Recently, the Australian Air Force wanted to airdrop some weapons and ammunition to the Iraqi government, but accidentally dropped it to the ISIS terrorist organization... It is reported that the United States also did such a stupid thing... After the terrorists got the ammunition bag, they expressed their thanks on youbute... Australian Air Force The commander argued: This is just a small mistake, we will continue to work hard~ (ISIS sings: There is no gun, no cannon, the enemy made us!!)

The commander-in-chief of the Royal Australian Air Force, Mark Binski, admitted in a hearing held in the Federal Senate on the 22nd that at least one pallet of strategic supplies airdropped by Australia to the Iraqi government forces was mistakenly dropped into the actual control of the Islamic State (ISIS) Area.

The Air Force admiral told the Senate: "In such a large-scale military operation, it is normal for airdrops to make mistakes. Are we canceling air aid to the Iraqi government forces just because of a tray of materials error? This mistake is irrelevant. , Will not change the whole battle."

Recently on the video social media YouTube, ISIS uploaded a video showing that they had seized a parachute bag of weapons and ammunition dropped by the Allies. It is reported that a similar error occurred in the US Air Force's launch, but the Pentagon has not confirmed this news.

Binsky told the Senate that the next airdrop of the Australian Air Force will learn from this mistake and change the method and location of the airdrop to prevent strategic materials from falling into the hands of ISIS again.

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