not under the pressure of heavy work, which will prevent them from successfully graduating.”

To ensure that overseas students clearly know the relevant rules, the Immigration Department cited the following real examples: Sally came to Australia 3 weeks ago, and within one week, she got a job as a waiter, and two weeks later, she officially started working. However, because Sally worked before the start of the study abroad program, he violated the relevant restrictions on the work visa for international students.

Abu and his wife Jane came to Australia through a higher education industry visa (573). Jane studied for a bachelor's degree in a university, and Abu decided to work full-time in a local accounting firm. However, because the 573 visa requires visa holders The work cannot exceed 40 hours per fortnight, so if Abu works full-time, he will violate the 573 visa work restriction.

Ellen, who is currently studying for a PhD in Australia, needs to take 50 hours of courses every two weeks at school. Since his current research visa (574) does not have a working time limit, he expects to work in his spare time. Will violate any requirements.

However, the Immigration Department reminded that Ellen should work on the basis of ensuring that his doctoral program can proceed smoothly.

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